Top 3 5-gold 3-star chess pieces with the most powerful ‘1 pound 9’ in the Truth Arena


What makes Kayn Becoming possible “1 pound 9” lies in the skill set, the morphs of this piece are too comprehensive and does not depend on any race-type. When a 5-gold piece goes up to 3 stars of course there is a lot of damage, but in order to be able to fight the entire enemy team formation, that unit must be able to survive strong or have great damage. Coincidentally, both forms of Raahst and Kayn’s Shadow Assassin have this.

For Kayn to successfully “1 pound 9”, equipment is indispensable, especially an Algorithm Towel to neutralize the opponent’s crowd control skills. If the enemy team has too much damage, like 3-star Jhin, Kayn needs Angel Armor to have more time to destroy the opponent. If not, just install skill damage items like Witch Hat, Gauntlet as Kayn can defeat the whole enemy team.


Doesn’t have the same resilience as Kayn but Yone again possesses the ability to control extremely powerful with his skill DAT DAT. With the damage at the 3-star mark of 9999, very few pieces can survive when hit by Yone’s ability. Though lucky enough to escape death the first time, that ill-fated target is still marked and takes damage from Yone only. With a large amount of shields from Poison, Yone is also very difficult to defeat early and has enough time to destroy the opponent squad.

Top 3 5 gold 3 star chess pieces with the most powerful 1 pound 9 in the Truth Arena | Esports

As the only target for the opponent to target, Yone needed the Kicker most of the time so that he would not be prevented while using the move. With the remaining 2 boxes, gamers should choose to capture the Justice and the Armor Angel to ensure the survival of this chess piece. Keep in mind that Justice Fist’s regeneration and damage increase will interact with the amount of damage dealt, making Yone nearly impossible to defeat after each cast.

Lee Sin

After the upgrade in patch 10.23, 3-star Lee Sin has truly become a viable win condition with the ability to kick multiple opponents off the ring. It was Riot Mortdog – the lead designer The Arena of Truth It was also confirmed that Lee Sin’s skill would completely remove the opponent from the round so Angel Armor could not resist it. Therefore, Lee Sin quickly became the next 3-star 5-gold general who can “1 pound 9”.

Top 3 5 gold 3 star chess pieces with the most powerful 1 pound 9 in the Truth Arena | Esports

Of course, when possessing such a hegemony effect, the old thing Lee Sin had to pay was his inability to recover strongly from the skill. Therefore, gamers need to equip this piece with Hextech Gun Sword next to the Algorithm Towel to ensure that Lee Sin can live as long as possible. The last item you should aim for Lee Sin is Blue buff to let this champion launch faster and settle the game as soon as possible.

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