Top 10 games worth buying on the occasion of Steam Autumn Sale 2021

The clock ticks, and another season of Steam discount games officially kicks off. This is also the time when the bills fly out of the wallet quickly without having time to say goodbye. However, we do not feel sad about that, because in return are super great games with a very attractive low price. If you are still wondering what to spend reasonably during this Steam Autumn Sale 2021 this time, then please refer to the following 10 good and affordable games.

Horizon Zero Dawn (50% off to VND 195,000)

Since it was first announced, many gamers have been extremely interested in the context of Horizon Zero Dawn. The story begins in the 31st century, after humanity’s advanced civilization has perished. Machines have risen to become mighty mechanical beings that rule the Earth. You will play as Alloy, a female hunter born and raised in a post-apocalyptic world, with a mission to stop a pagan cult who worships an artificial intelligence that destroys the world.

This open world game is easy to impress players especially in the way game makers create fantasy mechanical creatures. They are cool, eye-catching and give a feeling that cannot be found in any other game. In addition, Horizon Zero Dawn also possesses an extremely beautiful graphics, easily conquering players right in the first scenes of the game. With a quality AAA game from the plot, gameplay to graphics like this, but only priced at 195,000 VND at Steam Autumn Sale 2021, it must be said that it is worth buying.

RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE (50% off to 705,000 VND)

Resident Evil Village is the latest installment in the entire Resident Evil series, where players will once again be transformed into the courageous husband and father of the year – Ethan Winter – set a few years after the events of Resident Evil 7 ended. end. However, this time we will not hide in the Baker family’s houses anymore, but instead we will… hide in an extremely large village or even a castle. luxury. This is also the place that shows the beauty of Resident Evil Village most clearly.

Everything from the detail to the color of the village creates a feeling of both beauty and fear because of the wilderness and horror. Besides, the castle, though lavish and brilliant, full of lights, is extremely cold. Not to mention that this game also supports Ray-Tracing, which makes the details and graphics of the castle scary but extremely beautiful. Besides the ravishing graphics, this part also explains to us better the origin of the disease called T-Virus that is haunting the whole world of Resident Evil. This game is being discounted up to 50%, making the original price of 1,410,000 VND now only 705,000 VND at Steam Autumn Sale 2021.

STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order (63% off to 351,500 VND)

For fans of Star Wars, it must be said that this is a pretty big bargain when the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game is being reduced by up to 63%, pushing the expensive original price of 950,000 VND to 351,500 VND. If you are looking forward to one day owning this game to satisfy your passion for the force, this Steam Sale Autumn 2021, you should not miss it.

Fallen Order’s plot is set five years after the events of the Revenge of the Sith movie. We will follow a young Jedi named Cal Kestis who lives in seclusion to hide from the pursuit of Inquisitors directly controlled by the lord Darth Vader. The game has a very good action mechanism, from the sword dance to the freedom to use the force to push, pull and throw objects… All of which create a very good fighting feeling for the player. Star Wars believers.

Tales of Arise (25% off to 600,000 VND)

Tales of Arise is the latest installment in the popular Tales role-playing game series, which was just released in 2021 and is now on sale during the Steam Autumn Sale. The game is set in the world divided into two halves, Dahna is still in the middle ages and Rena holds modern technology and magic. With overwhelming power, Rena completely controls Dahna, plundering resources and treating the people of Dahna as slaves. The story begins when the guy Alphen from Dahna and the girl Shionne from Rena meet. Dahna has lost her memories and Shionne has a curse. Together, they share ideals and embark on a journey through the exciting world of gaming. Later on, they had many more teammates to join.

It sounds like the right adventure anime motif, but how good it really is, you have to play to know it all. Currently, the game is receiving very positive reviews on Steam, so if you like it, you can confidently spend money to buy the experience. Due to the anime-style graphics, the game is also very light, you only need the current mid-range configuration to be enough to fight the max setting.

CODE VEIN (75% off to 200,000 VND)

If you like the Soul-Like genre (like those super difficult games from Form Software), then come to Code Vein. Here, you will enjoy an “anime” with dark colors like Tokyo Ghoul, but the difference is that you will be the main character in that anime and you will experience it like your own story. .

The fighting style in the game is also very interesting, the smooth and extremely beautiful chopping and slashing phases are also worth your hundreds of hours of play. With “sprung silk” graphics, impressive character creation, the game will certainly bring eye-catching frames in anime style. The game also allows players to customize the character from head to toe to create a unique character for their character. By the way, the game is being discounted during the Steam Autumn Sale 2021, so if you like it, take advantage of it.

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