Top 10 things that Dragon Ball fans often ‘misunderstand’ even though they are wrong (P.1)

Here are 10 “non-standard” data, but Dragon Ball fans often think it’s right:

10. The sword that Future Trunks uses is received from Tapion

Whoever has seen the movie Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of Dragon knows that Tapion has given Trunks his sword and realized it is quite similar to the sword Future Trunks uses. But on a closer look, this fact is not logical.

First, in the main storyline, there is no character named Tapion, the Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of Dragon movie is an unorthodox movie made by Toei Animation. The second time Trunks received his sword was after Buu Saga, when and how did the Android kill all Z Fighter happen and how did Goku, Vegeta, Gohan all gain the Super Saiyan 2 power?

9. In Dragon Ball there is no concept of death

Top 10 things that Dragon Ball fans often misunderstand even though they are wrong P 1 | Manga/Film

Many of you think that in Dragon Ball, life and death is not a problem right? But the truth is not so? We already know that with the exception of Super Dragon Ball, Earth Dragon and Namek Dragon both cannot revive the old dead, which is mentioned in the story.

In addition, in Dragon Ball, there are many dead characters that cannot be revived as Android 16, the Z warrior group in the future. Even if Trunks didn’t return from the future to give medicine, Goku would surely die of heart disease, at which time no dragon ball could be saved (except for Super Dragon Ball). As for Whis, Frieza’s resurrection was due to the privilege granted by Beerus, so there was definitely no bad revival later. That being said, dying in Dragon Ball is still something terrifying.

8. Bardock is the first Super Saiyan

Top 10 things that Dragon Ball fans often misunderstand even though they are wrong P 1 | Manga/Film

Many fans mistakenly thought that Bardock had been shot to the past after being hit by Frieza. In the past, he transformed Super Saiyan, defeating Chieza, Frieza’s ancestor, causing him to warn his descendants: “Be careful of those who have the ability to turn hair into yellow called Saiyan” through the Dragon movie. Ball Z – Episode about Bardock.

But in fact that movie is just a “non-master” movie made by Toei Animation. In 2014, author Akira Toriyama drew the manga Dragon Ball Minus: The passing of the fateful child. Through this we know that Bardock died after sticking Frieza’s fireball. As for the first Super Saiyan, in an interview in 2017, author Akira Toriyama announced that he was Yamoshi, and that was also the first Super Saiyan God.

7. Ultra Instict has infinite power

Top 10 things that Dragon Ball fans often misunderstand even though they are wrong P 1 | Manga/Film

We must be familiar with the translation of “Infinity Instinct,” referring to the state Goku achieved during the battle with Jiren, right? So does that state have infinite power like a “translation”? Of course NO. Many of you have said this state has infinite power or unbeaten thanks to the translation.

Firstly, Goku Infinity instinct struggled to overwhelm Jiren, sometimes even reverse, so where does the infinite power come from? Second, the word Ultra in “Ultra Instinct” does not mean infinite, even the original name of the state “Migatte no Goku’i” translated as “Self-moving body” does not mention the word infinity. . So saying the power of infinite Ultra Instict is wrong as well as the translation of “Infinity Instinct” is a non-standard translation.

6. Vegito is stronger than Gogeta

Top 10 things that Dragon Ball fans often misunderstand even though they are wrong P 1 | Manga/Film

So far most of us have believed that “Vegito is stronger than Gogeta because the Potara fusion is stronger than Fusion Dance”, but is that true? First, re-reading chapter 501 manga Dragon Ball, the old Kaioshin mentioned that Fusion Dance was not comparable to Potara but did not mention whether Potara was stronger or not.

We have to understand that he refers to Fusion Dance when the body must dance to be successful to succeed, and Potara only needs to wear earrings. Second, at the time of the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the film producers announced that Vegito and Gogeta were equally strong.

Even Weekly Shounen Jump magazine has stated that: “In a quick battle, Gogeta will win against Vegito due to more stability, but with his clever mind, Vegito can last the battle for more than 30 minutes. and win “.

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