TOP 20 best parenting books (Part #1)

During pregnancy and childbirth, parents often have trouble taking care of their children.

In order to be able to better care for and raise children, parents should actively learn important and necessary knowledge and methods such as nutrition for their children, how to communicate with their children, and understanding material needs. and my spirit…

The following books will provide parents with basic knowledge in raising children, and provide parenting methods in the period from 0 to 6 years old (a very decisive stage). much to the child’s intellectual development).

I. Top best parenting books

Well, below I have compiled the best books on the topic of parenting, you can refer to the quick review below to choose the best books.

If you have time, you can buy them all to read, each book will have very good chapters, if parents can filter it, it will be great.

#first. Method of teaching children not to spank

Author: Daniel J.Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson

This is the number one book in the top 100 parenting books for parents.

This book focuses on how to build relationships and respect.

This is a method to help children practice thinking and making decisions, and at the same time, they will learn to think about their parents, siblings, family members…

.. From there, helping parents and children get closer and tighten their feelings.

Instead of discipline and scolding, parents can use the wonderful methods in this book to teach their children more effectively.

#2. 90% of children are smart thanks to the right way of talking from their parents

TOP 20 best parenting books Part 1 | GOOD BOOK

Author: Urako Kanamori

Surely parents many times feel regret after having unhappy conversations with their children.

If you are in such a situation and want to find a better method of communication, to avoid hurting your children, this book

90% of children are smart thanks to the correct way of talking from their parents

for you.

The content of this book focuses on harnessing the magical power of conversation, as well as how to speak naturally and effectively influence children’s behavior.

You can practice every day with your children, instead of criticizing and praising other children, you can encourage them if they are not doing well and have faith in them.

Surely, you will notice the change for the better in your children.

#3. How to praise, how to scold, how to punish children

TOP 20 best parenting books Part 1 | GOOD BOOK


Wakamatsu Aki – Sasaki Masami

Raising a “human” child is not an easy task, especially when you want your child to be talented and have good character.

To be able to achieve that, education must be focused and right. How to teach children to be self-disciplined and obedient?!

In the book

How to praise, how to scold, how to punish children

presented popular and effective parenting ideas and methods.

With many years of experience in contacting and teaching children of former preschool teachers

Wakamatsu Aki

and child psychologist

Sasaki Masami,

This book has two authors summarizing important things in the process of raising children and useful tips for parents.

#4. Raising children is not a battle

TOP 20 best parenting books Part 1 | GOOD BOOK


Hachun Lyonnet (Ha Chun) and Huong Do (Mother Ong Bong)

As a mother, it is a woman’s great vocation.

From pregnancy to the birth of a child, a mother always needs basic to advanced knowledge about child care (from meals, sleep, as well as nutrition for the baby, …)

Knowing the concerns and worries of parents, the author

Hachun Lyonnet (Ha Chun)


Huong Do (Mother Bee)

has synthesized extremely useful knowledge to help parents raise healthy and scientific children.

From there, let the mothers see that the parenting period is a meaningful and wonderful time.

#5. Speak so that children listen

TOP 20 best parenting books Part 1 | GOOD BOOK

Author: Hoa Duong

This is a book that many parents are interested in / loved because everyone wants to find an effective way to talk to their children.

As a parent, you will surely encounter cases of impatience when your child keeps following along and asking a lot of things.

Or even when you are tired of work, you will not focus on your children and sometimes you even get angry with them.

You think when you raise your voice like that, your kids will listen. But there are many studies that show that it is the worst way to solve problems, especially ineffective for young children.


Speak so that children listen

will analyze the method of psychological suggestion – a positive method in influencing the behavior of children.

When you learn this method, you will realize that just by changing the way you speak, your child will immediately obey.

Besides, the author presents the positive and negative aspects of this method so that parents can avoid creating negative suggestions for their children.

This is a very useful book on parenting methods for parents.

#6. Montessori method of early education for children from 0 to 3 years old

TOP 20 best parenting books Part 1 | GOOD BOOK


Kannari Miki

In the early stages of infant development, child rearing plays an important role in a child’s intellectual and physical development later in life.


Montessori method of early education for children from 0 to 3 years old

will provide detailed and complete knowledge of the child’s physiology.

From these knowledge, you will understand how to teach your baby how to become active and energetic.

In particular, the method


has been put into practice in the process of raising children, is considered a spiritual method to help parents understand their children and teach them properly.

#7. Montessori method of education – Sensitive period of children

TOP 20 best parenting books Part 1 | GOOD BOOK


Maria Montessori

The sensitive period of children in the period from 0 to 6 years old, during this period, children have a lot of learning, curiosity and an important stage of intellectual and physical development.

The Montessori method of education is currently considered the most complete and scientific method (named after the educator, doctor,

Maria Montessori).

With his extensive educational experience and knowledge, the author

Maria Montessori

devoted his heart to perfecting the theoretical side of this method.

In particular, the Montessori method creates a good learning environment, helping children to develop their intelligence, creativity, vivaciousness in communication, etc. from a combination of emotional, communication, motor and emotional aspects. children’s intelligence.

This is a very useful book for parents and those working in the education of children.

#8. Happy baby: Parenting at home according to the Montessori method

TOP 20 best parenting books Part 1 | GOOD BOOK


Susan Mayclin Stephenson



has been recognized as a positive and effective parenting method in the child’s development.

Surely every parent always wants their child to develop well and be happy. The influence of parents always plays an important role in children’s cognition.

That is why the author

Susan Mayclin Stephenson

wrote this book to share with parents the spiritual, material and emotional needs of their children in the early stages.

Besides, the author also helps parents to actively explore, discover and support the needs of their children. Seeing the children smiling will be a great happiness for parents.

#9. Jewish method of educating children

TOP 20 best parenting books Part 1 | GOOD BOOK


Tran Han

Parents all know that Israel (Israel) is not a large country, much less a densely populated country, but it is a country with the most intelligent and talented people. The country with the highest IQ in the world.

That’s because they focus on education, especially education for young children.

Every parent has a different way of educating their children. But we should learn how to teach children effectively and positively to help them develop intellectually and shape their personality at an early age.

In this book, the author not only presents the methods of teaching children but also has illustrative examples to help parents easily visualize and apply in the process of raising children.

#ten. It’s too late to wait until kindergarten

TOP 20 best parenting books Part 1 | GOOD BOOK


Ibuka Masaru


Ibuka Masaru

known as the founder of Sony Corporation, as well as an educational researcher.

With his experience in genetic research, he realized the importance of teaching children from 0 to 3 years old. It is a decisive period for the intellectual development and capacity of children.


It’s too late to wait until kindergarten

will provide you with knowledge about the child’s brain development, the influence of the surrounding environment on the development of the baby.

These things are really necessary if you want your child to become exceptionally intelligent.

II. Epilogue

Well, above, I have compiled 10 books on how to raise children that are extremely useful for parents, or those of you who are preparing to welcome a new family member.

These are extremely good books, providing basic knowledge from caring for babies to raising babies.

In addition to preparing mentally to take care of your baby, you should also learn the methods of communicating and raising your baby from a young age so that he can develop his intelligence and ability early.

Wish you happy reading and gain a lot of valuable teaching experience.


by Kien Nguyen

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