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The Vietnam War is now a thing of the past, the war only takes place on the pages of history, in recorded documentaries. The images of bombs trampled on the homeland, the image of his father falling in fierce battles are indelible images in the memories of previous generations that are difficult for our young generation today. conceivable. Once again, the classic films were searched to join the atmosphere to celebrate the Liberation Day of the South – Reunification of the country (April 30). No fuss about visual effects, no impressive OSTs, and no actors who are too meticulous in clothes and makeup, but the top classic movies about the Vietnam War below always give you the best of both worlds. The audience felt an indescribable sense of pride on the occasion of the national liberation day on April 30..


Chung One River (Directors Nguyen Hong Nghi and Pham Hieu Dan – 1959)

Share a river

is a 1959 film by two directors Nguyen Hong Nghi and Pham Hieu Dan (aka Pham Ky Nam) produced by Vietnam Feature Film Studio. This is the first feature film of North Vietnam after 1954 and also the first feature film of the Vietnamese Revolutionary Cinema. The film premiered on July 20, 1959.

Share a river

was the Vietnam War going on at that time. According to the 1954 Geneva Agreement, the Ben Hai River became the temporary demarcation line dividing the two North and South regions of Vietnam. Two characters Hoai and Van love each other since the end of the Vietnam-France War. After 1954 they planned to get married, but when the groom’s boat went to the south bank to pick up the bride, the southern police did not allow them to disembark. Their love is thwarted.

Share a river

mentioned a hot issue of the time. This topic of separation is also encountered in literature and art in both the South and the North such as the song Cau Ho on Hien Luong wharf by Hoang Hiep, To the sister of Doan Chuan or Lam Phuong’s parallel boat. In 1970, the film won the “Golden Lotus” award in the second National Film Festival.

Chung Một Dòng Sông Full | Phim Việt Nam Cũ Hay
Chung a river was honored to win the second national Golden Lotus award.
The main character in the film


The Wind (Director Huy Thanh – 1966)


Floating wind

directed by Huy Thanh is adapted from the play of the same name by the author Dao Hong Cam. This is the first film of Vietnamese revolutionary cinema about the Vietnam War with the Southern context. During the American invasion of Vietnam, Phuong’s family had a sister named Van who joined the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam, and Phuong was a lieutenant in the Saigon puppet army. After many years apart, the two sisters meet again. The joy was not over when a conflict arose between the two sisters. When she learned that Phuong was a lieutenant in the Saigon government, Van chased Phuong away. From here begins a series of tragedies.

Van and his son were arrested in a concentration camp. In the camp Van participated in the struggle, was arrested and imprisoned. His son was killed by the enemy, so Van was like crazy. Because she was thought to be crazy, it was easier for Van to operate in prison. After being released from prison, with arguments, actions and feelings, Van persuaded his brother and many soldiers in the army of the Republic of Vietnam to return to the Front (to the justice), to the people by breaking the hamlet. strategy, kill the American advisor. At the end of the film, lieutenant Phuong bends down to scoop up water to wash his face on a sunny river in the cheers of the people and the affectionate smile of his sister.

Touching and haunting multi-generational audiences,

Floating wind

At the same time, it is considered as an inspirational and spiritual film for the national liberation and liberation of the South in 1975. The film won the Golden Lotus for the category of Feature Film at the first Vietnam Film Festival. first.

Top 14 The classic movie about the Vietnam war | TopList
The film Floating Wind caused a great resonance
Nổi gió Full | Phim Chiến Tranh Việt Nam Mỹ Hay Nhất ( Trước 1975 )
The wind directed by Huy Thanh


Latitude 17 Days and Nights (Directed by Hai Ninh – 1972)

17th parallel of day and night

is a film directed by Hai Ninh in 1972. This is a typical film of the Vietnamese revolutionary cinema during the Vietnam War period. The script 17 Days and Nights Parallel was written by Hai Ninh and Hoang Tich in only 5 years. This is also the script for the first two episodes of Vietnamese revolutionary cinema.

After the 1954 Geneva accords, the Ben Hai River became the military demarcation line separating Vietnam into two concentration zones. The lives of people on both sides of the river were severely affected. Most families have relatives living under two different regimes. After her husband gathered to the North, Ms. Diu stayed on the southern bank of the Ben Hai River. Party secretary Thuan was killed by the Republic of Vietnam faction, and Ms. Diu took over that position. For this reason, she was repeatedly sent to prison by Tran Sung.

The work has a lasting vitality because it reflects the heroic struggle of our nation. for national liberation.

17th parallel of day and night

won the World Peace Council Award and the Best Actress Award for Tra Giang at the 1973 Moscow International Film Festival.

Top 14 The classic movie about the Vietnam war | TopList
Poster for the movie The 17th parallel of night and day
Vĩ Tuyến 17 Ngày Và Đêm - Tập 1 | Phim Chiến Tranh Việt Nam Hay
The film was a resounding success and received many prestigious awards on the international film forum


Hanoi’s Baby (Director Hai Ninh – 1974)

Hanoi baby

is a plastic film produced by Vietnam Feature Film Studio in 1974 and directed by Hai Ninh. The film depicts life in Hanoi in 1972, when the US military conducted Operation Linebacker II, bombing North Vietnam. The film’s content tells the story of Ngoc Ha, a 12-year-old boy, who has to find his parents and younger sister missing in the ruins of the city after the US B52 bombing. The girl was helped by kind soldiers and reunited with her sister.

Director Hai Ninh met actress Lan Huong for the first time when Lan Huong was 3 or 4 years old. In 1972, when he made this film, after finding many people who could not play the character of a baby in Hanoi, he recalled and went to Lan Huong’s house, asking for permission to let her go to film. At that time, Lan Huong was only 10 years old and this was also her first role. The film won the Third Vietnam Film Festival Golden Lotus Award, the Special Prize of the Jury of the Moscow International Film Festival in 1975 and the award of the Palestine Liberation Front at the Syria International Film Festival.

Top 14 The classic movie about the Vietnam war | TopList
Actress Lan Huong received the role when she was 10 years old
Em Bé Hà Nội Full | Phim Chiến Tranh Việt Nam Trước Năm 1975
The movie “Baby Hanoi”


Canh Dong Hoang (Director Nguyen Hong Sen – 1979)

Open fields

is a Vietnamese film about the Vietnam War, directed by Nguyen Hong Sen. Set in the Dong Thap Muoi region during the war, the film revolves around the Ba Do couple and their young child living in a small hut in the middle of the water. They were assigned by the Vietnamese Revolutionary side to keep the line of communication for the soldiers. The author focuses a lot on the couple’s daily life such as growing rice, raising children, catching pythons, and catching fish, but interspersed with scenes of Huey helicopters of the US military in the field. country to detect guerrilla activity. When Ba Do was hit by an American helicopter, in order to avenge his husband, Ba Do’s wife chased and burned the helicopter.

The end of

Open fields

There was a scene where a photo of the American pilot’s wife and children was shot, falling from his chest, there were many opinions to cut this scene. However, it is still kept to let viewers better understand American soldiers, they are also ordinary people, with wives and children like Ba Do, but because of the war, they had to leave their families to go to Vietnam to participate in the war. war. Director Hong Sen used the opposite method in cinematic language to convey profound human values.

Besides the skillful leadership of director Hong Sen and the wonderful script of writer Nguyen Quang Sang, the immersive acting of the cast, especially actress Thuy An, together created a real work of art. consume.

Cánh Đồng Hoang Full HD | Phim Chiến Tranh Việt Nam Hay Nhất
The film The Wasteland, directed by Hong Sen
Top 14 The classic movie about the Vietnam war | TopList


Saigon Rangers (Directed by Long Van – 1986)

Saigon Special Forces

directed by Long Van, including 4 episodes. The film recreates the feat of “bringing war into the city” of the citadel during the anti-American resistance war. Interwoven in the context of bombs, smoke and fire are emotional and meaningful love stories that contribute to helping the film go deep into people’s hearts. The film by director Long Van released in 1986 was a bright spot for Vietnamese cinema at that time. Not only setting a box office record, the film also brought the names of a series of artists such as Quang Thai, Thuy An, Thuong Tin, Ha Xuyen, Hai Nhat, Thanh Loan … closer to the public. After more than 3 decades have passed, the work has always been a favorite movie until now.

The film has brought the cast: Thanh Loan (as Nun Huyen Trang), Thuong Tin (as Sau Tam), Quang Thai (as Tu Chung), … to the top of glory. After 30 years of big screen premieres, numerous TV replays, DVD and online publishing,

Saigon Special Forces

still attracts a large number of viewers, becoming a classic film aboutApril 30 of Vietnamese cinema.

Top 14 The classic movie about the Vietnam war | TopList
Poster of the movie Saigon Rangers
Phim Biệt Động Sài Gòn Tập 1: Điểm Hẹn | Phim Chiến Tranh VN Hay
The movie Saigon Rangers


Hanoi 12 Days and Nights (Directed by Bui Dinh Hac – 2002)

Hanoi 12 days and nights

is a film of Vietnamese cinema under the direction of director Bui Dinh Hac, with the purpose of trying to depict the context of the fight against ambushes by B-52s that ravaged the capital Hanoi and some neighboring provinces during Operation Linebacker II (December 18 – 30, 1972). The film follows the theme of the Revolutionary War and has introduced the art of classical filmmaking in Vietnam.

Hanoi 12 days and nights

was shown very elaborately with the aim of recreating part of the battle of Dien Bien Phu in the air – a fierce battle of the people of Hanoi against the strategic ambush by B-52 aircraft of the US imperialists at the end of the war. December 1972, forcing the US Government to sign the Paris Agreement to bring peace in North Vietnam.

This is the first feature film of Vietnam with great investment with scenes using computer effects, stereoscopic surround sound, creating a monumental effect. Filming started in 1997, by April 1999, all the scenes were completed in Vietnam, but had to wait for the computer and sound effects, so it wasn’t until 2002 that it was released. Director Bui Dinh Hac said emotionally: “To make this film, we faced many difficulties. To depict the fight between MiG-21 and B-52, there must be aerial shots. Context. With such a big film, it is impossible not to shoot computer effects. Only 3 minutes and 38 seconds of special effects scenes of B-52 planes staging a battle to destroy Hanoi cost 620 million VND!”.

In 2002, the film won the Consolation Prize of the Vietnam Film Association for the best feature film screenplay (that is, before filming was finished). In 2003, the film was introduced at many prestigious film festivals such as Fukuoka – Japan Film Festival (this is the first time Hanoi 12 Days and Nights was screened abroad), the Asia-Pacific Film Festival the first time. 48th in Iran and 27th Cairo International Film Festival.

Hà Nội 12 Ngày Đêm Full HD | Phim Chiến Tranh Việt Nam Hay
Hanoi 12 days and nights
Top 14 The classic movie about the Vietnam war | TopList
The main character in the film


Liberation of Saigon (Directed by Long Van – 2005)

Liberating Saigon

is a movie produced on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the liberation of the South and the reunification of the country. The characters in the film are real historical figures such as General Secretary Le Duan (played by Meritorious Artist Ha Van Trong), General Vo Nguyen Giap (played by Khuong Duc Thuan), Secretary of the Central Committee of the Southern Department. Pham Hung (played by Meritorious Artist Hoang Quan Tao), Politburo Special Envoy Le Duc Tho (played by Duong Trong Hieu),…

Liberating Saigon

is a Vietnamese movie under the direction of director Long Van. The film was produced by Saigon Giai Phong company to commemorate the event of April 30, 1975. The film is based on the work Saigon – Epic of writer Hoang Ha, but with some cutscenes. The film was invested 12.5 billion VND and produced in a record long time of 13 years. The film focuses on recording the main events in the process of the Liberation Army entering Saigon city, recreating the scenes of real bombs and bullets exploding without special effects. Director Long Van took 13 years to perfect this film. Cps can say,

Liberating Saigon

are tragic and heroic footage of the great victory of the Vietnamese nation.

Top 14 The classic movie about the Vietnam war | TopList
Poster for the movie Liberation of Saigon
Giải Phóng Sài Gòn Full HD - Phim Chiến Tranh Việt Nam - Giải Phóng Miền Nam
Extremely realistic shots bring tragic and heroic footage


Duong Thu (Director Bui Tuan Dung – 2005)

The film is a small story in the war. Not competing with other cinematic works on this topic in terms of the grandeur of campaigns and big battles, director Bui Tuan Dung’s film crew delves into the details and the most specific feelings. about the war through the eyes of young soldier Hoang An. One advantage of films that exploit historical themes is emotional scenes, but it is also a challenge for directors when they have to overcome cliché scenes to get “rare tears” of people. see. Building the main character is the image of a soldier in the military post, a fairly new image of Vietnam war cinema.

mail line

created a new land to fully exploit this advantage. Sensitive viewers will certainly not avoid feeling “bitter” when witnessing the footage of the letters sent to the battlefield by the rear.

Besides the strong and heartbreaking love songs from the letters,

mail line

also successfully built the image of the first soldier Hoang An: going to the battlefield with the dream of becoming a heroic commando in the eyes of his lover, but he was assigned to be a postman. The stories revolving around this young soldier gave the film humorous details, overcoming the dryness often found in works about war. With a budget of just over 1 billion VND (compared to 12.5 billion VND for Liberation of Saigon), the film was assessed by Director of Cinema Nguyen Phuc Thanh as “a remarkable effort of the film crew”. .

Top 14 The classic movie about the Vietnam war | TopList
Actor Quoc Tuan
Phim Việt Nam Đặc Sắc | Đường Thư Full HD
The movie Road Mail


Ha Dong Silk Dress (Directed by Luu Huynh – 2006)

Ha Dong silk shirt

(English title: The White Silk Dress) is a 135-minute Vietnamese war – psychological – emotional film directed by Luu Huynh, premiered in 2006. The film has the participation of actors, model Truong Ngoc Anh. The film won the 2006 Golden Kite Award in the category “Best Plastic Feature Film”.

The content of the film is a touching story of the family of Mr. Gu and Ms. Dan during the period of peasant uprisings to overthrow the government. After that, he and his wife moved to the south to make a living. The most valuable assets are the white shirt and wedding dress that Gu gave his wife. In the South, Gu and his wife had to work hard to earn a living, even, Dan even swallowed bitterly to work as a nanny for an old Chinese man, causing her and her husband to have conflicts. The family with many children, poor, but loving each other, lives day by day, eating porridge and eating potatoes, but filled with warm children’s voices. The sacrifice and love of her parents helped Hoi An girl write an essay with the highest score in her class, and the main topic of the Ao Dai is associated with many bitter, arduous but also very sweet memories. of the whole family. The little girl choked up reading her essay in front of the whole class, remembering each dear event attached to the shirt. Suddenly, a terrible explosion tore through the whole space, erasing all familiar faces that had just been present. Hearing the news that the school was bombed, Dan ran like crazy to the school, flipping over the mats frantically looking for his children. And she cried out in agony, when she recognized the face of her dear child lying there, among the poor little victims of the cruel war.

The brutal war took An’s life. But it didn’t stop there, things turned extremely grim. During one time going to rake mussels in heavy rain, because he wanted to pick up a few branches of firewood to sell to make money to sew ao dai for Ngo (the second child), Dan was swept away by the flood water. Harsh natural disasters took the life of the mother and once again the war took the life of the father. During an evacuation, because of trying to find and protect the Ha Dong silk shirt of his wife and daughter, Mr. Gu died in the flames of the cruel war. The story ends with the image of a peaceful country in 1975, which An had asked his father before: “Dad, is peace beautiful, isn’t it?”. But I can’t live until I enjoy peace.

Ha Dong silk shirt

achieved great success when winning 5 Golden Kite Awards 2006 for: Best Feature Film; Excellent cinematography: Trinh Hoan, Nguyen Tranh; Sound Excellence: Des O’Neill; Best Film Director: Luu Huynh; Best Actor: Quoc Khanh. 2006 Busan International Film Festival: The audience’s vote for director Luu Huynh, not only that, the film also represents Vietnamese cinema to attend the 80th Academy Award nomination for the best foreign language film.

Top 14 The classic movie about the Vietnam war | TopList
Actor Truong Ngoc Anh, Meritorious Artist Quoc Khanh in the role of the couple Tiger and Gu
Áo lụa Hà Đông 2006 full
The movie Ha Dong Silk Dress


Don’t Burn (Director Dang Nhat Minh – 2009)

Don’t burn

(English title: Don’t Burn) is a historical drama film produced in 2009 directed and written by Dang Nhat Minh. Based on the famous diary of female doctor – martyr Dang Thuy Tram, the film created a great resonance when it was released. The film delves into the deep inner life, clearly portrays the beauty of the soul, the compassion of female military doctor Dang Thuy Tram (played by actor Minh Huong) and at the same time the beauty itself. fighting spirit and bravery of Vietnamese youth. In addition, the film also shows the tolerance of Vietnamese people, proves that love erases historical wounds.

Don’t burn

in which there was fire, is an honest and simple film but contains a great and strong national character.

The film premiered at the 19th Fukuoka Film Festival in Japan and won the audience vote. The film was released in late April 2009 in Vietnam and screened at the ASEM International Film Festival in Hanoi mid-May 200.9.

Don’t burn

won the Golden Lotus Award at the 16th Vietnam Film Festival in 2009 and won 6 categories of the Golden Kite Award in 2010 including Best Film, Best Actress (Minh Huong), Best Director (People’s Artist Dang Nhat Minh), Best Painter (Elite Artist Pham Quoc Trung), Excellent Sound (Elite Artist Peng Bei Hai) and Audience Choice Award. This is also the film selected to attend the Oscars.

Top 14 The classic movie about the Vietnam war | TopList
Movie poster Don’t Burn
HD Phim Nhật ký Đặng Thùy Trâm Đừng Đốt 2009 Hay và Ý nghĩa
Movie Don’t Burn


The Smell of Burnt Grass (Directed by Nguyen Huu Muoi – 2012)

The smell of burning grass

is a Vietnamese film in the genre of socio-psychology, war. The main context of the film is the event of the Red Summer of 1972 with the battle at Quang Tri Citadel. The main characters in the film are four students from Hanoi General University: Hoang, Thanh, Thang, Long, who were ordered to mobilize to enlist in the army in 1971, trained quickly and eventually joined the fight. at Quang Tri Citadel in 1972. Here, Thanh, Thang, Long died and Hoang was lucky to return alive. The film is told from the memory of Hoang, when he visited the old battlefield.

The smell of burning grass

produced by Vietnam Feature Film Studio. The screenplay of the film is undertaken by poet Hoang Nhuan Cam, especially based on the diary Forever in his twenties by martyr Nguyen Van Thac. Filming began in December 2010, the film was given a special chance to attend the 17th Vietnam Film Festival in Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen province, was premiered at the Opening Ceremony of the film week and won the Silver Lotus Award. On March 17, 2012, the film was awarded 4 Golden Kite Awards for Best Motion Picture, Best Music (musician Do Hong Quan), Best Screenplay (Hoang Nhuan Cam) and Best Cinematography. (Excellent artist Pham Thanh Ha) at the 2011 Golden Kite Awards Ceremony. The film was selected by the Cinema Department to open the film series celebrating major holidays in April-May 2012 and continued to be premiered during the week. film commemorating the 65th anniversary of Invalids and Martyrs’ Day, July 27, 1947-July 27, 2012.

Although there are many limitations in creating the scene, the film is still appreciated for its profound humanity when conveying the aspirations and emotions as well as honoring the noble sacrifice of young people in the world. war period.

Top 14 The classic movie about the Vietnam war | TopList
Movie characters
Mùi Cỏ Cháy Full | Phim Việt Nam Đặc Sắc
The film is highly appreciated for its profound humanity


The River Flat (Director Le Cung Bac – 2013)


The river is calm

directed by Le Cung Bac produced in 2013 is also one of the classic films about the Vietnam war that we should see.

The content of the film is based on the work of the same name by writer To Nhuan Wei, is a long-running television series. The film praises the indomitable tenacity and silent sacrifice of the Hue City Rangers located on the Perfume River, who contributed significantly to the 1968 Mau Than victory, one of the battles. The decisive factor that led to the disintegration of the American spirit and the success of the Ho Chi Minh campaign in 1975. Vividly recreate the war between us and the enemy, between the just and the unjust in the suburbs and suburbs of Hue with the characters. typical Cuc, Phi Hung, Hong, Hanh,….

Top 14 The classic movie about the Vietnam war | TopList
DongSongPhangLang Tap1
The movie Quiet River


Legendary Writers (Directed by Bui Tuan Dung – 2013)

Legendary writers

(English: The Legend Makers) is an action film – Vietnam war directed by Bui Tuan Dung, premiered in 2013. Legendary writers are set in the context of the war against America to save the country during the colonial era. 1960. The plot of the film is the construction of a petroleum pipeline running from the northern border to the Southeast region of the group 556 under the command of the character General Dinh (played by Meritorious Artist Hoang Hai) based on the original principle. The model was Senior Lieutenant General Dinh Duc Thien.


Legendary writers

with the content revolving around diligent soldiers carrying gasoline through a tropical forest covered with leaf mines, petrol transport trucks exploding under bomber fire, unexpected deaths, and constant losses. from the dry season to the persistent rainy season. Each tank of gasoline entering the battlefield must be paid with the blood and bones of hundreds of thousands of soldiers… Contrasting with the treacherous and dangerous mountains and forests is the brave spirit and non-stop fighting of the soldiers. The film impresses with scenes of majestic and poetic nature. Romantic scenes about the soldier’s love also help viewers’ emotions more fully.

Top 14 The classic movie about the Vietnam war | TopList
Meritorious actor Truong Minh Quoc Thai takes on the role of Nghia
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