Top 11 The most representative revolutionary poet in Vietnamese literature

Ancient or modern literature carries a revolutionary spirit and a precious national spirit. When each poet writes revolutionary poems, their poetic voice is extremely magnanimous and proud, upholding the army’s aura.


Revolutionary poet To Huu

To Huu

is the national poet, the poet of the heroic youth generation, the poet himself is also one of the enthusiastic Youth Union members. And poet To Huu is also a revolutionary who always perseveres in fighting spirit in all circumstances. From the early days of the revolutionaries:

“From that moment in my life, the sun was shining
The sun of truth shines through the heart”

(From that word – To Huu)

Find the truth when looking to the Communist Party of Vietnam and the poet’s heart has also been devoted to the Party, the revolution and the country. Not only the work From That

To Huu

There are also other revolutionary poems such as:

Viet Bac, Mother Sut, Going to Battle, Windy, Blood and Flowers, …

To Huu

is the embodiment of a new poet, political poetry carrying the inherent heroic feelings of Vietnamese children. In the poet is the inheritance of his father’s patriotic literary tradition and innovation that comes from the poet’s own time. For poet To Huu, poetry carries a life reason, poetry is an affection for the Party and the State.
Poet To Huu is a great poet, making a significant contribution to modern Vietnamese revolutionary literature.

Poet To Huu


Poet Che Lan Vien

When it comes to revolutionary poetry, it is impossible not to mention it

Che Lan Vien

. Born as a child of the Party, going from South to North to fight for the nation, participating in the revolutionary movement, Che Lan Vien brings to himself a poetic resonance with the color of struggle and with the national image, the image of the Vietnamese people. Dear Uncle Ho.

“Didn’t turn over any books to find out about Uncle
Uncle lives in us, Uncle lives in the middle of life”
(Uncle – Che Lan Vien)

The image of the great Uncle Ho lies deep in the heart of poet Che Lan Vien. In addition, the poet also has poetic works about other soldiers such as:

Play, Ship Singing, Water Seeker, Victory Star, …

Heroic works, and the poet who made them also said like this:
“I should remember when I read poetry later
Did I write?
Half. What to write in poetry
I already killed it”

That heroic poetic voice still hides the loss, the things that are still hidden behind the energetic and extraordinary person. People always bring the image of the father of the country (Uncle Ho) into poetry, the image of the country in poetry deserves to be the typical poet of the great revolution.

Top 11 The most representative revolutionary poet in Vietnamese literature | TopList
Poet Che Lan Vien (1920 – 1989)


Poet Xuan Dieu

Xuan Dieu

He is often known for his love poems but we have also forgotten that Xuan Dieu himself was also a poet of revolutionary poetry. During Xuan Dieu’s poetic career, he had a transformation in his ideals and feelings when he changed from a romantic poet to revolutionary poetry.

In the period after the August Revolution, Xuan Dieu’s poetry went from the small emotional part of the individual to a new height that is the common sentiment of mankind. For Xuan Dieu, he still loves his personal life, but he still has a part for the country and that’s a lot in his heart:
“I am flesh and blood with my people
Let’s sweat together, let’s boil blood together
I live a life of fighting
Of millions of hard-loved people”
(March Nights – Xuan Dieu)

Xuan Dieu’s revolutionary poetic property is also inferior to his love poetry property such as:

In general, the new Tile, The bird and the wreck of the American aircraft, I greet the Viet Bac back and forth, …

Xuan Dieu has always been a great poet of the nation.

Top 11 The most representative revolutionary poet in Vietnamese literature | TopList
Poet Xuan Dieu


Poet Nguyen Dinh Thi


Nguyen Dinh Thi

As a poet who loves beauty, he looks for that beauty in everyday images such as the army, the country, the heroic Vietnamese mother, the brave militia sister, …

In all works:

Soldier, Black Sea Poem, Blue River, Sunshine, Country, …



Currently being set to music, because his poem speaks of the spirit of the Vietnamese people, the majesty but still simplicity of the country:

“Our country
The country of those who never died
The night whispers in the sound of the earth
The expectations about the old days”
(Country – Nguyen Dinh Thi)


Nguyen Dinh Thi

use his voice to convey the life, will, and beauty of a country and brave people. He is one of the revolutionary poets who fulfilled the mission of capturing beautiful images of an intense historical period.

Top 11 The most representative revolutionary poet in Vietnamese literature | TopList
Poet Nguyen Dinh Thi


Poet Chinh Huu

Chinh Huu

As a poet associated with the army, the theme throughout his poetry is soldiers, soldiers, fighting the enemy.

His poetry always shows the spirit of comrades, comrades, hardships of the militiamen, … When reading poetry of the poet Chinh Huu, we will always feel proud poetic voice, gentle affection and even love. simple praise in every word.

“He sometimes strangers to me
From the heavens, we don’t meet each other
Gun by gun, head to head
A cold night with a blanket to become a soulmate
(Comrade – Chinh Huu)

His poetry is filled with confidence and pride. When future generations read his poetry, one thing is certain that they will always be imprinted with the image of an old soldier.

He was very successful with revolutionary lines such as:

Comrade, Price of each yard of land, Letter from house, Lamp to stand guard, …

Top 11 The most representative revolutionary poet in Vietnamese literature | TopList
Poet Chinh Huu


Poet Quang Dung


Quang Dung

is a poet with a heroic voice, full of the spirit of a soldier. His poetry has realistic images, described by the characteristic art of metaphors and comparisons to describe all the images he wants to convey.

“The Tay Tien army does not grow hair
The green army is fierce and fierce”
(Tay Tien – Quang Dung)

Expressing the truth in gentle verses as if it were obvious is Quang Dung’s poetic style.

He was very successful with revolutionary poetry:

Tay Tien, Son Tay people’s eyes, Two banks, Bearded soldiers, …

Top 11 The most representative revolutionary poet in Vietnamese literature | TopList
Poet Quang Dung


Poet Pham Tien Duat


Pham Tien Duat

Contributing to Vietnamese literature is mainly poetry and revolutionary poetry. Pham Tien Duat wrote poetry while participating in the resistance war. His poems mainly narrate the situation when participating in the resistance of the poet.

“No glass is not because the car has no glasses
Bombs and bombs shake the glass, it’s broken”
“The car is still running for the South ahead
As long as there’s a heart in the car”
(Poem about the squad of vehicles without glass – Pham Tien Duat)

The poet enters the hearts of people with an ordinary and simple poetic voice. The poet’s poetry anthology includes:

The moon, the halo of fire, At the two ends of the mountain, A fire, Poetry a way, …

Top 11 The most representative revolutionary poet in Vietnamese literature | TopList
Poet Pham Tien Duat


Poet Minh Hue



is a special poet with revolutionary poetry, because almost all poets dedicate their pen to Great Uncle Ho. One of the outstanding works is

“You won’t sleep tonight”

“The team member wake up
It’s so late at night
Why is Uncle still sitting?
I won’t sleep tonight”

This is a poem that describes a soldier’s feelings about the beloved President Ho Chi Minh. And most of the poet’s other works are formed because of Uncle Ho.

Collection of poems by poet Minh Hue:

Uncle didn’t sleep tonight, Nghe An Sunny talked to May Viet Bac, …

Top 11 The most representative revolutionary poet in Vietnamese literature | TopList
Poet Minh Hue


Poet Hong Nguyen

We know poet Hong Nguyen with many works such as:

Remember, The soul of Vietnamese poetry, The slogans of the night, The life of a farmer in the South, …

Outstanding and widely known is the poem “Miss”
“Do you have a wife over there?
On the other side?
I’m still waiting for independence”
(Remember – Hong Nguyen)

The longing for independence day is always ingrained in the mind of the poet as well as his teammates. We can say that Hong Nguyen is an idyllic and sincere revolutionary poet.

Top 11 The most representative revolutionary poet in Vietnamese literature | TopList
Poet Hong Nguyen


Poet Le Anh Xuan


Le Anh Xuan

He always conveys his love for his homeland in his poems. The poet’s works are always loved and memorized by readers. One of the works that go into people’s hearts is the work

“Vietnamese posture”


The verses echo, heroic and indomitable, honoring and honoring a generation of his father.

“I fell on the Tan Son Nhat runway
But he struggled to stand up and rest his gun on the wreckage of the helicopter
And he died while standing shooting
Your blood spewed with rainbow bullets.”
(Good postureVietnamese – Le Anh Xuan)

During his poetic career, poet Le Anh Xuan left behind great works such as:

There is nowhere like in the South, Nguyen Van Troi, Keeping the land, …

Top 11 The most representative revolutionary poet in Vietnamese literature | TopList
Poet Le Anh Xuan


Ho Chi Minh president

Ho Chi Minh president

not only a great revolutionary but also a great writer and poet. He left the Vietnamese nation a valuable literary heritage, associated with the development process of the revolution and the spiritual life of the nation.

life time,

Uncle Ho

He had no intention of building a literary career for himself and he never considered himself a writer, poet or artist, although Uncle Ho loved literature and poetry and was also very talented. In the historical situation at that time, with burning patriotism, Uncle Ho was determined to find a way to liberate the nation and on that arduous path of revolutionary activities, he realized that literature can also be weapons of the revolutionary struggle. Therefore, he used literature as a weapon to serve the revolution and became a great writer and poet beyond his will. Uncle himself once wrote that:

“Reciting poetry we are not interested in”

But because in prison, what can I do?

Long day of chanting for comfort

Soak while waiting for the day of freedom.”

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