Top 4 most buffed champions in 10.4, Ornn continues to dominate the current top lane


She is stopping her is a “playable” option in most major tournaments with safe lanes and increased strength in the late game. Cassiopeia inherently does not have a lot of hard counter in the middle, especially when the W – Sa Lo ability for the ability to use at close range makes many people have to consider before rushing into this girl.

If you encounter an assassin again, you only need to hold the Burnout spell, which has been buffed in version 10.4, to live well. Moreover, the Speed ​​Boost in version 10.4 has an extra 1 second movement speed that also makes Cassiopeia in and out of combat much better. Even this change has a greater impact if you play Cassiopeia bottom and go with Nami when moving flexibly, the damage is still much.

Lee Sin

Even without direct buffs, even jungle monsters or jungle items are not edited yet Lee Sin Most likely to continue raging in the forest position. The biggest cause of Lee Sin’s strength is the series of new generals added to the forest, they are all gladiators who lack mobility and need equipment like Garen, Darius, Mordekaiser, Gnar and possibly Lee Sin. easy destruction at the beginning of the match.

Top 4 most buffed champions in 10 4 Ornn continues to dominate the current top lane | Esports

Not to mention that the players who take the new generals into the forest are the “test champions”, the jungle thinking will be weaker than the traditional Lee Sin players. Therefore, in the next version, it is likely that Lee Sin’s win rate will increase and the champion will be the top of the meta in the jungle even in solo queue.


Although nerfed is relatively heavy in Q – Celestial skill and base stats, the W cost less health and increased base health makes Soraka still a strong choice, both solo and support. Originally because the single lane Soraka was not born to win the road, she just needed to hold the draw and get on the support a little faster to complete the task.

Top 4 most buffed champions in 10 4 Ornn continues to dominate the current top lane | Esports

Increasing the healing of W – Astral Blessing makes her more protective of teammates, especially when there are many items. This update of Riot will eliminate Soraka’s ability to win lanes but will make him stronger in the middle and at the end of the game.


There are dozens of reasons why Ornn becomes a badass in version 10.4, the first is that the Burnout spell is buffed to make the heroes using the Magic Book relatively stronger and of course Ornn is also among them. The next is the line of equipment equipped with Fire Armor has been increased in the direction of the more control, the more damage it causes, this not only interacts strongly with Ornn but most heroes resist.

Top 4 most buffed champions in 10 4 Ornn continues to dominate the current top lane | Esports

Moreover, the fact that Soraka and Sona are nerfed (in theory) will make the number of players abuse these 2 generals in the top lane less. When the hard counter subsided a bit, Ornn’s becoming unstoppable in the top lane was only sooner or later. Perhaps not needing the updates on Ornn is still very strong, with the ability to own a series of control abilities, giving your team 6,000 free gold, what more do you require in the top lane?

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