Top 15 Nice poem about teachers and school

School age – The innocent, pure age with so many happy and sad memories, lovely rebelliousness and even happiness. Each person when growing up probably leaves their own mark on the most beautiful time in that life. School age with dreams, sudden worries, ideas that come and go. All are nurtured and raised under the school roof – where we always have friends and teachers by our side to share our joys and sorrows. would like to introduce good poems written about teachers and school.


Poem: THANK YOU – Hong Soi

Author: Hong Soi

Cong father means mother thank you teacher
Unmatched full of love
Mother and father drooling in the dew
Give up rice to split clothes to clear the way for me

Teachers forge chi
Hope you are good every time you answer
Working hard towards the future
Drunkly sowing seeds to extend dreams

Love for the youth
There are still many helpless children on the street
Can’t go to school everyday
Making a living selling numbers is so pitiful

What the teacher taught her to hope
Now I understand through the flow of time
Thank you teachers forever
Engraving and engraving spread forever!
November 16, 2018

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Poetry Phan Thi Tuyet Van

Away from the beloved school.
How long has it been?
The words she whispered.
I remember until now.

That day was a dream age.
Or sobbing.
The young heart is blazing.
The phoenix season in the school yard.

Dear lectures.
Filled with chalk dust.
She is like the bright moon.
Lead my way.

Hear the whisper of the wind.
But the heart flutters forever.
All the way through life.
Always remember the love….!!!

A rain drop of the autumn
Hanoi 11/15/2018

Top 15 Nice poem about teachers and school | TopList
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Poem: Red Driver – Nghia Tran

Poetry: Nghia Tran

Take a ferry every year
Carrying a lot of letters to the learning store
Students who passed and achieved fame
In the future, help our country win Glory

Planting trees to keep Water for the Village
Nurturing knowledge with a heavy heart
No hard work
Just hope everyone memorizes the lullaby:

“The homeland is clean of the enemy’s shadow
Happy family, teacher U helps
Going out to help you in difficulty
Go to School to learn: Le, Can, Thanh, Liem”

Teachers, when it’s hard to ask,
To learn more about pins in me
Be beautiful flowers
Beautiful life, beautiful sunrise, pink sunshine

Struggling to keep an eye on it
Holding each child’s feet, holding a dream
Foolish young students
Like a bunch of lonely birds in the garden

Teacher, teacher guide love
Building a solid foundation for the future
Take the boat diligently
Crossing the river of knowledge for a lifetime?

Top 15 Nice poem about teachers and school | TopList
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Poem: HAS A CAREER… – Hong Ngoan

Hong Ngoan Poetry

There is a profession that white paper and blackboard
And the hair turns gray every night
Every step seems to be in a hurry
Rowing the boat to the wharf to wait for peace

There is a profession that society honors
Call two times dear teacher
Passing on knowledge and then being righteous and righteous
Forever love my job…no matter who says I’m wrong….

I choose a career even though it’s unique
Cooking Lung Porridge….i worked hard for years
From early morning until late at night
The pressure is always on…the white chalk dust is always falling

I still love my job and love it forever…

HONG KONG 11/13/2018

Top 15 Nice poem about teachers and school | TopList
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Poem: Stumbling into the GREEN – Do Huong


Do Huong’s Poetry

Love that side of the river
The field of the afternoon is dry and thirsty
The school gate is tinged with sunshine
Cicadas break the phoenix

The field of red rice and cotton
Dark yellow at the end of the roundabout
Lower the whole area of ​​waiting
Are you still there waiting for me?

Blue sky high
As far as the old poem
I still keep my promise
Do you dye your hair sad?

Waving into the familiar fantasy
Far away from people, the street is more empty
Last night there were some messages…
Crying sad tears of strangers!

Write on the page dear notebook
By the color of clear night ink
What do you hear in the iron
Do you remember holding my hand?

Ha ha! tripped on blue
Long, rustling rain…

Sunny Do, 2017

Top 15 Nice poem about teachers and school | TopList
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Sunset Poetry

I often see you in her eyes mắt
The joy of those who feel themselves happy
Like the one who “sows the seed”
Rejoice when the rice plants go up.

She has tried to overcome many hardships in everyday life
Ignoring the invitations of outsiders
Put all the worries outside the classroom door
All troubles are hidden inside
When a student still has a child… good.

Knowing that…
The round chalks turned into dust and flew away
And the traces of time will split in two… hair color
The great thing that you keep
Is a quiet faith that grows every day
Is a dream as humble as a seed
Sow into the souls of innocent little juniors.

Just an inch…just an inch
The gap between glory and… lowliness
Between the voice of conscience and the words…
Between the high-pitched podium and the market stalls
She has no qualms, procrastination
Decided to keep it for myself…
lesson plan page … blue.

So what’s the matter… “loss” of privacy
Even though it’s just long nights with little sleep
What lesson plan page is not full of thoughts and concerns?
When her sweat
Dive deep into it
Let the next lecture absorb the salty taste of human love.

If the wind outside… was the sky’s own
And the scent of flowers in the garden is from the wind
Then she belongs to… little juniors
Every young soul
Is it like a house with its own entrance?
She walked over softly
open every door
With fingers…thin – angel.

What a long time…so many years
She poured her heart out all this time
Never had a word… almost rubbed – bargain mặc
Because no matter what, it’s not enough to pay
The gratitude of life…so deep.

What’s strange?
If I often meet her eyes
The joy of those who feel themselves HAPPY
Is what she gives and at the same time receives
When overcoming everyday calculations
To come to students
– little juniors…

Top 15 Nice poem about teachers and school | TopList
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Poem: The One Who Gave The Old Year – Anh Tuyet

Poetry: Anh Tuyet

I suddenly met you again this morning
My hair is now white dew
I keep thinking it’s chalk dust
Of a time when the sun flower was still king

Our class is far away from the school
I’m still there, the silent ferryman
Still teaching is still white chalk
Working hard to bring young people to the future

I wish time could turn back
To listen to the old teacher
I want to fold my arms and bow again
Call your teacher with all your love

I walk in my stomach still remember a lot
Remember the shadowy figure of the old teacher. /.

Top 15 Nice poem about teachers and school | TopList
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Poem: Dear Teacher – Pham Quang Thu


Poetry Pham Quang Thu

Last day of autumn remembering the old school
Tears poured out, cherished to meet each other
Childhood stammered a couple of sentences
Thanks to the teacher, a smart head

Old school yard with pictures of years
Old eagle tree sometimes leaves fall
With purple mausoleum people’s hearts
Thanks to the teachers who taught me today’s life

A heartwarming reunion meal
The love of teachers and students has vowed not to fade
Thanks to the teachers for being successful
Appreciation means a bright future

I wish you good health
Leading many children up
Sustainable education career
Children and grandchildren forever repay the river!


Top 15 Nice poem about teachers and school | TopList
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Da Quynh Poetry

“Want to go to the right to bridge overseas
If you want children or words, they must love you.”
The teacher compares like the foot of a cloud
The word she sculpted for the “tree” to become a person

O, a point nine points ten
Glitter eyes, she’s smiling, she’s happy
The sun is ahead, don’t go back
There is a sweet iron grinding merit in the future

Teachers don’t take care of their heads
What’s wrong with taking the river knowledge boat?
A trip every year
Put on more heavenly wings to fly to the sky

Twenty, eleven radiant
The teacher’s charter is grateful to the teacher
The beloved school roof is still here
What year is the innocent white chalkboard

So many sweet memories
A childhood in a dream
Today I sit down to write poetry
Deeply write “half” of the word thank you teacher…

Da Quynh

Top 15 Nice poem about teachers and school | TopList
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Poem: TEACHING – Nguyen Thi Khanh Ha

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