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Top 12 Homestay Soc Son (Hanoi) is very beautiful, cheap, suitable for a weekend getaway

On weekends, you want to leave the noisy city and breathe in the fresh air in the peaceful countryside. If you are in Hanoi, Soc Son will be the place you should go to feel the breath of the mountains. Although close to the capital wall, it seems that Soc Son is very favored by nature, especially in the chilly early autumn, when the fog is full, this will be an extremely interesting choice. The content below Toplist will share with you very cheap homestay addresses in Soc Son for the most complete and cost-effective trip.


Green Pine Forest Resort

Are you and your family and friends looking for a quiet space, breathing fresh air, blending with nature and mountains to relax, relieve stress after stressful working days? You and your colleagues are in need of a venue for corporate events, a spacious and airy place to set up Teambuilding games during the day but still separate enough for a gala dinner in the evening. ? Then Green Pine Forest Resort exactly a great choice, a place you have been looking for a long time.

With a location only 30km from the center of Hanoi city, only 40 minutes by car, a total area of ​​5ha, isolated in the pine forest with the wind blowing in Soc Son – Hanoi is the ideal place for you to bring your whole family. Your family or a group of close friends come to enjoy great resort services.

  • The campus is large, surrounded by pine forests
  • 5-bedroom villa with a capacity of 30 people and a homestay in the middle of a pine forest for 20 people
  • Clean water swimming pool
  • Children’s play area
  • BBQ and mountain cuisine
  • Campfire
  • Karaoke
  • Standard tennis court
  • Paintball game area, Sasuke and campsite.

In the middle of the pine forest with the wind blowing, watching with friends, having fun, taking pictures and enjoying BBQ parties is always a great experience for anyone coming here. Not only that, hidden behind the villa is a special terrain, here is the battlefield for fiery paintball battles, with full specialized equipment, and carrying guns to “lose enough” for with less “sadness”!

Come to Green Pine Forest Resort, energy will be regenerated when you feel each cool breeze passing through the verdant forests blending with the scenery of clouds, sky and lake spreading… The atmosphere here will make you comfortable after days toil. A resort located in the middle of nature seems to have no limit in space and time… with wonderful experiences that are very suitable for an exciting vacation of young groups and couples.


Address: Kite rope slope, Minh Phu, Soc Son, Hanoi

Hotline: 0966 028 087



Green Pine Forest Resort
Top 12 Homestay Soc Son Hanoi is very beautiful cheap suitable for a weekend getaway | TopList
Green Pine Forest Resort


Lucky House

Located in Soc Son – Hanoi. About 40km from the center of Hanoi, Lucky House is one of the favorite stops of many young people today. This place will bring you a fresh atmosphere, a peaceful day with friends and relatives. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Divided into many facilities, all located in Soc Son area – Hanoi. Currently, Lucky House has 3 facilities, of which there are 2 common facilities with many apartments in the same area with a shared swimming pool, which is facility 1 at address. Phu Nghia – Minh Phu – Soc Son (Near Thien Phu Lam ecological area) and facility 2 at address Team 3 – Minh Tan – Minh Tri – Soc Son (Near Dong Do lake ecological area)

Facility 3 is designed as a separate Villa with only one group per day located in the village Thanh Son – Minh Phu – Soc Son.


  • GENERAL swimming pool for facilities 1 and 2. Private swimming pool for facilities 3 (Free)
  • Recreational Pool Table (Free)
  • Cycling (Free)
  • Children’s playground (Free)
  • Free karaoke speaker or indoor karaoke rig (depending on the apartment)
  • Large kitchen, with refrigerator, pots and pans, full set of dishes as standard (Free)
  • Free use of BBQ grill, hot pot, BBQ tables and chairs
  • Free fishing for the first 1kg (from the 2nd kg, 150k/kg)
  • Kayaking at facility 2 (200k / boat / 2 people / time / hour)

Coming here, you will be welcomed and enthusiastically supported by the butler from the way to all dining and resort activities at Lucky House.



  • Add 1: Ecological area of ​​Phu Nghia village, Minh Phu commune, Soc Son district, Hanoi
  • Add 2: Dong Do Lake Ecological Area, Team 3, Minh Tan Hamlet, Minh Tri Commune, Soc Son District, Hanoi
  • Add 3 Thanh Son Hamlet, Minh Phu Commune, Soc Son District, Hanoi

Phone: 0899 331 212 & 0911 116 898

Email: [email protected]



Top 12 Homestay Soc Son Hanoi is very beautiful cheap suitable for a weekend getaway | TopList
Lucky House
Top 12 Homestay Soc Son Hanoi is very beautiful cheap suitable for a weekend getaway | TopList
Lucky House


Hoa Vien Tea – Eco Villa

Less than 45 minutes by car from Hanoi, Hoa Vien Tea – Eco Villa will bring you to a space that is both comfortable and comfortable, and in harmony with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, very suitable for parties with family, friends and colleagues.

Flower Garden Tea Surrounded by trees, fish ponds, swimming pools and lots of play spaces, BBQ parties create a fresh, fresh and ideal living space. With an area of ​​​​nearly 5000 m2, living space includes:

A Cuban-style house – La Casa Cubana has 3 bedrooms (02 double bedrooms, one large bedroom can accommodate up to 16 people). Here, there is a full living room, separate toilet for each room, especially the kitchen is fully equipped with amenities such as: dishes, spices, microwave oven, induction cooker, refrigerator, grill, stove. BBQ outdoor to create cozy parties.

A house on the lake includes a double bedroom with a direct view of the cool lake, a living room, a kitchen, and a separate toilet. A special feature of the house below is the water lily lake and fishing hut. Common areas for tourists to use such as: Swimming pool area, children’s playground area, palm leaf hut, lawn, love bridge, garden, green road.

If you need any help or want to deal with a complaint, you can Direct contact with the host at all times. The host is always ready to help you. In addition, the butler is also on duty on site to best serve and support you.


Address: Lam Truong village, Minh Phu, Soc Son, Hanoi

Phone number: 090 473 39 91

Gmail: [email protected]


Top 12 Homestay Soc Son Hanoi is very beautiful cheap suitable for a weekend getaway | TopList
Hoa Vien Tea – Eco Villa
Top 12 Homestay Soc Son Hanoi is very beautiful cheap suitable for a weekend getaway | TopList
Garden tea Trà


The Moonlight

Resort The Moonlight 40 km from Hanoi, will bring you a day to escape the noisy streets to return to the mountains and forests, the pine trees whispering in the wind. Come here homestay you will have the opportunity to enjoy a cold misty night, a shimmering morning in the sound of birds passing branches, the scent of pine needles soar, you don’t have to go far, because there is a Da Lat in the heart of Hanoi give you a sweet feeling.

The Moonlight There are 2 floors and an attic floor with 4 bedrooms, each room is equipped with 2-way air conditioner. The attic room is made of transparent glass so you can watch the sparkling stars. The living room has a view of the green pine forest with outdoor relaxation tables and chairs watching the blooming rose garden.

In addition, the kitchen at the homestay is fully equipped. Homestay has a campfire area where you can chat and organize team games in the misty, magical night. Sightseeing huts on trees help you to look far away to see the whole scene, outdoor bar with cocktail party, wine, coffee, tea gives you a very interesting new feeling. Children’s play area freely mixes with nature, plants, and lots of BBQ areas, picnic tables, ancient rose garden, micro pink flowers, Sapa ancient roses, myrtle flowers, flowers for children. You can go for a walk and create your favorite photo albums.


Address: Minh Phu, Soc Son, Hanoi

Phone number: 090 223 5786


Top 12 Homestay Soc Son Hanoi is very beautiful cheap suitable for a weekend getaway | TopList
The Moonlight
Top 12 Homestay Soc Son Hanoi is very beautiful cheap suitable for a weekend getaway | TopList
The Moonlight


Forest House – U Lesa

The house by the forest U Lesa is a famous address attracting young people when it is only 40 km from the center of Hanoi, located near Viet Phu Thanh Chuong. The Forest House is a homestay complex with an open space in harmony with the mountains and forests, the special feature here is the pine forest, each wooden house and villa is inspired by trees and pine cones, including the view in the photos as well. all have the presence of pine trees.

This is a suitable place for those of you who want to relax, change the atmosphere, “go away” without time, come here to have fun, you will get a lot of facilities such as every house has a BBQ area, a fun area. play for children separately. Along with that is breakfast service and free bicycles to go around such as Thanh Chuong Viet Palace, Dong Quan Lake, Thanh Giong Temple, within a radius of 3 – 6 km.

Come to Forest HouseYou will discover a wooden house surrounded by unspoiled nature, an underground Hobbit house – with a unique architecture that has never been seen before in Vietnam, when it’s warm in winter, and it’s hot outside. cool. Iron barrel house with a pitiful appearance, transformed from the Soviet wartime Soviet military tank. The wood-paneled house inside is a cozy, comfortable, clean space or the Zig Zag House is a villa…


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