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Top 10 wrong thinking makes gamers forever alone

Have you ever wondered why you’re not that bad and no one has noticed? If so, then you will find the right article to read. If I like other young people but I’m alone, then the story is definitely in the minds of brothers. I don’t have any horrible emotional experience, so I am not confident about advising you guys about romance. However, at least I know what kind of thinking makes a gamer often an unpopular object in the eyes of girls. If you want to get rid of yourself, do not stick to these things first, everything is slowly magnetic after.

* The article is mainly shared so some guys do not have that to retort, supplement or comment, leave it in the comment section, I would like to thank!

* Certainly there are many brothers still having the illusion that gamers are a kind of girl attractive object, especially after the NoWay case who won the game show who he was and hugged the female lead. But do not forget that people are an elite component in the crowd of gamers, and you guys will have to sit here to read this article with me to let it awake.

The outer code is just fleeting, the soul is important

Awake my brothers, sir, the appearance of the men that you find disgusting, no ghost craves to find out how beautiful your souls are. The words are rough but it’s true.

Most of the information our brain receives is from sight. So external impressions are important and can determine most whether a relationship will form. Before coming to the screen to learn each other’s soul to develop affection, you must pass the “parking” round first. The first thing when you want to flirt with a girl is to make her find herself eye first, everything else slowly follows. As for the next story, how to lure people into girls, I don’t know, that depends on your “soul”.

An example of a gamer who looks after his looks

Top 10 wrong thinking makes gamers forever alone | Game Online

And another example!

So if you want to escape, the gamers gamers please pay attention to their appearance a bit. Not being handsome, at least the hair must be neat. Clothes not luxurious, at least must be decent. Never use a sleazy face to meet a girl and then declare: “the soul is important, the appearance is just fleeting”, people only see it as the sophistry of a young man who knows he is ugly without refusing to change. If you like pretty girls, people like handsome boys too, it’s too simple.

Too “worship” girls know how to play games

10 years of crumbling every online game genre with countless teammates helped me to define an immutable rule: A team playing a game with a girl jumping in, 90% it will be corrupted. From “brotherhoods” to “gamers and friends”.

Gamers often tend to “worship” girls who know how to play games, sometimes to the point of overdoing. A girl who knows how to play a game but would like to ask many more would treat them as a noble creature that is beyond human comprehension. Girls who know how to play games should be respected, that’s natural, but everything has a level, if you overdo it, it will lower your value, making you look less attractive. , less brave in the eyes of girls there.

And there is a harsh fact for such brothers that girls often like guys who are “hard enough” to control her. As for the young people under her control, only water to go to work as “rain brother”.

The herd lifestyle of young men

Go with the buddha to wear a kapok, go to the ghost to wear a paper shirt. Going with rich people, they will learn how to make money, but if they go with beggars, they will know how to ask for rice. It’s alright to go with the young ones but keep following the young ones you will forever be alone.

Top 10 wrong thinking makes gamers forever alone | Game Online

Gamers often like to go together, play together and share the “ideological ideas” to each other. Each group of friends will have a different story, so I will not talk specifically, you will not listen to your ears. I just want to advise you that sometimes you should separate from FA Gamer to find new joy, perfect yourself in a particular way and flirt with a girl that you like. There is no new FA.

Believing in their words, they have misery

If you really have a girlfriend who is miserable, then the gamers are all FA. Agree that when you have a girlfriend, you must spend time with people, loving and pampering people of all kinds. Maybe the time you spend on the game, your friends will be less, the money will no longer be comfortable to recharge, buy games like before but at least you still have a girl to cry, laugh and hold hands I was on my youth journey, leaving beautiful memories that I can remember later. The price you pay is really what you pay for.

So the ones who have boyfriends and girlfriends are all miserable, don’t believe them! And on this issue, I have written a whole article already. Please refer.

Working at the request of girls to play games
“If she doesn’t talk about the game to me, I will make her play the game, when she is addicted to the game and I will talk to the game” – This is a wrong move bro, whatever the hell is wrong but I don’t know why so many people do that and consider themselves intelligent. Depending on whether you seduce success or failure, we will have two main cases that can occur.

Success: She will have an additional hobby and can talk about it with you. It sounds good, but it has no reason she has to fall for you just because of that, then she can talk about games with many other young gamers too => Do it or not. Failure: The hard story is even harder. Take light of outdoor activities

Girls are always fascinated by young people who have a little “sweaty smell” of you. “The smell of sweat” refers to young people who are healthy, full of life, and have a motoring advantage. It is their instinct, just like we often can’t take our eyes off of beautiful girly girls. So some guys who play games indoors every day, afraid of rain or sun are often unnoticed by girls is also understandable.

You can practice playing a certain sport to improve your health, practice playing the instrument to develop the artistic part of yourself. If not, you can find some elegant hobby besides playing games. Just play something to improve yourself physically, then the love story will be easier for you.

Stubborn psychology waiting for love to come

If I did it, I would eat if I could eat. Life is not like the harem anime, where any boy who is sick with fear of girls can get lucky and enjoy fruit all day long. A girl may like you even if you don’t flirt with her, but the problem is that she has to “see” you. If you are not, then you have to diligently go back to the places where the daughter is, look for your goals or opportunities or turn yourself into girls’ opportunities and goals. Although doing that does not guarantee you have a girlfriend, but at least it is better than waiting all day for people to find me and then naturally like me.

Complacent and illusion with a “gamer” lifestyle

Gamers are often faithful (less time to “eat out”), less dissipated (due to the whole game), intelligence and logical thinking (thanks to plowing eSports game) … These are true. correct. We gamers often have the noble qualities of a great boyfriend. But you don’t get complacent, and just because you have the potential to be a good boyfriend doesn’t mean that’s why their daughter has to choose you.

Top 10 wrong thinking makes gamers forever alone | Game Online
The players of FA usually do not perform like this (if possible, they have escaped for a long time)
Top 10 wrong thinking makes gamers forever alone | Game Online
Please accept my FA gamers, most of you look like this!

A harsh reality is that girls who know whether to play games or not are less attracted to typical young gamers (not counting the handsome, rich gamer). Less out and about will lead to poor communication. Less playboy will not have much experience to lead girls, master the game. And the whole day at home glued to the screen for something bogus (in the eyes of girls not playing games) will make gamers look extremely boring.

There are many types of boys out there, and gamers are often one of the least interesting in the eyes of girls. It sounds painful but it’s true, if it’s wrong then the gamers are not so FA so much.

Indulge and try to be content with what you have

Don’t be “I’m fine with being lonely”, it’s annoying, I understand this. During my high school years, I was worried about making money to build the machine, worrying about playing games, trying to study for trying to come in, and finally looking back at my school days, there was nothing to remember. I am still the same, the money I make is still comfortable for me to play with, time is not much but it is still enough for me to play games and pursue my passion, sometimes there is time to go and go. But it’s “cold”, bro. There are confessions that I cannot tell to anyone. There are times when you want to fall back without a shoulder to lean on. And there are also times when happiness is not complete when there is a love of a couple to share. And surely if I were to pay a price to have a girlfriend now, I would be willing to pay a lot.

And I bet many of you FA gamers have the same feelings as me, right?

* Reading up to this point, many doctors think that we must have something like ugly, ungainly, gay … that’s why the FA isn’t it? So please, unashamedly, please let me be quite confident in myself, bro. There used to be a lot of girls who liked me (especially my little sister’s classmates) but because they didn’t fit, they didn’t consider love. Emphasize to say that you are not ashamed of my brothers.

In short, FA players aren’t cool bro! So stop pretending to be satisfied, I know you guys are just trying to suppress pain.

Fasteners – Read articles like this that are done, do not change and take action

The key thing that I want you to get after reading this article is that you can see your wrong thinking (if any) and from there change to improve yourself and exit life. FA. My effort when writing this long article of over 2,000 words will pour the river to the sea if all you read for fun and do not pay attention. So I hope you take this article seriously and turn it into something useful for you. Thank you for reading.

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