Top 3 generals need an urgent rework because they are too ‘disabled’ in the Truth Arena


Do not know Riot Games Accidentally or intentionally that makes Vi possesses a very strange skill and has nothing to do with the race – this general’s system. Vi is a Warrior with the ability to stack health and skill damage, but his move gives the ability to subtract armor for the target. This makes Vi himself and the other Chess pieces do not benefit from this skill because they deal damage from the attack mainly, but not much.

Vi’s skills are extremely ridiculous when it comes to armor reduction, but the Warring States clan increases skill damage

Due to the “unreasonable” reason in terms of such physique, Vi deserves a remake to be able to possess a more stable power in the game meta. Agreeing this piece is indispensable if you want to play 8 Gladiators, but Vi rarely appears in the Warrior formation because she does not provide any beneficial effects for the team. It would not be too surprising if in the next few versions, Vi’s ability changes to magic resistance subtraction, dealing physical damage or changing to another ability.


One of the things that causes Lulu to be slowly chilled right now is that this champion does not provide damage. Remember, the mage system’s damage boost effect is only really effective when the piece is capable of causing damage. With a formation of 6 Mages and taking burst damage in a moment to win, Lulu’s skills are almost meaningless.

Top 3 generals need an urgent rework because they are too disabled in the Truth Arena | Esports

Lulu should be reworked in a way that damages or assists an ally in this

The difficult point here is that Lulu in League of Legends is essentially a supportive champion and doesn’t have many effective damage abilities. So to turn Lulu into a champion that can deal good damage in The Arena of Truth also extremely difficult. If Riot Games wants to remake this champion, they might consider Lulu’s ability to buff the shield or increase magic damage per hit to that target, for example.


Honestly speaking Sylas At the present time it seems to only play the role of “standing for enough squad” when players want to play the 8 Gladiator squad only. This general’s skills really have very little effect in real combat and do not help your squad to counter the opponent. As a melee general, Sylas often targets the opponent’s frontline unit, but such pieces increase energy by being “hit” so the mana effect using the ability is not much meaningful.

Top 3 generals need an urgent rework because they are too disabled in the Truth Arena | Esports

Sylas’s effects are only strong in theory, but actually fighting is relatively weak

If Riot wants to rework the champion, they should consider removing the current effect instead of stuns or some sort of crowd control. In case of wanting to use Sylas’s branding skills in League of Legends, the Truth Arena development team can change to Stripping Strike with the effect of copying a random opponent’s skill. No matter which option you choose, Riot should redo Sylas as quickly as possible so that this piece is less “wasted”.

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