Top 11 The most trusted and quality dairy cereal product in Vietnam

Breast milk is the best food for babies and young children. In addition to eating foods that help with milk such as green papaya, sweet potato, oats, centella asiatica, carrots, radishes, etc., milk-yielding cereal powder is also one of the best solutions. Being chosen by many mothers for themselves and their babies. Most mothers want to breastfeed their babies during the first year of life. However, because each person’s body is different, some mothers have enough milk to feed their babies. But with a mother, there is very little milk, even no milk. Lack of breast milk is the biggest disadvantage for young children. Because during this time, breast milk helps children absorb nutrients more easily… Increase resistance and develop the body comprehensively and using milk cereal powder is now chosen and trusted by many mothers. use. Therefore, on the market today, dairy cereal powder is also sold quite widely. And you have no basis to determine which powder is quality assurance. And where should I buy milky cereal powder? Toplist will provide you with some of the top quality dairy products for you to choose from.


Min Min milk nutritious cereal powder

Breast milk is the best food for babies and young children. This is not known to anyone, but in fact, not every mother after giving birth has enough milk for her baby. Are you experiencing:

  • Loss of milk, less milk after birth, usually after cesarean section.
  • Gradual or unilateral loss of milk.
  • Less milk lacks milk, milk comes but not enough to feed the baby.
  • Milk is less and less, although still eating enough.
  • Hot, dilute milk causes constipation, heat rash, slow weight gain …

And I’m very worried because:

  • Tried all ways to increase milk online but milk did not come.
  • Tired of hoofs, papaya, goat’s feet … eat a lot of mom fat but milk is still the same.
  • I feel sorry for when my child has to use formula milk, which is both expensive and does not have enough antibodies.
  • Lack of breast milk, babies grow poorly, sick, slow to gain weight.

Whatever the cause of low milk, mothers should overcome it immediately, to give their children the best health and immune system.

“MILK ERROR – WEIGHT WEIGHT – WEIGHT LOSS – NUTRITION FOR PREGNANCY”, those are the benefits that can be listed when talking about Min Min Milk Nutrition Cereal Powder, one of the most trusted products by mothers. thought choice. Therefore, for mothers who have little milk – diluted milk – their children are slow to grow, Min Min’s milky cereal is a savior.

The product carries the essence of ingredients: walnuts, chia, cashews, almonds, oats, lotus seeds, green beans, red beans, corn, black beans, black sesame, brown rice. These are all imported seeds from the US, Australia, and Vietnamese beans. With an extremely high percentage of high-grade seeds, Min Min lactation cereal will help mothers have full nutrients, help milk supply more, thicker, cooler and baby when suckling will absorb nutrients and nutrients. Better weight gain.

What makes Min Min cereal make a brand in the hearts of dairy mothers?


  • Proud to be one of the suppliers of 100% natural dairy cereals with ingredients from nature, say no to GMOs, say no to preservatives and fragrances.
  • The seeds of domestic origin are selected as peas with benign characteristics, small seeds (completely different from genetically modified beans, large seeds, cheaper prices), containing many nutrients and substances. fiber and healthy ingredients.
  • Chia seeds, walnuts, oats, are imported from Australia and the US with ingredients containing high levels of rare substances such as omega, carbohydrates, phosphorus, …


  • Standard production process, ensuring food hygiene and safety, keeping all nutrients: Soaking and washing seeds – drying, ripening – Screening, cleaning, removing unqualified seeds – fine grinding by specialized machines – canning, finishing products.
  • Thanks to the closed process with large quantity, the product quality and optimal price. The product when opening the box shows a very characteristic aroma of the bean family, the mild, slightly pungent aroma of sesame, chia, and the sweet aroma of oats.

Min Min milk-friendly cereal powder with super-standard formula, ensures that after only 3 days, breast milk comes back to wet clothes, condensed milk, baby gains weight evenly and firmly.



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Min Min milk nutritious cereal powder
Top 11 The most trusted and quality dairy cereal product in Vietnam | TopList
Min Min milk nutritious cereal powder


Quynh Phuong dairy cereal

Quynh Phuong Cereal

present on the market since 2016, is now one of the long-standing cereal brands, leading the market with many prestigious awards such as Top 100 Brands, Top Products and Services in Vietnam in 2017, Top 10 Vietnam Brand Gold Star, Entrepreneur for National Economic Development in 2019.

Quynh Phuong cereal products are produced according to a closed process, modern technology, quality assurance, food hygiene and safety, with full legal documents issued by competent authorities. There is periodic inspection of food hygiene and safety.

Quynh Phuong cereal – specializing in milk, with a special formula that brings the highest milk-calling efficiency to mothers.

The ingredients of Quynh Phuong dairy cereal are made from more than 20 kinds of nutritious nuts from nature, good for health such as: almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, oats, chia, green beans, red beans, beans Using advanced technology, Quynh Phuong cereal has preserved the nutrients in each type of grain, and crystallized into Quynh Phuong branded cereal powder.

The product adds essential nutrients such as omega 3, calcium, fiber, vitamins and iron, B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, …. daily nutritional requirements for mother and baby.

Uses of Quynh Phuong Dairy Cereal:

  • Stimulate milk glands, increase lactation, improve breast milk quality.
  • Make breast milk thicker and more fragrant, richer in nutrients.
  • Increase resistance, increase immune system function, good for the heart.
  • Helps mothers after giving birth not to be constipated, hot in the skin, to keep the skin bright and smooth.

Instructions on how to use:

  • Mix 4-5 full spoons of powder with about 200-250ml of hot water (50-60 degrees), stir until dissolved. Add sugar/milk to your liking.
  • Drink 3 cups a day.
  • If you want to lose weight, you should drink it 7-10 minutes before meals, eat a lot of vegetables and flowers.
  • If the mother wants to gain weight, should drink regularly after meals, actively eat a lot of meat.

In fact, over 90% of nursing mothers, if they use 3 cups of Quynh Phuong milk powder every day, find it effective: more milk comes in and more fragrant condensed milk. The more you drink and the more your baby sucks, the better the milk will be.

Depending on the current status of each mother’s milk shortage or how little, each mother sees the effect quickly or needs to be persistent for a longer time, usually using 3-4 cups a day, having a mother 1-2 days is felt. more milk clearly, mother 4-5 days, mother 5-7 days.

For mothers who currently have little milk, lack of milk at a high level, they should use it actively and regularly for a full course of 2kg within 1 month, so that milk gradually increases and the milk glands work most stably.

When the milk comes back a lot, you can stop drinking or better, just reduce the amount. If you continue to drink Quynh Phuong cereal 2-3 cups a day, with ingredients of many types of seeds, it will definitely add good nutrition, fragrant condensed milk, and your baby will gain weight more evenly.


Manufacturer contact:

0974 214 822

Produced at:

Thach Than, Quoc Oai, Hanoi




Top 11 The most trusted and quality dairy cereal product in Vietnam | TopList
Quynh Phuong dairy cereal
Top 11 The most trusted and quality dairy cereal product in Vietnam | TopList
Quynh Phuong dairy cereal


Cau Binh An Dairy Cereal

Postpartum women usually produce enough milk to feed their babies. But there are also mothers after giving birth for some reason that makes the amount of milk secreted not enough to feed the baby every day. To help overcome this situation, it is possible to use medicinal dishes and drinks that promote lactation in the mother, which is a reasonable way to supplement the necessary nutrients, and also stimulate the production of more milk to ensure the quality of the drug. and the amount to meet the need to feed the child. There are many foods that help mothers to improve the lack of milk for their babies in combination with regular and proper breastfeeding, among which emerging milk-boosting cereals, which are loved by most mothers because of their ease of implementation, Easy to use and can especially lose or gain weight depending on the needs of each person. To cater to breastfeeding mothers, there are now many emerging brands of home-made lactation cereals. In which the brand thương

Cau Binh An dairy cereal

trusted by many people to use and recommend to friends and relatives to use. Ingredient

Cau Binh An dairy cereal

: Black beans, red beans, soybeans (soybeans), green beans, eight brown rice, millet, black sesame (black sesame).

The effect of each type in

Cau Binh An cereal


  1. Green beans: Supplement the liver, detoxify, reduce dark spots, provide vitamin C, hot pepper, benefit milk.
  2. Black beans: Rich in iron, nourishing blood and kidneys, clearing heat, cooling the liver, brightening eyes.
  3. Red beans: Heart tonic, beauty, bright, smooth skin, acne treatment, antioxidant.
  4. White beans: Supplement the lungs, have a very good effect in the prevention of respiratory diseases, help lose weight effectively.
  5. Soybean: Supplement the spleen, increase female hormones, beautiful shape.
  6. Black sesame seeds (black sesame): Cool, pregnant women are easy to give birth, enhance intelligence…


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