Top 10 most classic rascals of PC players

Here are the 10 most classic rascals of PC players, if you find any missing, howling additionally.

Turn on the power switch

One of the most classic idiot games for PC players is definitely the one. Its purpose is to make the power supply compatible with various civil power grids. For example in Vietnam it is 220V, in the US it is 120V. A power supply with a voltage switch that switches between these two voltages will be available for sale in both Vietnam and the US, that’s the case. No matter what voltage is applied to the grid. And if you guys want to hang up, you’ll see smoke anyway.

Remember when I was in grade 7, I had a super classic fool, that was when I turned on this switch when the machine was running. So it exploded into a giant boom and then immediately a white smoke rose, swept away the source and its main unit. So you should remember if you do not know what you are doing, do not touch the button.

Touch Intel socket

It sounds strange but actually it is (like me). New PC players are almost the same, buy a lot of components (especially new components first and feel, feel good to breathe and then assemble the device. But touch what you touch, avoid the pile the socket pins on the Intel mainboard, guys.

This is my problem, at that time I bought the Asus ROG STRIX B360-H GAMING, can also be considered as the top of the B360 crowd, at that time I did not understand the life as opposed to my brothers, found a lot of happy socket legs, So touch. The result is that in a moment of carelessness I bent about a dozen legs. Half an hour later became one of the most stressful times of my life trying to refine these legs. Fortunately, it does not leave “sequelae”, but “aftershocks” after that, it is still clearly printed in my little heart, bro.

If you remove the toilet, I would recommend not touching these socket pins, dusting, leaving the CPU on it, do not use compressed air spray, paint brush or anything. These socket pins are out, otherwise you’ll have to regret not listening to me.

Unplug the front panel and do not know how to plug it back

Plugging the front panel is one of the biggest obsessions of PC gamers. I find many people are quite funny. When cleaning the machine, then completely pulled out, then when reinstalled, looked at the pile of wires and did not know how to plug. So must carry the entire case to the store for people to plug back.

Top 10 most classic rascals of PC players | PC/Console

The advice here is that if you do not know how to plug this cord, just stick the tape together to attach the ends of the wires together, pull out the whole cluster and then reinsert the whole cluster for ease. I didn’t know how to use this method all the time and always succeeded.

Uninstall AMD without turning

This is sure that all the red team players know, the blue team has misery, so the red team. Because some AMD CPUs are not pinned to the mainboard like Intel CPUs, sometimes you will disassemble the CPU. Although this case usually does not damage the components, but certainly he did not see this scene will be deprived.

The advice for you guys to use the red CPU is before disassembling, rotate it slightly bit by bit. Rotate right then turn left, rotate until the liquid can completely separated easily from the CPU, then lift up. So for sure it.

Remove the HDD

Do not remove the HDD, bro, once it is removed, you should be prepared to throw it in the trash. Just a drop of dust, a fingerprint, a cat’s fur … is enough. Even brothers who tighten screws without proper force also have problems. We already have an article on this issue, interested brothers can refer to the link below!

The advice is never to remove the HDD, unless you want to get its motor, magnetic disc, magnet.

Get toothpaste instead of thermal paste

It is unknown from time when the saints online talked about a miraculous effect of toothpaste, which can be used instead of thermal paste. Basically this game still works, it still increases the efficiency of contact between the heat sink of the cooler and the IHS of the CPU. But the problem is that it only works for a very short time. Once the water has evaporated, the dry toothpaste would hinder the process of heat transfer and make the CPU very hot.

This is just a breaking characteristic, mainly, but the actual effect is not much. Although it is very famous and does not cause too much harm, but this is still a trick play stupid rabid.

Wash components like washing dishes

The biggest enemy of electronic components is water and play stupid rabid, here we have both. Water does not directly kill electronics, electronics that fall into the water is not necessarily damaged. Only when there is water and electricity in electronics, causing a short circuit, then it will be damaged. In theory, you can completely wash components like normal dishwashing then dry them then use, clean as new.

Top 10 most classic rascals of PC players | PC/Console

But the problem is that no one can guarantee that water will not pool in chips, circuits, capacitors, PCB layers … And just plug in the water and plug it in to hear everything. Although many young people have successfully implemented, you should not try. In essence, it is a form of challenge for fun, not computer cleaning tips. Don’t try it if you still appreciate your PC

Remove the graphics card also under warranty

There are some very enlightened doctors, just like to screw the warranty stamps. Once a card has shipped, the company has considered it to let you spend all the warranty without having to move your hands and feet. Many brothers when cleaning the machine, replacing the new thermal paste for the CPU also removed the graphics card to replace the glue, but if you want to replace the glue, you must break the company’s warranty stamp attached to one of the four screws around the CPU chip. .

If it runs well to the end of the warranty, it is okay, if it is out of warranty then you can remove it but if the card is still in warranty but you remove it, the company has the right to refuse warranty when something goes wrong. At that time, I only went to work outside, sold the card or to make souvenirs.

Buy genuine components super cheap price

The “money of that” almost never sends you, and it’s even more true in this case. Many doctors have been involved in the trick, seeing that they are not being sold cheaply, dumping, and leading to buying without thinking. As a result, you have to pay for expensive lessons.

Top 10 most classic rascals of PC players | PC/Console

If I don’t know how to say this wrong now, I am not holy and I do not know what you can meet out there, so I cannot guide you in any case. I can only say that if you see an unusual price, you must know how to ask questions, not only with PC components but also with everything else. If the school sells 10 dong and there is a guy who sells 9 dong, it could be that it devalues, but if it sells 5 dong, 99% is a scam. Electronic hand touch has not seen anything, let alone buy online. It is best if you do not have much experience, then buy new things at your reputable agent, not to think. And the story of hunting cheap old stuff, wait a bit of experience and then calculate.

Buy case not considered case

This I see many brothers are very. Many models of air-cooling are very large, for example, Gigabyte’s AORUS ATC800, Noctua’s NH-D15 … If you intend to buy such a large heatsink, you should pay attention to the case of can I contain it or not. Many times, when buying a channel, it could not cover up the song, so it took the case to sell or disperse.

You guys buy AIO dissipation too, too, remember to see if your case supports rad and how much thickness when buying. If you buy it but can’t attach it to it

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