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Top 10 most awesome dogs in the gaming world

In the game you can be very cool, very cool but surely you will not be able to find a beautiful experience without the small friends who are always beside, loyal to you and loving you unconditionally. They are great dogs and the game is so much better because of their presence.

Here are 10 of the most prominent dogs among them.

10. Mabari War Hound – Dragon Age Origins

The Mabari War Hound is a large breed of dog bred between clams and wolves. They are used during the war and are considered to be one of the most aggressive creatures you can encounter in the game. What makes them great, however, is that they are very intelligent, able to understand and perform complex tasks. They are also very loyal and willing to leave their lives in your hands.

There are legendary stories in Dragon Age that tell the warriors who lost their lives in the war and the Mabari War Hound dogs that avenge their owners. They are really great friends that anyone who plays the game can make.

9. Boomer – Far Cry 5

You are sent to Hope County territory controlled by a cult to lead the resistance against these men. There will be many trusted associates to help you do that, but only the small Boomer is the most reliable. This dog will watch and help you carry out the task by sniffing and eliminating enemies, and it will always be with you until the last breath. You will never be more demanding of an assistant.

Top 10 most awesome dogs in the gaming world | Game Online

In the sequel to Far Cry New Dawn, you will find a tomb of Boomer – the loyal and brave dog. Perhaps it has fallen from so many wounds, it may have been due to old age but it was certainly up to your last moment.

8. Red XIII – Final Fantasy VII

Actually, Red is not really a dog. However, Final Fantasy VII players often have the same emotional attachment to Red as with non-game companions. After the first meeting, you and your team will soon get close to Red. This powerful creature is very useful in combat and is a valuable unit in your squad.

Top 10 most awesome dogs in the gaming world | Game Online

Of course like every other character, Red also has a story of his own and the problems he faces, which is for Red to become more like a human and more like a peer than just a single person. purely a big, talking chess-dog.

7. Sif – Dark Souls

Sif is a giant white wolf, Yang Too ‘s pet … oh mistake, Artorias’ brother is cool and super cool in space. When Artorias fell, he used all of his remaining strength to protect Sif. Sif also uses his life to protect Artorias’s sword and ring. If you dared to get closer to that spot, this giant pawn would grab the Artorias’s sword and use it to take you.

Top 10 most awesome dogs in the gaming world | Game Online

It is a touching story but unfortunately, the player still has to defeat Sif to get the ring and complete the mission. The reason Sif appears here is because in DLC Artorias of the Abyss, if you free Sif, it will be grateful and help you in a tough boss battle coming up.

6. Mr Chew – Borderlands 3

This one is a dog, bro, just a bit like it. This “dog” belongs to the genus Skag – endemic to Pandora and is one of the first monsters you’ll face. They range in size from grass dogs to big enough to swallow you, they can also spit anything in your face from lightning to acid. They are scary killing machines. But that’s not all about them, more than anything, they need to be loved.

Top 10 most awesome dogs in the gaming world | Game Online

If you play FL4k, you will be allowed to call out a “Guard Skag” named Mr Chew. This ugly but adorable kid will follow you and treat anyone as long as you ask. Maybe Mr Chew is not a nice and true “dog” but at least it is very cute and useful.

5. Dog – Half-Life 2

This is a true dog, but at least it behaves very much like a dog. Dog is a large robot created by scientist Eli Vance with the purpose of becoming a hard animal and bodyguard of Alyx, his daughter. Dog likes to have fun and be useful in fighting. It was friendly but also extremely terrifying, having enough power and speed to tear apart the strongest enemies.

Top 10 most awesome dogs in the gaming world | Game Online

It will also help you and Alyx with quite a few things like lifting heavy objects and spying on dangerous areas. It was like a real Alyx pet and took care of her like a friend. It may be just a robot for many people but it’s hard to say that it doesn’t have the affection of any other dog.

4. D-Dog – Metal Gear Solid V

Good agent dog here. Snake picked it up when he was young, he was abandoned and lost an eye. He took him home to take care of, and trained so that it would later become one of his most effective assistants. Well-trained according to leading military standards. D-Dog can support you extremely well in many different tasks.

Top 10 most awesome dogs in the gaming world | Game Online

It can give early warning of enemy presence, distract soldiers to support your stealth, and of course it can also defeat enemies when necessary. It can even be equipped with Fulton Balloon balloons to catch people. The more you go on a mission together, the more you and D-Dog will become united, making it a more effective ally unit. He even knows to wish you a happy birthday

3. Hewie – Haunting Ground

If you’re trapped and try to escape from a creepy castle full of horrible things that hunt you down, you’ll want a companion. A human will be hard to believe, a cat can comfort you but not very helpful. At this point, a strong German shepherd will become your most ideal companion. It’s smart, loyal, and ready to bite anything that touches you.

Top 10 most awesome dogs in the gaming world | Game Online

In the survival horror game Haunting Ground, you play Fiona Belli, trying to escape from the aforementioned castle. You will meet and accompany a 4-year-old dog named Hewie. You will gradually realize that the only way to escape is to trust and help each other. In the process of playing, you must also train Hewie by praising it when it is good and “disdaining” when it is bad. It is this that will make you and this dog become attached, making it a great friend.

2 Dog – Fable 2 and 3

Every one character you play in


all carry a heroic blood. Whether you are a noble warrior or an evil mage, you will still be something great. However, the gameplay of the first part seems to be missing something. It lacks warmth. In part 2 and part 3, you will get a free dog.

Top 10 most awesome dogs in the gaming world | Game Online

In both parts 2 and 3, this loyal dog is a childhood friend and has a very special connection. You may be the greatest hero humanity has ever known but there are still many things you cannot do alone without the help of dogs. From discovering buried treasures to dealing with enemies. You can also upgrade your dog by teaching them new skills to make it stronger. Your heroic adventure will certainly be far less interesting without this dog.

1. Dogmeat – Fallout Series

There are many companions to accompany you in the fallout series. However, only the dog named Dogmeat is the most prominent, it is also one of the characters that made the highlight of the whole series. It comes in many different shapes, from the australian cow dog in fallout 3 to the German shepherd dog in fallout 4, the only two things that have never changed: the name and loyalty of Dogmeat.

Top 10 most awesome dogs in the gaming world | Game Online

It will always be with you whether it’s an adventure or a fight against the whole world. Other companions can bring you all the weapons in this world but only Dogmeat can love you unconditionally. It’s gentle like a small cat, whiny like a dog, it’s as strong as a wolf and brave as a lion … no. It’s not like anything, it’s our legendary “Dog Meat”!

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