Top 4 ‘forest gods’ are dominating meta 10.7 – Wukong competes with the ‘initiative of Ban To’ Elise


The “Prince Bubble” in the last few versions has always been an extremely stable and reliable jungler. The buff to the Demon of Flames makes Zac Can jungle extremely comfortable and go ganking extremely well. In the solo queue, ganks are always focused and with Zac, the super long range of E – Cao Cao Gun is a very good weapon in such surprise raids.

League of Legends Majin Buu has maintained a high level of performance since the Demon of Fire item was buffed

Towards the end of the game with more items to resist, Zac can comfortably handle a large amount of damage to his teammates. Moreover, with his strong team fighting kit, this champion is always at the forefront of each teamfight. In short, Zac is a perfect champion for junglers who have strong champions, good ganks, and skill sets.


It’s not uncommon for Miracle Mushroom to be a priority for all jungle teams, which is an extremely strong champion in both ganking and map control. The ability to clear the forest is off the table with Q – Rage Queen, Rek’Sai can duel very well with strong base damage, knocked up, and especially the standard damage of E when full of fury. .

Top 4 forest gods are dominating meta 10 7 Wukong competes with the initiative of Ban To Elise | Esports

Rek’Sai is a very stable jungler and is suitable for all squads

Once you have level 6, turret building with Rek’Sai is not easier with your ultimate losing the turret target. Basically, Rek’Sai was very strong at the beginning of the game until the moment there was a big item, not including the jungle item, the Black Ax. So you should take advantage of this power threshold to end the match early, Rek’Sai does not have the ability to fight too well so it is difficult to play at the end of the game.


Our Spider Queen has a similar character to Rek’Sai when she is very strong early in the game and can gank extremely well. Stronger points of Elise is that she can stay at level 3 right away without having to wait until level 6 like Rek’Sai. Moreover, Q in two forms of Elise gives damage as a percentage of health so this champion can knock down opponents, eating targets extremely quickly.

Top 4 forest gods are dominating meta 10 7 Wukong competes with the initiative of Ban To Elise | Esports

Unfortunately, falling into the silk table of Elise, it is very difficult to return alive

When using Elise you need to make sure your path is as green as possible, especially in key positions. The reason is simple, you are very “imprisoned” at the time of teamfight, so you need strong teammates to be able to burden you at the later time of the match. This is the perfect general for players who like to fight and early cylinder.


If the names mentioned above have a certain weakness then Wukong otherwise, he has almost no obvious disadvantages at all points in the match. Wukong is unable to fight well at the beginning of the battle with the Conqueror and kite flying from W – Chim Bait, in the middle of the match is very strong with only a Black Ax, at the end of the match, the final ability Tornado gives wide spread ability am in the teamfight.

Top 4 forest gods are dominating meta 10 7 Wukong competes with the initiative of Ban To Elise | Esports

Want to fight the spider spider goblin must have “Great Saint” Wukong is not it

Despite being slightly nerfed in the last 10.7 version, but Wukong’s passive is still very strong when jungling, when the stack has enough stacks, he will eat shiver without losing any blood at all. Perhaps Riot Games needs to nerf this monkey before it can be brought into the tournament by professional players and “chaotic the palace” LCK, LPL, LEC, LCS in the upcoming playoff round.

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