Top 10 The best Vietnamese poem of the 20th century

Poems in the 20th century bring a lot of deep emotions, captivate people’s hearts, it is the perfect combination of great Vietnamese poets, many genres of poetry were born. a colorful cultural picture of the S-shaped strip of land, where we live every day. Let’s take a look at some of the poems that are considered the best poems of the 20th century!


Mother and Fruit

The seasons my mother picked

I still look to my mother’s hands to cultivate

The seasons when the fruit goes down and then grows again

Like the sun, sometimes like the moon.

We grew up from our mother’s hands

As for the squash and gourds, they grow

They look like salty sweat drops

Dropped into the silence of my mother.

And we, a fruit in the world

Seventy years old mother waiting to be picked

I panic the day my mother’s hand is tired

I still have a young green fruit?


Nguyen Khoa Diem

Mother’s fruit season


Sang Thu

Suddenly realized the scent of guava

Throw in the wind

The fog drifts through the alley

Thu seemed to have about

River is at ease

Birds start to hurry

There are summer clouds

Squeeze your half to fall

How much sun is still left

The rain has subsided

Thunder is also less surprising

On older trees.


Huu Thinh

Top 10 The best Vietnamese poem of the 20th century | TopList
Autumn of nature



Who comes to visit our motherland?

This afternoon, there is a distant child who secretly misses…

Bruise, is it cold or bruised!

Pigs and pigs in the mountains, in deep drizzle

Bruised in the field of transplanted bruises

Feet wading in the mud, hands transplanting young seedlings

Young seedlings bruised a few pieces

Bruised intestines hurt me a few times.

Drizzle wet clothes

How many raindrops, how much bruises!

Dammit, early afternoon

I love you, don’t worry too much, listen!

I went to hundreds of mountains and thousands of slots

Not equal to the pain of numbing heart

I went to war for ten years

Not equal to the hard work of a sixty year old life.

I went to the front lines far away

Love and patriotism, both gentle mothers.

Remember to love me, rest assured

My bruises, Mother of the National Guard.

I go far as well as near

Brothers and sisters gathered around are children.

I love you, love you always comrade

Dear children, dear brothers.

Dammit, the intestines are soft

There are children and mothers, and there are more compatriots

I take every arduous step

Far bruised but how many bruises!

How kind-hearted grandmothers like mothers

Love you like you gave birth to a child.

Give me a shirt and a gift

Give my firewood to heat, let my house rest.

You go, you’ve grown up

Just love bruises at home and miss you!

Miss you, bruise don’t be sad

The battle is over, I’m bruised again early in the day.

Gray-haired old mother

This afternoon, I’m sure to hear your voice…


To Huu

Top 10 The best Vietnamese poem of the 20th century | TopList
Farmer’s mother


When I’m sober

When I call the herd

The apricot rice is ripening and the fruit is gradually sweeter

The garden is shady with the sound of cicadas

Yellow corn kernels full of peach sun

The wider the blue sky, the higher it is

A pair of flute kites acrobatic…

I hear summer waking up in my heart

But the foot wants to break the room, summer.

How stupid, just dying

The howling bird outside keeps calling!


To Huu

Top 10 The best Vietnamese poem of the 20th century | TopList
Tu how to call the flock



When will you come visit?

My hometown was once on fire

The Central region is thin and sharp as bamboo

Processed his intestines to become Song Lam silk

The bare back is dark
The jagged Truong Son vertebrae spread the curtain
Take a look at the mountain invaders blasphemy guns
Children are thrown like shrapnel
Loving my mother alone was born orphaned

How many generations of mountains and pools side by side
Oh! East Sea – tears of thousands of generations
Hot as if just rolled down
According to the headless stone statues of the majestic Truong Son

Lying on the side
In the sun and in the sand
Even the verse is also screened twice
Why is it still bothering me all year round

When will you come visit?
The land is so poor that I can’t fall
The girl’s rice is thin and red
Only the stormy wind is as lush as the grass
No one delivered but white face

This isthmus is tied to the bottom of a bee’s waist
For human love
I try to come back
Do not let the old mother expect.


Hoang Tran Cuong

Top 10 The best Vietnamese poem of the 20th century | TopList
Dear Central


Calligraphy master

Each year the flowers peach blossom

That his old toys

Paper presented red ink

Inside a crowded street over

How many tenants wrote

User praise switch plates

Hand sketched flowers

As phoenix dragon dance

But every year, every absence

Where the tenant write this

Red paper petal sad

Research toner left in grief

He sat there map

Passers nobody or

Leaves fall on the paper

It’s raining and dusty outside

Peach bloom again this year

Not seeing his old toys

Long live old people

Where soul now?


Vu Dinh Lien

Top 10 The best Vietnamese poem of the 20th century | TopList
Mr. map for letters


Sing yourself

No wonder I wish it was gold

My heart, you used to know

You are a person who despises wealth

So if you need it, sell it right away.

I also don’t expect it to be like the sun

Because it will turn off when the evening shadows fall

Only you again with the long silent night

But my heart is far from your heart.

I’m back in the true sense of the heart

Know how to revive dead red blood cells,

Know how to get back what was lost,

Know how to close the distance of love and trust.

I’m back to my true heart

Know what you want

Know how to be touched through many perceptions

Know I love you and know I love you.

Why is there a lot of rain this autumn

The ship’s windows don’t close

The moorland and the dark great thousand

I am lost in the depths of your forest.

I’m worried about my way ahead

Heart pounding can not speak

Heart pounding with hunger

What flame glimmers in the loneliness.

I’m back to my true heart

As flesh and blood, who does not have in everyday life?

Also stop beating when life is no more

But know I love you even when you’re gone.


Xuan Quynh

Top 10 The best Vietnamese poem of the 20th century | TopList
Believe, love and little heart


Rice visit

The sun is shining brighter

Ripe rice is more golden

The dew hangs on the wind

The dew glittered even more.

Soaring to the blue sky

The tall larch sings together

The sound of birds sounds holy

Echoing across the field

Stand up against me

I feel excited

Because I remember

An early morning

He volunteered to leave

The tall larch sings together

The rice is also dark

I send you on the road

The rattan bag you carry

I am underarms with sticky rice

Rice holds you off your shoes

He quickly bowed

Crossing the field cut off

Come to the shore, he said

“My field forgot to plow

So the rice ripens unevenly

Remember to save for next season

Try to do well”

Listen to the song in the distance

I feel a rush in my heart

Coming to a crowded place

You told me to look back

Orange three times to the left

Grapefruit flowers three times

He walked out

From the first day of defense

Step through the resistance period

Did you send a message about

Holding the letter you love

My stomach flutters

I’m having a winning season

My rice is also ripe

Good rice bro

Competition I snatched

Spread your hand and burn it

It’s also four years

Everyone says don’t expect

As for me, I still remember

The first banana in the garden has been holed

The cam at the entrance is already yellow

I miss the field, I miss the garden

Can’t remember you

Next season next season

I carry a hoe to visit the field

Heavy grain sorghum

Feeling happy inside

I look forward to the day of victory.


Tran Huu Thung

Top 10 The best Vietnamese poem of the 20th century | TopList
Remember the rice season in my hometown


Miss my hometown Hue

Mountains and rivers extend to mountains and rivers

Does the stork fly straight to the field?

Some people say Hue is far, far away

But my hometown Hue is in the heart.

Eleven years of bringing Hue with me

High pass, the sun turns off the shadow

The voice of the roof pushes the clouds and mountains

The cool man of the Perfume River surfs the top of the pass

I met many people from far away from Hue

Late night lights stay up and go crazy

Open the way to liberation back to the motherland

Building all over the mountains and rivers, the shadow of the neighborhood

How many Hue people don’t come back?

Sending stones along the forest to copy victories

There are martyrs’ graves lifting the ground.

Sailing to break Tam Giang, the wind blows the cage.

Loaded with hundreds of years of shadow of the ancient citadel

How many times has red blood dyed green copper?

Why was that day sad and forbidden?

The river is stirring and the mountains are turning

How much is collected, collected through

Hue I deeply miss you far away

Every time the phoenix blooms, it vibrates red

The more you urge the soup, the more the chicken sounds.



Top 10 The best Vietnamese poem of the 20th century | TopList
Hue of loves


This is Vi Da village

Why don’t you go back to Vi village?

New row sun sunny scowling look up.

Whose garden is so green as jade

Horizontal bamboo leaf cover complete typeface.

The wind follows the wind, the clouds follow the clouds,

The water is sad, the cornflowers are swaying…

Whose boat docked in the Moon River,

Keep carrying moon tonight?

Mo Guest distance, long distance guests

My shirt is too white to see…

The fog is foggy here

Anyone who knows the bold?


Han Mac Tu

Top 10 The best Vietnamese poem of the 20th century | TopList
Love is rich
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