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Top 10 monsters “naked and always dangerous” in the game

The fight and win against the impressive monsters and hegemony in the game always makes people strangely excited. However, it is only for those that have been completed well inside and out. There are also monsters that look great, but the game is like a sandbag for newbie to practice combos.

The following are the 10 most typical examples of such monsters.

10. The Hunters – Dead Space 3

The Hunter is a very cattle monster, scary, aggressive and very difficult to kill. It is one of the things that makes Dead Space series attractive. However, when it came to the third part, this monster completely disappointed.

If the previous installments The Hunter was a terror, now it is just one of the normal enemies to kill only. The new gameplay mechanism has made the game’s iconic monster no longer as scary as before. It’s a sad thing, especially with a good series like Dead Space.

9. Shuggurath – Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Most of the monsters in Pre-Sequel are typical types in the Borderlands series like poisonous spitting insects, specialized melee-looking ones and some types of humanoid monsters armed with guns. However, Shuggurath is different, it has a special shape, looks like octopus floating in the air. It was hoped that it could do something a little cool, but it was not.

Top 10 monsters naked and always dangerous in the game | Game Online

These flying sandbags are almost impossible to strike unless you close your face and give them a punch. With a sniper gun, you can easily sting them to death from a distance without even avoiding them. Even in close range, our damage is not so scary. The small monsters they release are weak like chickens in Counter Strike. In general, we are both useless and have no threats at all.

8. Tomb Guardian – Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

This is probably the best monster on this list. It stands out with its overwhelming power and easy “mental drafts” of new players with superficial attacks and powerful resilience.

Top 10 monsters naked and always dangerous in the game | Game Online

However, it is only for new players, just encounter a few times with this child and you will easily catch its cards. The attacks are very predictable and you do not need to be too brave to wrestle with this child, hit it like you did a few dodges and then slash into a few slashes, repeating like so long as it runs out of blood. You can also force Force Push into its mouth to end the combo sequence and charge it a fight. Just a little hand, you can beat this in less than 1 minute.

7. Suicider – Dead Island / Dead Island: Riptide

Suicider is a form of suicide attack monsters, it will approach you and explode itself dealing great damage. In-game instructions recommend that you keep your distance from them to avoid being hit.

Top 10 monsters naked and always dangerous in the game | Game Online

It sounds dangerous, but it is actually very useless or even completely harmless if you know how to play. They are very slow, easy to identify and explode very “stupid”. They will roar and then explode after 2 seconds. 2 seconds is not much, but it is still enough for you to react and escape. You don’t even need to waste bullets with this, you can kick it and then run away before it explodes. Or more simply, just walk, it will not catch you.

6. Enforcer – Batman: Arkham Origins

Aggressive, aggressive, muscular and extremely bovine are what you can see in Enforcer. This ten can be considered a rather annoying mini boss in Batman: Arkham Origins.

Top 10 monsters naked and always dangerous in the game | Game Online

However, there is a trick you can overcome this name is an easy way that you can use cape-stun to disable Enforcer before he has a chance to attack. Just throw a cloak over his head to stun and then punch him once then stun and then punch again. Keep doing this for 20 seconds is enough for you to let him lie on the floor.

5. Revenant – Resident Evil: Revelations 2

A corpse twisted, rotted, deformed and pierced through by sharp metal rods. Revenant is one of the most feared and special monsters in the game. It also has the ability to regenerate to increase the hegemony again. However, it has a deadly “Achilles heel”.

Top 10 monsters naked and always dangerous in the game | Game Online

You can use the character Barry to sneak behind it and treat it without skipping a single hit. If you want to be faster, you can bring along little Natalia to point out its weakness and mark it with a striking orange. Just a little hard, you will find destroying this child is actually very easy.

4. Dragons – Skyrim

One of the most advertised spots about Skyrim is fiery battles with dragons. However, contrary to that promise, the dragons in Skyrim are quite useless.

Top 10 monsters naked and always dangerous in the game | Game Online

In the first battle for you to whip with a dragon, you have to wonder why it is so weak. It is not even possible to cause a scratch on you. Agree that beating it to death takes a bit of time, but from the beginning to the end it’s like a sandbag for you to shoot arrows and fire arrows. Big is big but cool is cool, but it’s so corny that makes you excited. Even Alduin, the dragon predicted to swallow the entire world was quite easy to kill, frustrating the player.

Perhaps Bethesda Game Studios should learn from Software about how to create a “genuine” dragon. Looking at the super terrible animal Midir in Dark Souls 3 is known, so that is called a dragon.

3. Colossal Ruin – Alice: Madness Returns

Colossal Ruin is a monster with hideous appearance, heterogeneous and know how to spit fire, it also emits scary sounds. It can be said that its shape is perfectly designed for a horror work. But it is this appearance that makes it less effective.

Top 10 monsters naked and always dangerous in the game | Game Online

With that horror-like appearance, players tend to avoid it as far as possible. But the powerful attacks of Colossal Ruin can only be launched when it is close enough to you only. Meanwhile, its long-range attack was easy to dodge. With long-range weapons like Pepper Grinder (similar to the Gatling gun) or Teapot (similar to a rifle gun), you will be able to “fly the kite” Colossal Ruin to death easily.

2. Berserker – XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Berserker is a huge monster, very bull with 24 points of health and has the ability to deal large area damage. Often new players will be very tired of colliding with this child. However, for a slightly experienced player it is simply a tool for them to earn points.

Top 10 monsters naked and always dangerous in the game | Game Online

Because XCOM is a turn-based strategy game and Berserker is programmed to attack anyone who shoots it, your job is simply to spread out the formation and let each unit shoot it one at a time. Keep repeating it until it’s dead. This one is big and strong, but it’s very useless, playing with it is like shuttlecock.

Although it cannot be said that it is not dangerous, at least it is very easy to deal with.

1. Great Ape – Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

When it comes to Dragon Ball, Oozaru or Great Ape is a legend, it’s brutal. However, the game is not so.

Top 10 monsters naked and always dangerous in the game | Game Online

Like many others on this list, the main problem with the Great Ape is its portability. While everyone can fly, these big monkeys just walk on the ground and are completely helpless to catch the player, their long-range attack is foretold and very easy to dodge. Your job now is to pour down the Ape’s great ranged attacks. Even when both of them appear at the same time, it is not difficult to deal with them.

Perhaps the Dimps Corporation should also learn From Software, as long as the Great Ape is half of the Guardian Ape-infected monkey in Sekiro, it won’t appear on this list.

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