Top 4 games with unique graphics and gameplay, making you infatuated

1. Don’t Starve

“Don’t Starve” has a dark, terrifyingly incredible image design style. Inspired by filmmaker Tim Burton’s unique art style, the game’s graphics background is like a doodles with simple lines, creating a memorable character and enough worthy enemies. scared. But that is why it creates a whole new sense of fear for gamers.

In the game, the player will transform into Wilson, a scientist who is sent to a dangerous world full of strange creatures and must find a way to survive long enough to find his way back home. Everything you see on the road can help you survive among bloodthirsty monsters. So be careful to pick up your necessities and especially don’t starve (Don’t Starve).

2. Borderland

Borderland is an open world FPS game with unique Comic graphics. As originally planned for Gearbox, Borderland was designed for graphics like Call of Duty or Battlefield. But in the end, the game makers chose the game’s graphics in the direction of Comic, so when we play games we are like watching a comic series.

Top 4 games with unique graphics and gameplay making you infatuated | PC/Console

In terms of weapons, the game gives you a lot of cool things to play with, you will be spoiled to trim your guns to improve the efficiency. You will also experience the extremely explosive action scenes and countless breathtaking gun battles of the game. And you will also have an open world full of interesting things waiting for you to discover.

3. The Walking Dead

Top 4 games with unique graphics and gameplay making you infatuated | PC/Console

The Walking Dead is a touching story about the cruel situation of people in the post-apocalyptic time. Admittedly, the game has a deep storyline and extremely meaningful.

Besides the good storyline, the Comic graphic drawing style also makes players feel like enjoying a movie rather than strain the game. Selecting dark tones creates a strange feeling of shudder to the player. It can be said that when entering the world full of horror zombies like this, we will not have a bright day.

4. Okami

As a Japanese-style game, using the style of watercolors to express everything in the game makes the player feel lost in the fairy mission. The strokes are soft, flexible, conventional, but poetic, personal. Each scene has its own charisma. From majestic natural landscapes such as mountains living in the sea, to small things like leaves, birds, and even invisible, unreal things like sunlight, wind … all find their way to the Okami’s ink painting.

Top 4 games with unique graphics and gameplay making you infatuated | PC/Console

A beautiful and majestic picture, divided into three distinct parts clearly reflecting the two parts of good and evil, just like human notions: the black and gray of the demons, the blue and white and yellow represent the mortal world and The bright reddish red symbolizes the shining sun of Amaterasu.

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