TOP 10 specialty dishes in Nam Dinh you must try

Nam Dinh is a land rich in cultural identity with many unique traditional festivals. Besides, the dishes here also leave a deep impression and cause nostalgia, especially for domestic and foreign tourists, as well as children far from home.

And here are the TOP 10 specialty dishes in Nam Dinh for you to refer to and better understand about Nam Dinh cuisine.

#first. FULL

in b

o Nam


Speaking of Nam Dinh cuisine, we cannot help but mention Nam Dinh beef noodle soup.

Because this beef noodle soup has been brought to many other provinces and cities across the country, but perhaps only when enjoying beef pho here can people feel the full taste of this dish.

The ingredients for making this Nam Dinh beef noodle soup are not too complicated. First of all, there must be beef bones, beef, onions, coriander, green onions, cinnamon, anise, cardamom, salt, pepper, fish sauce, pepper and of course, indispensable noodle soup.

For pho, the broth is the most important, it determines a lot of the taste and attractiveness of pho.

So is Nam Dinh beef noodle soup, beef bones after being processed and cleaned will be simmered for 4-5 hours to get fresh water. At the same time, cinnamon, anise, onion, cardamom are fragrantly grilled and put into the simmering bone pot, adding salt, seasoning, and fish sauce in the appropriate proportions to create a typical attractive broth.

The beef is thinly sliced ​​and boiled in boiling water, and so is the noodle soup, which is also boiled in boiling water.

The last step before having a delicious and attractive Nam Dinh beef noodle soup is to arrange noodles, beef in a bowl and pour broth into the bowl, green onions, coriander, pepper are the last ingredients added. .

When eating, you can squeeze a little more lemon to make beef noodle soup more attractive. Nam Dinh beef noodle soup is rich in flavor, chewy noodle soup, combined with a very specific broth to create a truly excellent taste. You have to directly enjoy it to feel the full taste of this Nam Dinh beef noodle soup.



ah Thi

TOP 10 specialty dishes in Nam Dinh you must try | Culinary

Ba Thi gai cake is a traditional cake of Nam Dinh, very suitable to buy as gifts for friends and relatives when having the opportunity to come to Nam Dinh.

The ingredients for making gai cake are very familiar things: hemp leaves, glutinous rice flour, yellow sugar, green beans, lard, lotus seeds, copra, sesame, dried fenugreek leaves and jute or sedge to tie the cake.

Hemp leaves are washed, dried, stripped of veins and ground into powder and stewed or simmered for about 3-5 hours. Hemp flour is then kneaded with melted sugar and pounded to create a smooth and flexible dough.

The filling of the cake is steamed green beans, mixed with finely chopped boiled pork fat, lotus seeds, and copra. The cake is wrapped in dried banana leaves and steamed for about 30 to 40 minutes.

When eating, you will clearly feel the flavor of banana leaves blended into the traditional fragrant sticky rice cake, bringing a feeling of unforgettable and nostalgia for those who have enjoyed it. Find yourself a chance to enjoy this cake of Mrs. Thi, you won’t be disappointed 😀

#3. KY



TOP 10 specialty dishes in Nam Dinh you must try | Culinary

Like gai cake, sweet candy is also a suitable gift to bring back to friends and relatives when tourists return from Nam Dinh.

Nam Dinh ham is made from simple ingredients: sugar, malt, peanuts, vanilla. The ingredients are so simple, but the way to do it is not very simple, it requires both the health and ingenuity of the baker.

Malt and sugar are simmered until they reach a certain consistency that only the experience of the craftsman knows.

The candy block is spread thin and then put the peanut kernel that has been kneaded with sugar, malt, vanilla in the middle and rolled. Next is an important stage that requires ingenuity, which is the stage of drawing candy.

The worker must draw the candy so that the filling is even and the shell is not broken and finally cut the candy bevel and roll it through a layer of white flour.

This dish with simple ingredients but elaborately processed has great appeal, crispy, sweet outer shell with peanut fleshy, greasy, fragrant filling. It’s a pity to come to Nam Dinh without trying candied sausages.





TOP 10 specialty dishes in Nam Dinh you must try | Culinary

The origin of banh xiu pao is from Chinese cuisine with the filling part of the dumpling and the shell having the same color as the pia cake, creating its own unique feature.

Xiu Pao is made from flour, cornstarch, vegetable oil, gac oil, fine sifted sugar, fine salt, chicken eggs, pork loin, garlic, dried onion, oyster sauce, honey, five flavors, and pepper.

The outer part of the cake is made by mixing water with cooking oil, then adding a mixture of flour, cornstarch, sugar, salt and kneading by hand and then incubating the dough for 30 to 60 minutes.

The inner shell is the cornstarch, the flour is added to the cooking oil and mixed well. The remaining ingredients, after being preliminarily processed, will be mixed together, add a little vegetable oil and stir-fry for a while. The last step is to make the cake and bake it.

After baking, the crust is crispy, has an eye-catching golden color, the filling has a blend of flavors and flavors of many ingredients to make the cake extremely attractive and fragrant. Come to Nam Dinh, don’t miss this cake.

#5. Spring rolls

New Year’s Eve


TOP 10 specialty dishes in Nam Dinh you must try | Culinary

Another specialty of Nam Dinh that is also widely known is Giao Thuy spring rolls. To make this famous delicious spring rolls, the people who make spring rolls must be skillful and meticulous at each stage of making spring rolls.

Ingredients for making spring rolls include: Pork, pork skin, garlic, fish sauce, rice ear, monosodium glutamate, figs, clove leaves, and lemon leaves.

After preliminary processing of ingredients, pork, pork skin is put in a large bowl with fish sauce, monosodium glutamate, minced garlic and squeezed well, then hearing, sliced ​​lemon leaves are added to squeeze together. until the hearing sticks to the meat..

The step of squeezing spring rolls requires not only the strength of your hands, but also experience to produce the most perfect spring rolls. Finally, roll the spring rolls into a ball and put it on a plate with fig leaves and cloves at the bottom.

When eaten, spring rolls are rolled in fig leaves, clove leaves and then dipped with fish sauce. The rich flavor of fish sauce, the flesh of hearing, the sweetness of meat, the spiciness of chili and garlic, mixed with a bit of acrid taste of fig leaves and clove leaves create a famous specialty dish near and far.

Just talking about it makes me feel hungry, making more cans of beer is really ecstatic ^^

#6. X

oh x


TOP 10 specialty dishes in Nam Dinh you must try | Culinary

Sticky rice is also known as char siu, because sticky rice is served with char siu meat. This specialty has long been a famous dish of Nam Dinh.

Some people make sticky rice with sauce, some people don’t make sauce. In this article, I will introduce to you about char siu with sauce.

After preliminary processing, the meat will be marinated with spices and rimmed in high heat until boiling, then turn down the heat and simmer for about 20 minutes to make the sauce thick.

The sticky rice is steamed as usual. The meat rim sauce is boiled after mixing with tapioca starch, water, cooking oil, minced garlic, scallions, oyster sauce, and soy sauce.

All mixed into one, giving a very typical broth of char siu, making the delicious and attractive flavor of this dish.

Fragrant sticky rice, served with juicy char siu meat, attractive sauce has left diners a deep impression and made the name of this dish.






TOP 10 specialty dishes in Nam Dinh you must try | Culinary

“Vinh Truong broom, Kenh roll cake, Tuc Mac sauce, Thuong Loi water spinach” is a famous saying about Thanh Nam specialties, which has partly confirmed the attractiveness of Kenh village’s banh cuon.

A special feature of Banh cuon in Kenh village, different from other types of rolls in other places, is that it is milled by manual stone mill instead of by machine as many places still do today.

Thanks to the grinding of the flour with a stone mill, the powder is smooth and free of lumps. The process of coating the cake needs the patience, agility and precision of the baker.

After each layer of cake is coated, the baker quickly sprinkles a layer of fragrant fried onions that are very eye-catching. When eating, it can be served with spring rolls, herbs and fish sauce, not too salty.

Banh cuon in Kenh village is simple but also quite miraculous, the delicious taste is not controversial. Eat once, you will want to have the next time, because I believe you will not be able to resist the appeal of this dish.

#8. Only


TOP 10 specialty dishes in Nam Dinh you must try | Culinary

Referring to the rustic specialties in Nam Dinh, it is impossible not to mention Che Kho. The name brings curiosity to diners, and the form is also different. It’s called tea but it’s not liquid, it’s dry like a piece of cake.

Braised tea is not fussy, does not require many ingredients, but simply consists of green beans and sugar. The green beans, after being roasted, are ground into a fine powder, mixed with sugar water and simmered.

Cook until the tea reaches a smooth golden consistency, with a faint scent of green beans. The dish looks very simple, right? Braised tea is fragrant, cool and refreshing, well worth a try and can be easily made at home.

#9. KY

I’m sorry


au (peanut candy)

TOP 10 specialty dishes in Nam Dinh you must try | Culinary

Si Chau candy, also known as peanut candy, many visitors to Nam Dinh are impressed by these delicious candy bars.

Si Chau candies are made from familiar ingredients such as peanuts, sugar, malt, glutinous rice flour, white sesame. Peanuts and sesame are both roasted until fragrant. The sugar is melted, stirring until it turns a clear golden color, then add the malt and stir well.

Then quickly put out on a tray with a layer of glutinous flour sprinkled on the bottom to help prevent sticking, then sprinkle another layer of sesame and cut it into the appropriate shape.

Eating a piece of Si Chau candy, sipping a cup of tea is wonderful. Sweet, fleshy candy along with a bit of bitterness and astringency of the tea creates an indescribable delicious taste, very attractive.

#ten. REMOVE





TOP 10 specialty dishes in Nam Dinh you must try | Culinary

Hai Hau longan cake has long been considered a specialty in Nam Dinh. Just taste it once, you will remember its delicious taste forever. This cake will be a great suggestion for tourists to buy as gifts for friends and relatives.

The cake dough is made from glutinous rice flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, egg yolk mixed together and kneaded well. The dough is divided into small pieces, forming a small round ball with the tip of your finger.

After washing, the cake flour mixture is deep fried in oil until the cake turns light yellow and floats to the surface of the oil. Finally, cover the cake with a layer of sugar and you can enjoy it.

Longan cake is crispy, lightly sweet, the taste left on the tip of the tongue after eating is very difficult to describe. Once you eat it, you can hardly forget the taste it brings. If you have the opportunity to come to Nam Dinh, don’t forget to buy yourself a bag of this attractive longan cake.




Above are the TOP 10 specialty dishes in Nam Dinh that I have compiled. Hopefully these dishes will be useful suggestions for you when coming to Nam Dinh, not only to enjoy eating but also to enjoy this life. Have a nice day (>‿♥)



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