Top 10 The most trusted milk-boosting pill today

For mothers who have little milk, lose milk, and have to add extra milk, medicines or dairy products are a lifesaver. However, many mothers are confused when on the market today there are too many methods of milk benefits from folk to modern for mothers to choose. If you don’t have any advice but only find drugs or dairy products through search keywords, you will surely get lost in a “maze of battle” with enough brands with flowery advertisements, Which is “helps mother more milk”, “enhances nutrients in milk” or “promotes baby’s growth”… In order to no longer be confused and hesitant when choosing a good lactation product, Let’s read the following article of Toplist to find out the best quality milk pills that are most trusted today.


Natures Aid Fenugreek Milk Tablets 500mg

Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for the development of infants and young children” – This is a saying that is so familiar to us. Science has proven that babies from under 6 months of age only need to be exclusively breastfed without any other food. Children between 1-2 years old still need to supplement with breast milk for the most comprehensive development. Everyone knows the importance of breast milk for the baby’s development, however, a very common situation today is that many mothers do not produce enough milk for their children, leading to a situation where the baby is hungry and not enough. nutrients, illness, poor immunity. Folks have known to supplement dairy foods such as papaya, moringa leaves, figs, … but if all of them are still ineffective, then

Natures Aid Fenugreek Milk Tablets 500mg

is really necessary for you. This is a line of milk-boosting functional foods that is trusted by many mothers and has good results.


  • Fenugreek Extract – has been studied to safely stimulate breast milk production from within.

    Natures Aid Fenugreek Milk Tablets 500mg

    is a functional food made from 100% fenugreek that stimulates the mother’s milk production, thereby ensuring a nutritional source for the baby’s comprehensive development in the most important period of life. Products are highly appreciated and popularly used in many countries around the world.

  • Natures Aid Fenugreek Milk Tablets 500mg

    Researched by experts on the scientific basis of fenugreek, it is effective in stimulating lactation, helping your baby to be fully provided with valuable nutrients from breast milk.

  • Products extracted from 100% natural herbs, do not contain harmful chemicals, clean raw materials under modern rigorous testing process.

    Fenugreek lactation 500mg

    Does not contain sugar, salt, sweeteners, flavorings,…

  • Products are not of animal origin, suitable for vegetarians.
  • Natures Aid Fenugreek Milk Supplement

    is a product of a reputable British dietary supplement company, so you can be assured of its quality. This product has also been reviewed very positively on major forums and websites.


  • Stimulates milk secretion in lactating mothers.
  • Fortified milk – the most important natural source of nutrients for the comprehensive development of the baby.
  • Increases breast size and has an effect on estrogen and prolacin production for breast development.
  • Besides,

    Natures Aid Fenugreek Milk Tablets 500mg

    It also works in enhancing female physiology, stimulating vaginal lubrication and improving blood circulation, sexual arousal.

User manual:

  • Take 3 pills a day
  • Should stop using when you feel milk flowing on the breast and milk flow in a stream, the amount of milk is enough for the baby to suckle. When you see less milk, you have to use it again.

Order link:

Natures Aid Fenugreek 500mg lactation tablets, box of 90 tablets
Top 10 The most trusted milk boosting pill today | TopList
Natures Aid Fenugreek Milk Tablets 500mg


Call Milk Loi Call Milk

Call Milk is the most popular milk supplement today. The product has been trusted by more than 800,000+ mothers during the past time.

Call Milk benefits

is a product manufactured by Medistar Vietnam Company on modern production lines and GMP standards with product registration number: 7592/2020/DKSP. During the production process, input materials are always strictly controlled and standardized. 100% of raw materials must be sampled and tested before being stored in accordance with the prescribed quality standards. Only raw materials that have met the standards can be stored and put into production.

With qualified raw materials, produced on modern equipment lines, meeting international standards and standards of the Ministry of Health, Loi Sua Call Milk deserves to be the number 1 choice of mothers.

Natural ingredients, including precious medicinal herbs such as: Cao Cheong, Cao Thien Mon beam, Cao Huong sub, Dandelion Cao, Cao Hoai Son, Cao Thong Thao, …. Has the effect of “good milk”, increases milk secretion, limits the risk of lactation, and at the same time restores health after birth

  • Green tea:

    Bitter taste, cool, clear heat, detoxify, cool the liver and stimulate good sleep. Drinking tea will help mothers benefit milk, support weight loss after birth.

  • Celestial beam:

    It has been used for a long time in traditional Indian medicine for the purpose of breast milk for postpartum women. In Thien Men cluster, there are active ingredients Shatavarin I, IV belonging to the group of Saponin Steroids, which strongly promote the secretion of Prolactin in postpartum women, combined with frequent breastfeeding will increase Prolactin levels, helping maintain a steady supply of breast milk.

  • Dandelion:

    It has a sweet, slightly bitter taste, which helps to improve the lack of milk in nursing mothers, to make milk more abundant, and to limit the occurrence of blocked milk glands of mothers after giving birth.

  • Hoai Son:

    It has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, helping the mother to eat well, absorb well, help convert energy from the mother’s body into milk, helping to make the milk richer, denser, thicker, and increase the quality of milk.

Benefits of call milk:

Supports milk benefits, increases milk secretion, helps limit the risk of lactation.

Subjects using call milk benefits:

Postpartum women have not returned milk; lactating women lose milk, less milk.

How to use

  • Day 4 tablets: Take 2 capsules in the evening before meals and 2 capsules in the evening before going to bed.

  • Women giving birth vaginally: Use immediately after giving birth and during lactation.
  • Women giving birth by cesarean: Use 2 days after surgery and during breastfeeding.
  • Not dieting, can use western medicine if the mother is taking western medicine.


This food is not a medicine, it is not a substitute for medicine. Do not use for people with hypersensitivity to any ingredient of the product.


Keep in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.


349,000 VND/box of 60 tablets used for 15 days. This is a product that has received good reviews and reviews from postpartum mothers since its launch until now.

Made by:



Lot 38-2, Quang Minh Industrial Park, Me Linh District, Hanoi.


0968 888 655


Top 10 The most trusted milk boosting pill today | TopList
Call Milk Loi Call Milk
Top 10 The most trusted milk boosting pill today | TopList
Call Milk Loi Call Milk


Mabio lactation tablets

According to WHO recommendations, infants should be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of life and continue to breastfeed alternately until 24 months of age or beyond. Responding to WHO recommendations, while understanding the fact that many mothers do not have enough milk to breastfeed, many supportive lactation products have been born, including:

Mabio lactation tablets


Mabio lactation tablets

is a product of Tue Minh Technology Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company, produced at USAPHA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd – one of the enterprises that owns a production line that meets Good Manufacturing Practice standards as recommended by the FDA. World Health Organization (GMP-WHO).

Mabio lactation tablets

has been certified by the Ministry of Health to announce compliance with food safety regulations, No. 22862/2017/ATTP-XNCB.

Mabio lactation tablets have safe and benign herbal ingredients that are precious medicines with 100% Vietnamese herbs to help increase absorption and metabolism of nutrients from the mother’s body into milk. Therefore, Mabio helps to improve the quantity and quality of breast milk. Mabio lactation tablets also help unclog milk ducts, helping pregnant women recover after giving birth. The product has been deeply researched and made into a tablet product, convenient to use, in the right amount to use, thereby bringing high efficiency and safety to users. Especially: the product is made from 100% clean and safe ingredients in the raw material area of ​​Vietnam, bringing the best quality to serve the health of Vietnamese people.


  • High tea: bitter taste, cool, often used to cook water to clear heat, detoxify, prevent boils, and stimulate sleep. Particularly for women after giving birth, white tea also helps milk, supports weight loss after birth, increases uterine contractions to push fluid out, and stabilizes blood pressure.
  • Sample high benefits: Bitter taste, coolness. Postpartum women using the model can increase uterine contractions, push out fluid, regulate menstruation, support wound healing, reduce the rate of early pregnancy right after giving birth, and reduce stress effectively.
  • High incense side: spicy, slightly bitter, neutral, soothing the cervix, regulating menstruation, female hormones, relieving postpartum pain, good for the heart, cooling, sedating, stress relief.
  • High altitude aircraft: Slightly spicy taste, a bit bitter, warm nature. In folk and oriental medicine, bay tree is still used a lot for postpartum women to stop bleeding, fight inflammation, relieve pain, antibacterial, eat and sleep well. This plant isn’t particularly beneficial for milk, but it may indirectly do so through its health benefits.
  • Cao Bach sea animal: Bitter, average, non-toxic. Seaweed is rich in vitamin C, so it has good anti-inflammatory, helps to beautify the skin, detoxifies, cools the liver, eats and sleeps well, supports vaginal inflammation, postpartum weight loss, laxative, prevents and inhibits cell growth cancer.


  • Helps improve the quality & quantity of breast milk.
  • Help pregnant women recover after giving birth.
  • Helps to unclog milk ducts.

User manual


  • Drink 2 times a day before dinner and before going to bed, 2 tablets / time (2 times taken at least 4 hours apart).
  • Women giving birth naturally: use immediately after giving birth and during lactation.
  • Women giving birth by cesarean section: 2 days after surgery and during lactation.
  • Do not have to abstain from food, can be used with western medicine if the pregnant woman is…


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