Top 10 most dangerous, deadly attacks of Dragon Ball series (Part 2)

In the world Dragon Ball, each character possesses unique and special techniques. So according to you tactics, what is the most dangerous and destructive force. The following is a ranking of the top 10 attacks considered to be the most damaging or destructive in the world of Dragon Ball.

Note: The article is subjective, not based on official sources. Certain offensive moves that rely on an opponent’s internal strength such as Kamehameha will not be listed.

5. Saibaman, Chiaotzu, Cell Semi-Perfect and Majin Vegeta suicide attacks

First introduced in the manga Dragon Ball chap 215, this is one of the dangerous possibilities because it not only has the ability to take the opponent’s life but it also takes the user’s life. Because it will drain all the energy in the user, to create an explosion if he intended to kill himself. The first victim was the “One” Yamcha, who died after being caught in the blast of a Saibaman.

The next person to use this attack was Chiaotzu, who killed himself in the hope of dragging Nappa to death, but unfortunately he didn’t get a scratch. Next is Cell Semi-Perfect, he uses suicide to pull all the people on Earth to die with him. And Goku sacrificed himself, teleporting him to Master Kaio “to kill” (good student).

The last person to die by this attack was Majin Vegeta, who used all the energy he had to create a huge explosion, stopping the body of Majin Buu. Unfortunately, due to his ability to recreate Buu remains unharmed.

Top 10 most dangerous deadly attacks of Dragon Ball series Part 2 | Manga/Film

Top 10 most dangerous deadly attacks of Dragon Ball series Part 2 | Manga/Film

4. Kikoho

First appearing in chapter 133, Kikoho is an extremely powerful offensive move, thought to be even stronger than the legendary Kamehamen. Not only strong, Kikoho also draws a lot of user energy, if used carelessly will be dangerous to life, Tien Shinhan in the battle with Nappa has exhausted energy to shoot a powerful kikoho shot, and he sacrificed his life. But it only managed to break his armor.

Afterwards, Tien Shinhan improved his technique to Shin Dan Kuroto and beat Shin Kikoho. Basically it is no different from Kikoho other than being able to shoot multiple shots and be extremely powerful buff damage (into a bug). Though weaker than a Super Saiyan, his Shin Kikoho is able to repel Cell Semi-Perfect, making him unable to resist. And of course, Tien was also dying after that.

Top 10 most dangerous deadly attacks of Dragon Ball series Part 2 | Manga/Film

3. Genki Dama

First appearing in Dragon Ball chapter 212, Genki Dama is a technique that allows users to borrow energy from the surroundings such as animals, plants, people, stars, even the dead, … The technique has a trait, the more it can borrow, the stronger it can even surpass the user. This is the danger of this technique.

If the Genki Dama user borrows too much power but does not have enough power to push the shuttle to defeat the opponent in the event of an opponent counterattacking, then the user is the one who must take the hit. Goku would have had to take back the Genki Dama that borrowed power from all the people of the Earth, if he had not been physically restored by Namek Dragon.

But avoiding the melon shell to meet the coconut shell, Goku when using the Genki Dama orb borrowed the power of 7 cosmic warriors 7 to fight Jiren, was unable to push the shuttle towards Jiren, so the shuttle was pushed back. and he got caught up in the whole explosion of Genki Dama. That said, too strong is not good

Top 10 most dangerous deadly attacks of Dragon Ball series Part 2 | Manga/Film

2. Time Skip

First appearing in the anime Dragon Ball Super ep 35, the technique used by the legendary Hit Assassin when he prevented Frost from stealing the cube – a reward for the winner of the tournament. This is the only move on the list that does not deal damage, but it helps users, especially strong warriors, create a huge advantage compared to the enemy.

Time Skip makes it possible for users to “leapfrog” to the future for a short time and reserve that time, initially at 0.1s. Later, Hit upgraded the skill to 0.2, 0.5 seconds even to the point that it could freeze the opponent’s movement (Time Freeze). Time Skip is a formidable move, even though Goku watched the battle between Vegeta vs Hit, even grasping the mechanics of the technique that was teased by King Milky Way and Jaco, but he still struggled when confronted. with Hit. Even using Kaioken x10 but still not winning.

In the Tournament of Power, despite knowing the reputation of Hit, observing how Hit fights, Jiren is still surpassed by Time Skip. Not only that, but another advantage of Time Skip is that it does not need to be used to perform like most other moves. A variant of Time Skip is Tides of Time, Hit uses the time skip to create another dimension (Parallel World) to be able to move or put the attack (Flash Fist Crush) into it. .

Top 10 most dangerous deadly attacks of Dragon Ball series Part 2 | Manga/Film

1. Zeno’s all-destruction technique

And in the top 1 position is the cosmic blow of Zeno-sama. First appearing in Dragon Ball Super ep 67, helpless before an immortal Zamas trying to become one with the universe, Goku used the button to summon Zeno to. After witnessing the devastating scene in Trunks’ timeline, he took out the entire universe.

And the only victim not only has the Trunks timeline, at the Tournament of Power, the lost universes were completely obliterated by Zeno without missing anything, causing fear to the warriors before the power. His, causing them to fight seriously to save the life of the universe.

Top 10 most dangerous deadly attacks of Dragon Ball series Part 2 | Manga/Film

Above are the top 10 most dangerous and destructive tactics in Dragon Ball. In your opinion, is there any skill that deserves this top 10 more? Please leave a comment!

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