Top 10 The reason why you are still single

Love between a man and a woman is always the most beautiful and profound love, in life everyone will find a true lover and go to the end of the road to happiness. However, there are also many people who are single, with them mostly because of the thought that “love has not come” and so on. But why don’t they ask themselves the opposite question, why is that? This article will share with you those problems.


Set your own limits on standards

Most people who are single often set themselves a certain standard about their girlfriend/boyfriend such as shape, height, weight, personality, … sometimes turning you into people. “difficult” in the true sense, even many people look at it as patriarchy, refusing to change their views even though they know it’s wrong. Because simply when you are an adult, you can completely realize that no one is as perfect as an ideal model that you are “dreaming” but you will change your perspective or not.

Open your heart, put aside that unrealistic “standard”, you will feel more interesting things, actively talk, talk more and you will realize many similarities, maybe this love will arise from just such simple things.

Set yourself an unrealistic “standard” and then regret it


Spending too much time on yourself

Loving yourself is a good thing, no one forbids you to do so, but in today’s society if you just focus too much on yourself and don’t care about other relationships, the people around will gradually distance themselves. Because simply, any love must be cultivated from both sides, even if it’s friendship.

You can’t just sit there and take care of yourself forever, love is not a gift wrapped in a beautiful box and sent to you, but it needs to go through the process of learning, sharing and understanding each other. So from now on, connect with your friends often, love yourself, but love the people around you too.

Top 10 The reason why you are still single | TopList
Spending too much time on yourself is also not good


You live too independent

Independence is a good virtue, in modern life being independent is always appreciated by others, you will be much more mature. However, everything should be stopped at a moderate level, but overdoing it is not good, it will backfire, you will be isolated from everyone.

You want to have a lover but can’t accept having to share your own space with her, you’re lonely and you want someone next to you to confide in but you don’t want to be bothered. If so, how can anyone want to be in close contact with you anymore, “distance” will be the biggest enemy that makes you lonely.

Top 10 The reason why you are still single | TopList
Being too independent will make you lose relationships


Uncertainty in thought

Sometimes meeting someone you find suitable, gradually over time between two people can develop feelings, listen to that person talk about future plans, but that is not the same as the orientation. In this situation, you should not “pretend” to agree with that because if you don’t live with your thoughts, there will be disagreements later on, which will only make each other more miserable. So don’t be in a hurry, then you will find someone with the same opinion, just be honest and be true to yourself.

Top 10 The reason why you are still single | TopList
Uncertainty in thought


Afraid of dating

This is no longer a strange thing, the fact shows that many of you are afraid to date, when you meet your girlfriend/boyfriend, you don’t know how to open your mouth, and so on gradually as a habit turns you into a shy person. , did not dare to confess what he thought, invisibly lost many opportunities.

So it’s urgent to somehow overcome this shortcoming if you don’t want to live your life alone, strongly show your love to the person you really appreciate and love, don’t wait until it’s gone. sorry it’s too late.

Top 10 The reason why you are still single | TopList
Be strong show your love


Pain from the past

Every broken love leaves behind pain. From the depths of so many tormented emotions, it’s hard to get up, but you know how, life has to be learned to accept. If holding on to past feelings will only make you more heartbroken and unable to start a new relationship, you will inadvertently lose many other opportunities. Let’s just let everything in the past stay with the memories, consider it as a beautiful memory so that when we remember there is still a little lingering, get up and move on, open our hearts to start a new journey – where the heart is open. door.

Top 10 The reason why you are still single | TopList
Know how to let go of the pain of the past


Didn’t ask the right question

When you meet someone is a good opportunity to learn and determine if there are similarities between the two or not, but asking the right questions in such cases is essential. must ask how to both show respect, create comfort and show the other person serious in this meeting, such as being able to ask about hobbies, occupations, habits, memorable memories, or questions about family,… Through the conversation, two people will be more open to understand each other better, anyone will like the other person who knows “specialist games” – ie. Ask smart, moderate questions that aren’t too personal on sensitive issues.

Top 10 The reason why you are still single | TopList
Let’s create a comfortable atmosphere for the conversation


Unrequited love

This is true for most people, you understand that you can’t force people who don’t like you to love you and vice versa, because of course human emotions can’t be forced. This situation happens many times, you need to rethink the approach and model that you “force” yourself to follow, simply as you are actively approaching people you consider “suitable” for you but actually do not define what is worthy or unworthy, trying to make yourself change to suit that person and then the results will not change anything, only make you more disappointed. So instead of wasting time on those people, go find yourself a more suitable object.

Top 10 The reason why you are still single | TopList
Find the right person for you, don’t chase after what doesn’t belong to you



“Jiangshan is easy to change, and hard to move” This statement is not wrong, for those with patriarchal nature, it is even more difficult to change, but you should determine in your mind that assuming you put your position in the opposite person, Is your behavior acceptable or not? Love – family based on mutual respect and equality, no one has the right to offend or impose on the other. While you can, make up your mind to change so that happiness will last for a long time.

Top 10 The reason why you are still single | TopList
No one has the right to offend others, change while you can


Blind jealousy

Long-lasting love needs to be based on respect, trust and understanding for each other, there is no room for doubt. Everyone has their own relationships, friends, colleagues, … sometimes need to go to exchange, meet and talk to each other, exchange problems at work, in life or any other something to feel comfortable with. So please respect that, let’s give each other space, don’t be blindly jealous and then eventually lose each other and then regret it, it’s too late.

Top 10 The reason why you are still single | TopList
Don’t be blindly jealous
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