Top 14 The most prestigious and quality uniform sewing address in Hanoi

Currently, uniforms are considered an indispensable garment in companies, businesses or simply a group of friends in the same class or school. Are you in need of sewing uniforms? And you are looking for an address that provides reputable – quality uniforms? Then let’s find out with Toplist about the most prestigious and quality uniform sewing addresses in Hanoi!


Nguyen Vest

Nguyen Vest

is one of the addresses of the tailoring village in Phu Xuyen in the suburbs of Hanoi and now has a base in the city center at No. 35 Pham Than Duat, Mai Dich, Cau Giay, Hanoi. For many years, Vest Nguyen has been known as a prestigious and professional uniform sewing company and is currently the number 1 choice of many large companies and corporations such as FLC, SUNSHINE, HADO Group, Group of Companies. TOJI Delegation, CenLand Corporation, Honda Vietnam, Central Vaccine Testing Institute, Lien Viet Postbank VP… and many corporations, businesses, schools, committees across the country.

Sewing service for office uniforms of Vest Nguyen:

  • Design consulting, materials, sewing samples, logo embroidery.
  • Take customer measurements, design, cut and sew each individual measurement.
  • Mass production
  • Conduct testing for customers to make sure the cut and sew parameters fit and match the customer’s preferences.
  • Packaging and delivery
  • Manage samples of office uniforms, fabric samples for customers for additional times.
  • Edit as required (long, short, wide, tight….)
  • Product warranty by year depends on the extent to which the customer chooses the quality and price of the product.

Come to Vest Nguyen Co., Ltd to get the best advice and soon own yourself fashionable clothes that suit your style as well as for your company, friends!

List of products:

  • Office – office uniforms (Vests, casual pants, shirts, skirts …)
  • Restaurant and hotel uniforms
  • T-shirt uniform
  • Hospital uniform
  • Labor protection uniforms
  • School uniform
  • Ao Dai uniform

What do you get from Vest Nguyen fashion?

  • Various models suitable for many ages (from young to middle-aged
  • Try on comfortable clothes with the advice of longtime and professional fashion experts
  • 24/7 enthusiastic and thoughtful garment consultation
  • Many after-sales modes offer discounts for customers who are second-time partners or long-time customers.
  • The most competitive product price in the market
  • One of the professional and long-standing sewing companies trusted by many customers
  • With a team of designers and tailors with many years of professional experience, Vest Nguyen is always ready to meet all the tailoring needs of customers.
  • If you are looking to refresh the image of your business with a classy outfit, please contact Vest Nguyen right away!



  • Facility 1: No. 35, Pham Than Duat, Cau Giay, Hanoi – 0981 296 966 & 0973 779 051
    Facility 2: Tu Thuan Comple Garment Village, Van Tu, Phu Xuyen, Hanoi – 0981 296 966 & 0973 779 051

Email: [email protected][email protected]

Website: –




Tailoring Vest Nguyen uniforms
Top 14 The most prestigious and quality uniform sewing address in Hanoi | TopList
Tailoring Vest Nguyen uniforms


ModaViet uniforms

  • Your business wants to find a reputable and quality uniform manufacturer?
  • Your business wants to become more professional in the eyes of customers and partners?
  • Do you want to promote your brand more widely?

With many years of experience in the field of sewing uniforms, ModaViet Uniform is one of the prestigious brands, receiving a lot of support and absolute trust from customers. Always ensure quality, on schedule, beautiful design, luxury and reasonable price.

ModaViet uniforms have a lot of beautiful uniforms that you can choose from today such as: office uniforms for men and women, uniforms for men and women at work, gile uniforms for women, T-shirt uniforms for men and women. office uniforms, office coat uniforms, hotel restaurant uniforms, hospital – medical, protective – technical, school-student uniforms… With rich, diverse and creative designs Constantly of the design team, ModaViet Uniform can confidently satisfy the most demanding guests!

ModaViet uniforms owns a team of experienced and specialized sewing workers who always produce office uniforms, uniform t-shirts, advertising t-shirts – elegant and luxurious corporate events with solid seams. most certain. In addition, ModaViet Uniforms also have a standard design process when working with customers, so the product is rarely given the wrong color or wrong model.

Reasons why you should order uniforms at ModaViet Uniforms:

  • Free consultation service with a team of professional fashion designers will meet all your design styles, ModaViet’s designs are always highly practical, eye-catching and impressive.
  • Serve with unlimited quantity – Free shipping within Hanoi city
  • A team of highly skilled staff, divided by expertise, with modern equipment and machinery, along with enthusiastic, attentive and professional service will give customers beautiful uniforms. , convenient to use, durable and long-lasting
  • ModaViet uniforms owns leading technologies in sewing techniques, printing and embroidery techniques and has a stage to check the quality of product output.
  • Closed garment factory from fabric selection, design, cutting, sewing, shipping,… ModaViet uniform is proactive in every stage of production, so it is committed to delivering the shirt to customers with the best quality and price in the market.

As a unit with many years of experience in the uniform industry, ModaViet Uniforms will definitely give you the most useful advice, helping to improve the efficiency of branding. So why hesitate to contact ModaViet Uniform – the leading prestigious multi-disciplinary uniform supplier in Hanoi according to the information below.



  • 5th floor, 209 Kim Nguu building, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi
  • Building 14 lane 90 Yen Lac, Vinh Tuy Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi
  • Km 24, National Highway 21B, Van Dinh town, Ung Hoa, Hanoi


  • 0966 336 383 – 024 6266 4555


[email protected]


Top 14 The most prestigious and quality uniform sewing address in Hanoi | TopList
ModaViet uniforms
Top 14 The most prestigious and quality uniform sewing address in Hanoi | TopList
ModaViet uniforms


K14 . uniform

Ages ago long ago,


has been evaluated as a supplier of high quality and prestigious uniforms in Hanoi market. With the slogan: ”Beautiful uniforms – Beautiful memories”,

K14 . Uniform

always proud to be the bridge to save the best moments and memories of students. For


, each shirt model produced is also an unforgettable memory, a point saved in the formation and development of K14. Up to this point, there have been more than 10,000 trusted customers with nearly 1 million products sold. K14 really deserves to be the number 1 uniform brand in Vietnam for school age students and also a trusted and most loved uniform brand by students.

Outstanding advantages:

  • Always create beautiful uniforms in terms of design, fashion trends and quality standards.
  • Owning a creative and enthusiastic design and customer service team for students.
  • Fabric: tailor-made, woven and dyed according to ISO 9001 – 2008 standards, diverse types of figs for customers to choose from
  • Ink: Always innovating and researching, K14 constantly strives to update the latest printing technology and techniques to bring the best products. Minimum 2 year warranty on ink cartridges.
  • Good price

List of products:

  • Class uniform
  • Kindergarten uniform
  • Company uniform shirt
  • Worker’s protective vest
  • Football uniform




4th floor – No. 5/55 Huynh Thuc Khang, Dong Da, Hanoi





Top 14 The most prestigious and quality uniform sewing address in Hanoi | TopList
K14 uniform – The most prestigious and quality uniform sewing address in Hanoi


Nguyen Garment Center

Nguyen Garment Center

Since its inception, it has received the love and attention of a large number of customers and partners across the country. With many years of experience in tailoring training, tailoring suits – vestons and tailoring work uniforms, Nguyen Garment Center has affirmed its brand on the Veston fashion market in particular and as well as fashion. office in general.

Nguyen May is famous as a brand handed down from a family with many generations of sewing in the famous Van Tu garment village in Ha Thanh land since the 80s of the 20th century. Since many years, tailoring uniforms The office is always a great strength of this place. Here, you will get the best advice to have your own uniform, good quality, trendy and enhance the brand of your business.

May Nguyen’s products are all guaranteed to have perfect designs and quality, and are meticulously cut and sewn by highly skilled craftsmen (many good craftsmen with long-term experience in tailoring suits from the traditional suit sewing village) on high quality fabrics. And together with a team of enthusiastic consultants, the quick working process helps customers receive quality uniforms in the shortest time.

Reasons to choose Nguyen Garment Center as a long-term partner:

  • Nguyen Garment Center provides a comprehensive solution for uniform design. With trendy, youthful and modern designs, it will be the perfect choice for your business. Unique design, eye-catching products, sewn according to the measurements of each member.
  • Diverse services to meet the needs of customers from small to large scale. Make customers completely satisfied with the service.
  • Our dedicated team of consultants will help you choose the best solution. Professional working process, choosing the optimal solution for partners.
  • With the advantage of being a unit of convergence of creative and talented designers who have many years of experience in designing and tailoring work uniforms, office uniform shirts, office uniform t-shirts…. ..


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