TOP 10 delicious specialties in Da Nang for tourists

As you know, the cuisine in Da Nang is very diverse and rich with many attractive dishes, always attracting the attention of diners all over the world.

And in this article, I will introduce to you the TOP 10 most delicious and unique dishes in Da Nang that you should not miss when you have the opportunity to travel here!


There are many dishes that you can buy as gifts for your relatives and friends!

#first. Chicken noodle soup

Chicken Quang Noodles is a famous dish in Da Nang with the main flavor of chicken and chicken broth.

Chicken and chicken intestines will be pre-processed to remove odors. The bones of the head, legs, neck and backbone of the chicken will be boiled and then simmered, then add a little red onion.

Compressed tubers, turmeric are all pounded, combined with a little pepper, seasoning, fish sauce, sugar, monosodium glutamate to marinate meat and chicken intestines. Next, stir-fry fragrant lemongrass and chili, then add the marinated chicken and stir-fry until the meat is hunted and soaked in spices.

Next is to cook the broth, after cooking the filling for 15 minutes, add the chicken intestines to cook with, seasoning to taste.

Finally, put the prepared ingredients in a bowl and pour the noodles, then pour the broth to enjoy.

When eating, you can add some herbs to make the dish more attractive. Delicious, rich chicken meat, special broth will make a delicious chicken noodle soup, hard to resist.

#2. Nam O fish salad

TOP 10 delicious specialties in Da Nang for tourists | Culinary

Nam O fish salad is a famous dish in Da Nang cuisine and is widely known by tourists when coming to Da Nang.

Nam O fish salad has two popular types: dry salad and wet salad, each type will bring you different taste experiences, but basically, each type will satisfy diners

Dried Nam O fish salad is simply prepared by mixing the previously seasoned fish with peanuts, finely pounded rice paper, sesame, and stirring well to blend the ingredients together.

As for the wet Nam O fish salad, the fish is mixed with a mixture of fish sauce, chili, ginger, garlic, and lemon and sprinkled with sesame and peanuts before eating.

Both types are processed very simply but very attractive to diners, and the taste of this dish is guaranteed not to disappoint any “god” ^^

Delicious fish meat when combined with these ingredients will increase the attractiveness of the dish.

#3. Ba Lieu sesame dry cake

TOP 10 delicious specialties in Da Nang for tourists | Culinary

Ba Lieu sesame dry cake is an indispensable gift when you return from Da Nang. Are you wondering why this dish won the hearts of tourists so much?

Yes: Ba Lieu dry sesame cake ingredients include rice flour, sugar, and ginger.

The ingredients are simple, but to make Ba Lieu’s sesame dry cakes as desired, it requires the ingenuity, meticulousness, and feat of the baker.

First, glutinous rice flour, rice are put into the cake frame and water-proofed and then baked on a charcoal oven, this baking stage must be a skilled worker to be able to make delicious cakes.

Sesame is fragrantly roasted, sugar is sprinkled on the cake, wrapped in delicious cakes and then covered with a layer of sesame. Finally, the cake is baked, dipped in sugar and covered with a layer of sesame to complete.

It takes ingenuity that Ba Lieu’s sesame dry cakes will be flexible and delicious. When coming to Da Nang, don’t forget to come back with bags of Ba Lieu sesame dry cake as a gift for your loved ones.

#4. Squid rim me

TOP 10 delicious specialties in Da Nang for tourists | Culinary

Squid rim me is a very familiar dish with tourists as well as people of Da Nang. Delicious fresh squid combined with the sour taste of tamarind, the aroma of ginger and lemongrass… will surely make you extremely excited to enjoy.

The ingredients to make squid ink are also relatively simple, including dried squid, tamarind, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, chili, fish sauce, and sugar.

First, dry tamarind is soaked in hot water and then drained of tamarind juice, then grilled squid to get the aroma and tear into bite-sized pieces.

Next, the mixture of garlic, ginger, and lemongrass is sautéed, then add squid to the island, add tamarind juice, sugar, fish sauce, and chili powder to enhance the flavor of the dish.

Just keep riming until the tamarind juice as well as other ingredients blend into the squid, the squid rim me is complete.

Biting a piece of tough, delicious squid when there is a combination of ingredients to create a unique flavor that no other dish has. You will fall in love with this dish from the first time you taste it. To swear !

#5. Da Nang ram milk crab

TOP 10 delicious specialties in Da Nang for tourists | Culinary

Talking about Da Nang cuisine, we must mention this RAM MILK COFFEE, a famous dish that I believe few of us have not heard of.

Da Nang ram milk crabs have become popular all over the country because they have been processed and preserved in boxes and transported to many places, so this dish is not strange to each of us anymore.

The delicious milk crab is more delicious when marinated with spices. It has all four flavors of sour – spicy – salty – sweet, plus crispy (slightly chewy) that makes everyone attracted to this dish. Coming back from Da Nang and bringing milk crabs with ram is so reasonable, but zì..

#6. Pancakes

TOP 10 delicious specialties in Da Nang for tourists | Culinary

Banh xeo is a specialty of Da Nang in particular and the central provinces in general. This dish has now become very familiar, especially with young people, when it is a common snack in all parts of the country.

Making pancakes in Da Nang requires pancake flour, deep-fried flour, chicken eggs, fresh shrimp, ground meat, onions, garlic, salt, fish sauce, sugar, bacon and some herbs.

Crispy flour, pancake flour and eggs are mixed together to form a dough mixture. Next is to coat the cake and add the shrimp and meat that has been marinated before.

This stage requires the experience of the baker so that the cake is cooked just right, not too burnt. Finally, making the signature dipping sauce, you can enjoy delicious Da Nang pancakes.

With simple ingredients and a not-so-sophisticated recipe, Da Nang pancakes will make all diners admire when they can enjoy crispy, delicious pieces of cake that no other dish has.

Come to Da Nang, try to eat this famous delicious pancake!

#7. Dried beef rim

TOP 10 delicious specialties in Da Nang for tourists | Culinary

Da Nang’s specialty dried beef is very popular with diners and it is also the first choice to make a gift to bring back from Da Nang.

Dried beef fish is grilled and then cut into long pieces. The sauce is made by boiling a mixture of ketchup, satay, oyster sauce, sugar, fish sauce, salt, oyster sauce and mayonnaise.

Then add dried beef to the rim on low heat so that the sauce blends into the dried beef fish. When eating, sprinkle a little more roasted sesame to enhance the taste of the dish.

Dried beef rim is delicious, easy to make with the typical flavor of the sauce mixed with the dried beef piece, making the piece of fish rich and attractive to all diners.

#8. Tre Ba De

TOP 10 delicious specialties in Da Nang for tourists | Culinary

Tre Ba De is a famous specialty dish of Da Nang, widely known by people across the country. So what’s so special about this dish? Let’s find out together !

Bacon, nose, pork ears, boiled lean meat and then chopped into small pieces. This mixture is put in a large bowl and then mixed with galangal, onion, hearing, garlic, salt, sugar, and seasoning to make a trout. Finally, pack bamboo with guava leaves and banana leaves, incubate for about 2 days to be used.

When eating can be rolled with rice paper or herbs, dipping fish sauce is the most delicious. Tasty, rich Tre Ba De will make you fall in love from the first bite.

#9. Dried marinated fish

TOP 10 delicious specialties in Da Nang for tourists | Culinary

Dried fish is a specialty dish in Da Nang that you cannot miss when coming here. The delicious dried fish pieces always attract and stimulate all the eyes of visitors.

Fresh fish is marinated with spices right after catching, then dried in the sun for 2 days to dry and crispy. After drying in the sun, the fish is cut into long pieces and stored in an airtight container to keep the aroma of the fish.

Buying cans of dried lychee fish as gifts for relatives and friends is also very reasonable.

When eating, you can dip it with chili sauce to make the dish more attractive. I firmly believe that this specialty will help you not to worry about snacks when coming to Da Nang.

#ten. Banh cuon Da Nang

TOP 10 delicious specialties in Da Nang for tourists | Culinary

Banh Canh Da Nang is a popular specialty in the Central region in general and Da Nang in particular. Visitors to Da Nang are fascinated by the bowls of banh chung with many different types.

The soft and chewy noodles are eaten with many different types of broth, but each type is delicious and all types are attractive.

Da Nang is famous for its soup dishes such as: rice cake soup, grilled fish cake, fish cake soup, …

These soup dishes all contribute to the name of Da Nang banh chung in the country’s cuisine, a fast, convenient, delicious, full of nutrition dish, very suitable for making breakfast, refueling. quantity for a new day.

Come to Da Nang, you should try this soup right away, it will surely make you very satisfied.


Above are the TOP 10 delicious specialties in Da Nang that you can buy as gifts for your loved ones, if you have the opportunity to travel here, you should find and enjoy all these specialties yourself. .

Have you ever been to Da Nang? And which dish impressed you the most? Please share your experience in the comment section (>‿♥)

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