Top 12 The most touching Doraemon anime episode

Doraemon must have been a part of the childhood of countless generations in Vietnam, it is not only an immortal comic series of the whole world but also for generations 8x, 9x and up to this day, it still occupies a certain place in the hearts of readers who love Doraemon. Not only that, the Doraemon cartoon series was created, not losing the interesting and funny features often found in comic books, but it also brought the beauty of friendship, humanity, take away so many tears from viewers. Here, the article will show you the most touching Doraemon episodes!


Doremon Ep 224 – Decisive War!! Machine Dog vs. Machine Cat!

As one of the special episodes in the series to celebrate Doraemon’s birthday, Decisive battle!! Machine dog vs cat machine was shown for a duration of 44 minutes and along with it were unforgettable emotions for viewers.

The beginning of the episode is set in the future world of the 22nd century, when the MS robot factory decides to recall all the robotic cats that the company has put on the market – including Doraemon, to release a new type of robot – Robot Dog, in order to carry out his profit plot.

As for the present time, Doraemon is returning with an eagerness to celebrate his birthday, and at the same time, Nobita has also made a very special gift for him. However, because the teacher scolded him at school, as always, Nobita cried and lamented with Doraemon as soon as he got home, surprisingly, the person Nobita was hugging was not Doraemon but a Robot Dog. , calling itself Wonderful. Doraemon returned when Nobita was obediently doing homework with Wonderful’s supervision, and Doraemon felt very annoyed when his best friend ignored him for so long and “followed” others.

But it’s more serious than he thought when he discovered that the Robot Dog empire was starting to advance in both the past and present time, and at the same time, he also received help from his sister – Dorami and classmates in the past. He must go to save his brother and all the Robot Cats out of that situation, despite the danger, and also to find Nobita back in the past.

Nobita, after he got bored with his homework, realized that something was wrong and went with his great-grandson Sewashi to the future to save Doraemon after learning all about it thanks to Sewashi’s trick. Wonderful robot dog, after being tricked by Sewashi, accidentally saw the gift that Nobita intended to give Doraemon – a postcard, containing memories between the two best friends, this made Wonderful touched and decided Together with Sewashi, help Nobita and the one-armed robot cat accept the betrayal.

Nobita, when he arrived in the future and begged the council to allow the cancellation of the robot cat’s recall, had to take an aptitude test in all subjects to save Doraemon, despite having little knowledge, despite having physical strength. weak, despite difficulties and always failing, but thanks to his perseverance as well as his noble friendship with Doraemon, Nobita has overcome himself. But that does not mean that Nobita has saved the robot cat when the general manager of MS company used tricks to make parents want to replace the robot cat with a robot dog.

To prevent this, the last way is to decide to live with the director to stop the process of turning the robot cat back to the original material. Thanks to the intelligence of the robot dog Wonderful and the versatility of Doraemon, with the help of Nobita and Sewashi, they destroyed the plan of the other director, with Doraemon’s “legendary kicking cannon”.

The end of the episode is a birthday party for the robot cats when confirmed by the robot council to be an indispensable part of every family’s life, as for the robot dogs, they will not have to be recovered but be chosen by families for their ingenuity and inherent intelligence, especially robot dogs like Wonderful. A beautiful ending to all problems, except Nobita was forced by Wonderful to continue completing the homework that according to this dog, all efforts to help Doraemon’s friends are for Nobita to complete his task – of course , it’s a lie to help Wonderful feel less embarrassed.

Doraemon Episode 224 is the episode that many viewers voted as the most touching and took joy from the meaningful beauty of friendship in this movie.

The last scene of Ep 224 – Decisive battle! Machine dog vs cat machine!


Doraemon Ep 185 – A Long Day of Doraemon

Continuing to be a special episode to celebrate Doraemon’s birthday, episode 185 with the title A long day of Doraemon voted by many readers of all ages as the most touching and worth-watching episode.

The notoriously dangerous robot criminal Gencha has just completed a bank robbery but could not escape the siege of the future police, so he was shot and damaged in many places and was Put in robot hospital for treatment.

As for Doraemon’s part, he just quarreled with Nobita about the eternal issue, which is “donuts”, but also took this opportunity that Nobita asked Doremi – Doraemon’s sister to take Doraemon somewhere far away so that he could be on his own. due to secretly making a birthday present for Doraemon. Dorami begged Doraemon to take this opportunity to go to the hospital for a periodic health check, and coincidentally, the hospital room that Doraemon was in was also the treatment place for the notorious robot criminal Gencha.

Thanks to the swap rope that was revealed from the magic bag, during the carelessness of the nurses, the clever Gencha swapped his soul with that of Doraemon. So Gencha in the body of Doraemon and vice versa, Doraemon in the body of a wanted criminal. Everything comes from here. Gencha, after being in the form of Doraemon, immediately returned to the 20th century with Nobita to hide from sin, here, after being relived in peaceful moments, mingling with nature and being able to have friendship with Nobita, playing his favorite baseball game,…the criminal seemed to be emboldened, and wanted to live such a life.

As for Doraemon who is in the guise of Gencha, he is always hunted and forced to hide and hide to go to Sewashi – Nobita’s great-grandson to find help but in vain because in the form of a criminal, he makes everyone afraid even had found a way to signal that he was Doraemon. How many difficulties, how many times he was electrocuted, discovered and surrounded, but he always tried to stand firm, to return to the previous Doraemon as well as to be friends with Nobita. The most touching thing is that even in urgent circumstances, he still found a ruby ​​that Nobita needed, and then remembered Nobita.

That noble and beautiful friendship has conquered all, so that in the last moments of Doraemon, Nobita realized, it was this that made Gencha’s heart seem to be moved very strongly, for what he wanted. The only thing is love. Now, Gencha has realized the true purpose of life, accepted to return to her old form and start a new life, after receiving a valuable lesson from her. Nobita – Doraemon.

Indeed, Doraemon Episode 185 is an episode that takes away a lot of tears from anyone who watches it, because of the admirable friendship, because the once very ordinary Gencha robot is actually kind!

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The last scene of Ep 185 – A long day of Doraemon


Doraemon Ep 62 – Nobita, goodbye! Doraemon returns to the future

Doraemon Episode 62 is a short film adapted from a story item in Doraemon volume 6 of the short comic series, through the making of the film, some details have been added compared to the original story, which makes viewers more touched and admired the beautiful friendship between Nobita and Doraemon.

As usual, Nobita was chased and bullied by the big Jaian, and he rushed home to cry and beg Doraemon to lend him his treasure to defeat Jaian, but today it was strange that Doraemon didn’t take revenge for Nobita like everytime, but wants Nobita to solve it on his own, and then suddenly becomes sad. Nobita found it strange, immediately asked, and received an answer that Doraemon had to return to the future, but not like always go for a little play and then return, but this time go forever, stepping out of Nobita’s life.

After hearing the news, Nobita cried like rain, unable to accept that fact, Nobita ran out of the house. After the most emotional moments, Nobita thought about it carefully, and thanks to the confiding words with his father, Nobita accepted that Doraemon had to return and could not be with him forever. And the important thing for him now is to happily cherish the last moments with Doraemon.

To say goodbye to Doraemon, Nobita’s family had a hearty party to treat him, along with Doraemon’s favorite dish, which is donuts, and with sincere thanks from Nobita’s parents. Late at night, a beautiful moonlit night, the two friends could not sleep and Nobita suddenly remembered something that could make Doraemon feel secure about him, so he asked Doraemon to go for a walk. Nobita challenged to a duel with Jaian and tried to find a way, tenacious to win, to prove to Doraemon that even without his help, Nobita continued to live well. As for Doraemon, not knowing that Nobita was fighting, he ran everywhere to find him, and finally, saw Nobita defeating Jaian despite many injuries on his body. Doraemon applied medicine to Nobita and watched him fall asleep. In the morning, when Nobita woke up, he saw that Doraemon was gone, leaving a treasure that is a medicine of lies – when someone drinks…


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