Top 3 players who are the greatest top laners in League of Legends history, who are they?


There are many proofs to show the greatness of Marin, but the only World Championship MVP title for a top laner player is the clearest proof. The whole peak of Marin’s career was only encapsulated in the 2015 season, and it was also just enough time for the former T1 captain to turn himself into a “10 point measure” for this position.

Normally, map control will be done by 3 positions: Jungle, Mid lane and Support. Before Marin appeared, the top lane was usually known only for the task of sharing the burden of resisting the entire team, in the context of the junglers at that time often preferred the form of damage or open teamfight. than.

But Marin is different, in addition to completing the task of winning or drawing in every match, he is also the main team caller of the team, and the ability to use Teleport “match each frame” of Marin practically. as a result of exceptional talent in sweeping the map and reading the situation very well. In short, 2015’s Marin converges all the holistic elements, even surpassing perfection for a player in the top lane.

Marin, Best Top World Highlights – LoL S5 World Championship


TheShy Having been referred to as “Top Faker Faker”, that was enough to understand his rank in this position. Contrary to the other 2 names, TheShy represents the modern play style of League of Legends in the past 3 years: Works independently and prefers face-to-face skill matches.

Top 3 players who are the greatest top laners in League of Legends history who are they | Esports

The skillful individual technique allows IG’s players to play every match, even using champions who go against the meta. The peak of TheShy’s career is naturally the second half of the 2018 season – early 2019, when he and IG were crowned world champions and won the LPL championship cup.

Compared to Marin, TheShy lacks the necessary stability, but his biggest difference is that the future is still wide ahead, and IG is not in pursuit of their brightest star playing stably. Just need to achieve a drop of style and explosive play, it is entirely possible that this player can carry IG alone.

Why TheShy Is The “Raid Boss” Of 2018 World Championship? #Lolesports


Put next to Marin or TheShy, it seems Looper is a less famous name. It’s easy to understand because Samsung Galaxy White’s superstar team won the 2014 World Championship with many outstanding names, like Mata or Dandy.

Top 3 players who are the greatest top laners in League of Legends history who are they | Esports

Looper’s play is also somewhat about tolerance and ready to make the background for the team to shine. But because of this, the status of the former SSW player was judged correctly, because he was the one who raised the top lane playstyle into an art form.

Like Marin, Looper only really maintained his peak state for only one season, but that was enough for fans to see a different tanker model with unexpected cards. , which Singed is the peak of Looper.

Looper, The Teleport God Highlights – S4 World Championship

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