Top 11 Hottest song 2020

Vietnam’s current music market is undergoing marked changes. The songs, the MVs and even the singers are trying to invest more carefully in everything. Current Vietnamese songs are also heard and shared more by the online community. Let’s take a look at the hottest songs that are storming right now.


Sure Love Is Here

Yes Sure Love La This was released on Son Tung M-TP’s birthday, this MV is like a gift from the male singer to fans. Yes Sure Love Is This brings pleasant, positive emotions, is a different Son Tung M-TP, Lost, Run, or This place has you.

The song talks about the mood of a boy who falls in love with a girl but dares not approach. That guy always asked himself “is this feeling really love”, until his inner voice cheered “be brave enough to follow your feelings”.

Are You Sure Love Is Here – Son Tung M-TP
MV Is It Sure To Love Is Here – Son Tung M-TP


More than love – Duc Phuc

More than love is the best digital hit in early 2020. Duc Phuc’s product has dominated the top 1 #zingchart for 7 consecutive weeks and attracted 93 million views on Zing MP3. The song set a record straight to the top of #zingchart real-time chart after only 95 minutes of release.

The song has bright nuances and lyrics praising romantic feelings. The song “Higher than a mountain, longer than a river, wider than the earth, bluer than the sky” became a favorite quote on social networks. More than Love and Banh Mi – two songs with cheerful colors – simultaneously occupied the top of the list. It shows that the public likes to listen to songs that radiate positive energy at the beginning of the year.

Top 11 Hottest song 2020 | TopList
More than love – Duc Phuc
MV More than love – Duc Phuc


No bread – Dat G & DuUyen

The duo Dat G and DuUyen made a spectacular return to Vpop earlier this year with Banh Mi. The audio version dominated the top 1 #zingchart for 3 weeks and gained 128 million views. This is the third song to top Dat G’s chart, following My Sad and Sad without you.

The lyrics and melodies are loved by listeners for their simplicity and clarity. The song is about the couple’s reminiscences about the time when they were poor but still optimistic, giving each other sincere love. The mix integrates the rustic sounds of life such as the sound of street bread, the guitar accompaniment. This creation helps my cake not be both close and impressive to music listeners.

Top 11 Hottest song 2020 | TopList
No bread – Dat G & DuUyen
Bánh Mì Không - ĐạtG x DuUyên || OFFICIAL MV
MV No bread – Dat G & DuUyen


One million Likes – Black Vau

After two MVs Small Way and Thank You, male rapper Den Vau continues to release the song One million likes as a gift he gives to the fans who always accompany him. Rapper Den Vau combined with talented director Thanh Dong to release the song One million likes, still simple music accompanied by rustic, unfussy images, combining retro colors on the background of Million Roses music. (A Russian song) stands out with very “lifetime” lyrics that convey many meaningful messages of Black Vau and his respect for those who love him.

In this new MV, the lyrics seem random and messy, but they are very rhyming and have a story revealed. If the first part is his sharing about the support of his homonyms for him, the second part is the rap lyrics that tell the way to become a famous “rapstar”, until the last part has a part. climax when it comes to the attitude of people who carry prejudice, laugh when we stumble, always have short-sighted thinking towards us.

Top 11 Hottest song 2020 | TopList
Black Vow
Đen - một triệu like ft. Thành Đồng (M/V)
MV One Million Likes – Den Vau


I’m not wrong, we’re wrong – Erik

If you are a fan of Erik, you must be familiar with the male singer with ballad songs such as: Having everything but missing him, Touching the bottom of pain, Let’s break up, ….

In 2020, the male singer also released the song I’m not wrong, we’re wrong. Especially, in the MV of this song we will see the presence of the remaining members of the Hibiscus family: Duc Phuc and Hoa Minzy. The song is received by many fans and is the most listened to, becoming one of the hottest songs today.

Top 11 Hottest song 2020 | TopList
I’m not wrong, we’re wrong – Erik
ERIK - 'Em Không Sai, Chúng Ta Sai' (Official MV)
MV I’m not wrong, we’re wrong – Erik


Mr. Thanh Nien – HuyR

After the success of the song “Girl M52”, HuyR will continue to send fans the song “Youth”. Although the MV has only been released for a short time, these songs have been loved by many young people and once ranked 3rd in the Top Trending on Youtube.

With joyful lyrics and emotional melody, the song quickly stands out and becomes hot on today’s music charts.

Top 11 Hottest song 2020 | TopList
Mr. Thanh Nien – HuyR
Anh Thanh Niên - HuyR | OFFICIAL MV
MV Anh Thanh Nien – HuyR


Doan Hieu – Doan Hieu

Released on April 11, ‘Love is sad in all directions’ quickly reached the top 1 #zingchart after only 1 day of release. To date, the music video for this song has reached more than 57 million views on YouTube.

Thanks to the strong “destructive power” of Vietnamese lyric music, Doan Hieu suddenly became a name that attracted special attention from young people and was associated with many people with the title “network phenomenon”. This is the first Vietnamese song with Chinese lyrics topping the chart. The lyrics and melody were loved and enthusiastically received by everyone, quickly becoming one of the hottest songs today.

Top 11 Hottest song 2020 | TopList
Doan Hieu – Doan Hieu
Doãn Hiếu - 'Tình Sầu Thiên Thu Muôn Lối' (M/V) (Prod.LongDrae)
Doan Hieu – Doan Hieu


Truc Xinh – Minh Vuong M4U

The song Truc Xinh is Minh Vuong’s latest music project with the melody “Human, stay away”. Those are familiar sentences in Bac Ninh’s Quan Ho folk songs. Those lyrics were brought into our childhood by our mothers, following us through the years.

The song talks about a boy’s affection for the girl he secretly loves and misses. It was a young, beautiful teenage girl with bright, captivating eyes; Both of them swore to never date, then one day the girl left and left the young man with a deep nostalgia, the song was loved by many young people and the views skyrocketed on fast music charts It quickly became the hottest song right now.

Top 11 Hottest song 2020 | TopList
Truc Xinh – Minh Vuong M4U
MV Truc Xinh – Minh Vuong M4U


Have You Quit Smoking yet – Bich Phuong

The next hot song Toplist would like to introduce to you is the song “Have you given up smoking yet – Bich Phuong. Accordingly, the song with the strange title “The ex-lover sent a message to ask but Bich Phuong did not want to answer. “, abbreviated with the title “have you quit smoking?” by female singer Bich Phuong has successfully led the top trending trending on Youtube Vietnam.

The song has a chill pop melody, the lyrics are inspired by simple lines in life. Not only that, the unique idea of ​​​​the video brings excitement to the audience. Many people also joke that, after “Two million years” of Black Vau, this is the music video that costs the least but still attracts and attracts young people to become the hottest song today.

Top 11 Hottest song 2020 | TopList
Bich Phuong
Em bỏ hút thuốc chưa? - BÍCH PHƯƠNG ft.traitimtrongvang| Lyrics
Have You Quit Smoking yet – Bich Phuong


Can’t Be Together For Life – Hoa Minzy

Since the release of the song Can’t Be Together for a Lifetime – Hoa Minzy has become a hot topic on the charts and is loved and listened to by many young people. Can’t Be Together for a Lifetime is a composition by Mr Siro, a gentle ballad with the content of the painful autobiographical words of a girl when she was deceived by her lover, but she still did not stop…


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