Top 11 The most valuable brand in Vietnam in 2016

Forbes Vietnam has summarized and released a list of the most valuable brands in Vietnam in 2016. Here are the names featured in this list.


Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company – Vinamilk

  • Brand valuation:

    1.5 billion US dollars.

  • Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company – Vinamilk topped the list of the most valuable Vietnamese brands in 2016. And perhaps Vinamilk will keep this position for a while longer when Vinamilk’s value is twice as high as Viettel’s. Monday.

  • Vinamilk provides products including fresh milk, yogurt, condensed milk, powdered milk, nutritional powder, ice cream, and soft drinks.
  • Currently, Vinamilk and FPT are planning to cooperate in implementing a project: selling Vinamilk’s milk in FPT’s supermarkets.


Military Telecommunications Group – Viettel

  • Brand valuation:

    752.8 million US dollars.

  • Viettel is an enterprise with 100% state capital, doing business in the fields of post – telecommunications and information technology. In recent years, Viettel has expanded into business areas such as real estate, overseas investment, financial investment, and distribution of terminal equipment. The countries Viettel targets are usually poor countries with underdeveloped infrastructure, typically poor countries in Africa, East Timor, Brunei…

  • Currently, Viettel’s General Director is Major General Nguyen Manh Hung.
  • In Vietnam today, Viettel is the leading provider of telecommunications and mobile services. In the world, Viettel is in the top 100 largest telecommunications brands in the world.
Top 11 The most valuable brand in Vietnam in 2016 | TopList



  • Brand valuation:

    279.2 million US dollars.

  • Vingroup’s predecessors were Mivina and Technocom in Ukraine. After returning to Vietnam, in 2011 Vinpearl and Vincom were merged to become Vingroup and elected Pham Nhat Vuong as chairman. Billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong is the first Vietnamese to enter the Forbes list of world billionaires.

  • Currently, Vingroup is expanding its business in many fields: Vinhomes real estate, Vinmart + retail supermarket chain, Vinschool school, Vinmec hospital, Vinpearl resort villas, Vincom commercial center…
  • Vingroup’s real estate projects always receive a lot of attention from investors, due to their transparency, ability to execute projects on schedule, and confirmed reputation.
Top 11 The most valuable brand in Vietnam in 2016 | TopList


Saigon Beer – Alcohol – Beverage Corporation – Sabeco

  • Brand valuation:

    247 million US dollars.

  • Although Sabeco is currently a joint stock company, the state holds 90% of the charter capital of the enterprise and the Ministry of Industry and Trade is the representative holding Sabeco’s capital.

  • Sabeco owns two famous Vietnamese beer brands: Bia Saigon and Beer 333.
  • Saigon beer is a very popular product today, not only Vietnamese people but also foreigners. The common name is called “Dwarf Saigon”.
Top 11 The most valuable brand in Vietnam in 2016 | TopList


FPT Joint Stock Company – FPT

  • Brand valuation:

    171 million US dollars.

  • FPT is a private enterprise providing services related to information technology. Over the years of development, FPT has expanded its business to retail distribution, telecommunications, and schools and has made great contributions to the Vietnamese economy.

  • FPT’s General Director is Mr. Truong Gia Binh.
  • FPT is one of Apple’s genuine sales partners in Vietnam.
  • FPT along with Viettel, VNPT are 3 Internet service providers holding the majority of market share in Vietnam.
Top 11 The most valuable brand in Vietnam in 2016 | TopList


Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade of Vietnam – Viettinbank

  • Brand valuation:

    147 million US dollars.

  • Viettinbank, formerly Incombank, was separated from the State Bank of Vietnam in 1988.

  • Viettinbank currently has 1 Transaction Office, 150 branches and 1000 transaction offices nationwide.
  • In 2016, Viettinbank ranked No. 1 in the list of the most prestigious banks in Vietnam.
  • In essence, Viettinbank is a state-owned enterprise.
Top 11 The most valuable brand in Vietnam in 2016 | TopList


Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam – Vietcombank

  • Brand valuation:

    135 million US dollars.

  • Vietcombank is currently the largest company on the Vietnamese stock market by capitalization. The bank was established in 1963 as a state-owned commercial bank.

  • Vietcombank currently has nearly 14,000 employees, with more than 400 branches/transaction offices/representative offices/members at home and abroad, including 1 head office in Hanoi, 1 branch of transaction office, 1 Training Center, 89 branches and more than 350 transaction offices nationwide, 2 subsidiaries in Vietnam, 2 subsidiaries and 1 representative office abroad, 6 joint ventures and associates. In addition, Vietcombank also developed an Autobank system with more than 2,100 ATMs and over 49,500 POS points nationwide. Banking activities are also supported by a network of more than 1,800 correspondent banks in over 155 countries and territories.
  • Vietcombank was also included in the list of 10 most prestigious banks in Vietnam in 2016.
Top 11 The most valuable brand in Vietnam in 2016 | TopList


Masan Group – Masan Group

  • Brand valuation:

    126 million US dollars.

  • Masan Corporation has a rather complicated “family tree”. In each investment field, Masan usually establishes a number of new companies, the parent company holds the controlling shares of this new company, and then this new company invests in the direct production and business company.

  • Currently, Masan is known for 3 main investment areas:
    – Techcombank: bank
    – Masan Consumer: produces consumer goods with products such as Omachia instant noodles, Tien Vua. Chin-su soy sauce fish sauce, Tam Thai Tu. Instant coffee (Vinacafe Bien Hoa).
    – Masan Resources: Invest in Nui Phao polymetallic mine in Thai Nguyen.
  • Recently, Masan is being suspected of having spent money on Vinastas to do improper fish sauce tests, damaging the reputation of traditional fish sauce businesses. The case was quite serious when, at the latest, Thanh Nien newspaper (which had a lot of articles supporting Masan’s products) was implicated. Specifically, the bosses of Thanh Nien newspaper were handled: TBT Nguyen Quang Thong and P.TBT Dang Thi Phuong Thao had their journalist cards withdrawn and dismissed. Minister of Public Security To Lam has announced to the press that he will check to find the culprits who created a dirty media campaign to crisis consumers’ confidence in traditional fish sauce products.
Top 11 The most valuable brand in Vietnam in 2016 | TopList


Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam – BIDV

  • Brand valuation:

    125 million US dollars.

  • BIDV is the second largest commercial joint stock bank in Vietnam after Agribank in terms of total assets.

  • BIDV’s current business areas include: banking, insurance, financial investment, and securities.
  • BIDV is the best retail bank in Vietnam for 2 consecutive years 2015, 2016.
  • Currently, BIDV has 127 branches and over 600 network points, 1,300 ATM/POS in 63 provinces/cities nationwide.
Top 11 The most valuable brand in Vietnam in 2016 | TopList


Vietnam’s national airline – Vietnam Airlines

  • Brand valuation:

    US$78 million.

  • Vietnam Airlines is the national airline of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the main unit of Vietnam Airlines Corporation.

  • This is a state-owned enterprise with 86.16% of capital held by the state.
  • Vietnam Airlines holds 70% shares of Jetstar Pacific Airlines. The airline is rated 4 stars according to Skytrax standards.
  • Currently, Vietnam Airlines accounts for 80% of the market share of international passengers going to and from Vietnam, accounting for 70% of the domestic passenger market share (including a market share of 15% of domestic passengers and 5% of international passengers going to and from Vietnam). Jetstar Pacific).
Top 11 The most valuable brand in Vietnam in 2016 | TopList


Mobile World Joint Stock Company – MWG

  • Brand valuation:

    77 million US dollars.

  • MWG is an enterprise operating in the field of retailing: mobile phones, electronic goods, digital devices. Mobile World and GREEN Dien May are two trademarks owned by MWG.

  • In 2016, The Gioi Di Dong surpassed FPT in the field of retailing mobile products, officially surpassing both revenue and profit.
  • Up to now, MWG has 1,017 supermarkets serving customers, of which chain has 880 supermarkets and Dien May XANH chain has 137 supermarkets.
Top 11 The most valuable brand in Vietnam in 2016 | TopList

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