Top 4 emerging misfortune characters in the manga village, which name has the most tragic life?

Riku Aibetsu (Phantom Seer)

In the world of manga Phantom Seer exists mysterious and dangerous inhuman beings known as “Phantoms”. Riku’s waving hand bestowed upon her an ability to predict before these Phantoms appeared. This allows her to prepare in advance and avoid others from danger.

However, it was this ability that drew those Phantoms to her target. Despite wanting to help, Riku actually poses a threat to everyone around her at any time, as she attracts danger without any means of defense. Despite many threats lurking, Riku still moves forward, determined to help those she accidentally puts them in danger. She is like a hero who is always willing to sacrifice herself for others.

Fuuko Izumo (Undead Unluck)

Fuuko has faced the possibility of being cursed since childhood. Tragically, at the age of 8, she caused a plane crash that killed her parents and others on board.

Top 4 emerging misfortune characters in the manga village which name has the most tragic life | GameK

Because of her abilities, Fuuko, in her teens, told herself that she would never have a normal life and love like everyone else. Unsurprisingly at the beginning of the series, she was ready to commit suicide, before second protagonist Andy appeared. It’s hard to say whether pairing with the immortal Andy made her life easier, but it certainly gave her a reason to continue living.

Denji (Chainsaw Man)

Chainsaw Man has proven over and over again that they are not afraid to make their protagonist suffer both physically and mentally. The beginning of the series was inherently tough, as 16-year-old Denji was struggling to pay off a massive debt that was owed on him after his father committed suicide. He spent all day living in barns doing odd jobs and hunting demons. This leaves Denji with enough money to be able to eat some bread for breakfast.

Top 4 emerging misfortune characters in the manga village which name has the most tragic life | GameK

Denji is a traumatized and desperate child who is always taken advantage of by people who take advantage of his innocence and simple thinking. As long as they give him a normal life, Denji clings to unhealthy relationships.

Yuji Itadori (Jujutsu Kaisen)

As far as we know, Jujutsu Kaisen’s Yuji doesn’t have a tragic backstory like Denji’s, but his life got even worse in a very short amount of time. Yuji is a relatively cold, kind-hearted teenager who eventually finds himself surrounded by a dark world of violence, cruelty, and disgusting evil. At the beginning of the series, he loses his only parent and he curses himself by swallowing a cursed object to prevent the enemy from wielding it. This act of selflessness, but recklessness, causes his fate to turn upside down.

Top 4 emerging misfortune characters in the manga village which name has the most tragic life | GameK

Like Denji, Yuji has two options: to be executed now, or consumed the remains of cursed objects and executed afterwards. Knowing that you will risk your life to end your life in the end is a pretty simple deal, but Yuji is willing to do so if it means he can live without regrets and be able to help people. in this process. Unfortunately, the delay of his execution gives Sukuna, the cursed Spirit inside Yuji, to commit horrible acts of violence. It was truly a tragedy.

Above are the top 4 new unhappy figures in the series manga, which name has the most tragic life? Please leave your answers!

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