Top 11 The best pacifier for babies today

For mothers who are often away from home, not being with their children often, the pacifier will be a very effective and useful item, helping the baby not to cry and give the baby a more secure sleep. With convenience and absolute safety for health, this is the perfect gift for babies in the first years of life. Currently, on the market, there are many pacifier products with a variety of models and brands that make mothers wonder and wonder which product to choose, which type is good?. In this article, the toplist will provide information on some of the best baby pacifiers available today.


Tommee Tippee Ultra-Lightweight Silicone Tweezers

As a cult brand from the UK with a history of development of more than 50 years, famous for its distinctive luxurious design, unmistakable milk bottles,

Tommee Tippee

provides a wide range of products for mothers and babies from birth such as bottles, eating utensils, pacifiers, breast pumps, milk warmers, etc.

Tommee Tippee

is the number 1 brand in the UK in the field of baby bottles, eating utensils, and is one of the leading brands in the world for baby products from birth. All Tommee Tippee products are designed around one core principle – making life easier for parents with babies, and the Tommee Tippee is one such product.

The pacifier designs of

Tommee Tippee

Not only diverse in colors and designs, but also very safe and suitable for children. There are 4 popular pacifier lines that are very popular with Tommee Tippee moms: Ultra Light silicone pacifier, Teat-like-soother pacifier, Night Time pacifier and Breathable pacifier. Air Style.

The design of the nipple is also what makes parents interested. Understanding this, Tommee Tippee has taken great care in designing to create an orthodontic pacifier with a symmetrical shape that helps support the natural development of the baby’s oral cavity during latching. No matter which way the baby sucks, it does not affect the development of teeth and gums. In particular, the Tommee Tippee pacifier has an eye-catching design suitable for each development stage and baby’s needs.

With many outstanding advantages, the Tommee Tippee Ultra Light line of ultra-light silicone pacifiers has just won prestigious national awards.


Outstanding advantages:

  • The ultra-lightweight silicone pacifier stays in your baby’s mouth for longer, won’t fall out of your baby’s mouth, so you don’t have to put it back or adjust it as often, making your baby more comfortable and happier for longer .
  • The orthodontic pacifier is designed to be proportionate, the size is suitable for each stage of the baby’s development, supporting the natural development of the oral cavity.
  • The pacifier is proportional to ensure that the baby can latch on to any position in the mouth, avoiding the case that the teat can be reversed in the mouth when the baby uses asymmetrical nipple (for example, a flat teat).
  • Made from high quality medical and food grade silicone, the teat is as soft as silk, stretchy and elastic with the same shape as a breast and bottle nipple for a more familiar feel and Baby will love, easy to cooperate right from the first time.
  • The rim of the shield is designed to minimize skin contact around the baby’s mouth, the ventilation holes on the rim improve air circulation, without causing skin irritation and redness caused by rubbing against wet skin.
  • Anti-static feature, helps to avoid dust and dirt, keeping the baby’s pacifier clean and hygienic.
  • The monolithic, non-splicing silicone teat is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe (top compartment), steam steriliser, UV sterilizer.
  • BPA/BPS free, absolutely safe for baby.

Instructions for use, cleaning and maintenance:

  • Before first use, put in boiled water for 5 minutes, let it cool and squeeze to let the water out, no residue in the pacifier. This ensures cleanliness.
  • Wash with warm soapy water, then rinse with clean water. Or better yet, wash with bottle cleaner, then rinse with clean water. Dishwasher safe, top drawer. Remove standing water by squeezing the nipple. Do not use solvents or strong detergents.
  • Can be sterilized by steam / UV sterilizer, microwave oven, boiled water or specialized sterilization solution.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight or near high heat sources.
  • Do not immerse the pacifier in sweet solution or medicine, your baby may develop tooth decay.
  • If the pacifier gets stuck in your baby’s mouth, DO NOT panic; The pacifier won’t slip into your baby’s mouth, take it out gently.
  • When not in use or after sterilization, keep in a dry, tightly closed container.

It can be said that a pacifier is small but very important. Having a Tommee Tippee pacifier with your baby will sleep better, not cry and be calmed down when away from mom. That is also why the Tommee Tippee pacifier is loved by many babies and trusted and recommended by millions of parents around the world. Especially, Tommee Tippee’s Ultra-light Ultra-light silicone nipple has just been launched and has reaped many prestigious awards in many countries around the world.

Reference price:

Tommee Tippee ultra-light silicone pacifier for babies 0-6 months (1 pack): 155,000 VND

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  • ShopeeMall:

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    Tommee Tippee pacifier
    Top 11 The best pacifier for babies today | TopList
    Tommee Tippee pacifier


    Pigeon silicone nipple

    Due to the need to breastfeed, young children often have the habit of putting their hands to their mouths when playing or before going to bed. But that action is unhygienic, most of all, bacteria that enter the baby’s body can affect health. The safe solution at this time is to choose a pacifier for your baby.

    Pigeon silicone nipple

    Below are designed by experts in accordance with high-quality materials, absolutely safe for baby’s health, will be the perfect choice of mother for her baby in the first years of life.

    Pigeon silicone nipple

    It is a product from a famous brand


    originating from Japan. Established for more than 50 years,


    is always the first choice of mothers with young children with dedicated efforts to produce the best quality products.

    Outstanding advantages:

    • This product is designed by experts for babies aged 0 to 5 months, ensuring safety and health for babies in the first months of life.
    • With high-quality silicone material, free of harmful substances as well as PBA, you can rest assured that your baby’s very sensitive gums are completely protected with a soft, soothing, odorless, non-toxic pacifier. Gives the baby the feeling of being sucked on by the mother’s breast.
    • To overcome the situation when babies suck on pacifiers often all saliva flow out and make the pacifier stick tightly


      has a shield design with vent holes for easier circulation.

    • Product


      This has a perfect design with the natural curvature of the pacifier so that the pacifier does not hug the baby’s face, causing marks on the baby’s face and ensures that it fits snugly around the baby’s mouth without fear of falling off. outside.

    • One of the disadvantages of other conventional pacifiers is causing your baby to choke while sucking. But with


      not because the product is designed to reduce the amount of air entering the baby’s belly.

    • This teat has a lid to easily keep the product clean. In addition, it also has a handle to help mothers gently lift the nipple out of the baby’s mouth while sleeping without waking the baby.

    Reference price: 59,000 VND

    Selling link:

    Top 11 The best pacifier for babies today | TopList
    Pigeon silicone nipple
    Top 11 The best pacifier for babies today | TopList
    Tis sucking Pigeon


    Nuk pacifier

    Nuk pacifier

    is a product from

    brand name Nuk

    originating from Germany. As a brand established over 60 years, through many generations, products with high quality and reliability of customers have been present in more than 100 countries around the world.

    Outstanding advantages:

    • Nuk

      Coming from a famous American brand, from rigorous research and testing by leading international dentists, this product is the first choice for babies aged 0 to 6 months. .

    • With a design of high-quality materials, BPA-free silicone and toxic substances help dispel the worries of parents and protect the health of their beloved children.
    • Children’s skin is often very sensitive and fragile. Therefore, when choosing baby care products, we must be very careful.


      has met that with a shield with a very soft and smooth handle, very safe for the baby.

    • The nipple is manufactured under modern technology and is an exclusive gas valve


      has appeared in some products of this brand that works to remove excess gas that children can swallow. This is effective in preventing the phenomena that the baby may experience such as: bloating, colic, nausea, etc.

    • Nuk pacifier

      Designed with a variety of lovely and lovely colors to stimulate the baby’s vision, giving the baby a sense of enjoyment when using the pacifier.

    Reference price: 149,000 VND/set of 2 dummies

    Selling link:

    Top 11 The best pacifier for babies today | TopList
    Top 11 The best pacifier for babies today | TopList


    ChuChuBaby silicone nipple

    Chuchu Baby Silicone Tweezers

    is a product from

    brand name chuchu bab

    y is from Japan. This is a top quality baby care brand in Japan, trusted by mothers around the world and absolutely assured when using products.

    Outstanding advantages:

    • Chuchu baby silicone pacifier

      This is a product for babies from 0 to 18 months old.

    • The product is made of high-quality materials with soft plastic that is absolutely safe and does not contain toxic substances, taking care and ensuring the safety of babies in the first stage of life.
    • Mothers can rest assured to use this product for their children because it is not harmful and…


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