Top 10 cutscenes in the game are too brutal to make gamers obsess for life

In most games death is everything, so you need to keep your character alive at all costs. No one wants to see a character they stick to throughout the game die, but there are some games that go a step further, incorporating special cutscenes (cutscene) in which you will have to watching the protagonist go through excruciating pain. If it’s just the “game over” screen, there’s nothing worth talking about, but over here is a cutscene just to make the player shiver. Here is a list of 10 cutscenes in the game that are too brutal to make gamers obsess for life.

Lara Croft was stabbed through the body by a stake – Tomb Raider (2013)

The Tomb Raider reboot released in 2013 has resonated in the community, and is also a pretty spectacular “comeback” after a series of unsuccessful versions. Among the additional content, this version has colors quite similar to the popular adventure game Uncharted. Besides, it also shows the player how dangerous the sacred forest is.

As long as you can walk for a while, if you ignore it, you will “sell salt” right away. There are choking cutscenes that require you to quickly press a certain button, or else Lara will be crushed like similar. Or more traumatic than scenes like being punctured by a pickaxe, crushed by a giant block, the face is ripped by aggressive wolves, generally all kinds of brothers. But that couldn’t be compared to the cruel cutscene, when Lara was stabbed through her throat because her brothers had just had a faulty handling.

The Bloater ripped off Joel’s face – The Last of Us

Fans of The Last of Us all know Joel is one of the late game survivors, but this doesn’t mean he doesn’t come across situations near death. In it, one of the scenes that haunts the brothers the most is probably the bloater ripping off Joel’s face in the basketball court at the abandoned school building.

When playing until this stage, the brothers only encounter a few small zombies, it’s quite easy to defeat. Therefore, when meeting a giant zombie like a bloater, many people panicked. It’s big is one thing, it’s tough is another. Many times, you have to discharge all the bullets that are left on your body, then this zombie will die. Even worse, if this bloater could reach Joel, it would be considered “game over”. It would grind Joel’s head mercilessly, and then you would have to play it again in great fear.

Emily was punctured by Wendigo – Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a horror game released in 2015, and until now, just mentioning it makes many brothers goosebumps. The good game is that it knows a pretty clear truth: most of the main characters in the horror game are idiots, including the rather annoying female character Emily.

Top 10 cutscenes in the game are too brutal to make gamers obsess for life | PC/Console

There are many ways for Emily to die on the spot, and you can even have another character shoot Emily to death. But with brutality, there must be no scene of brutality than when the hideous wendigo poked Emily’s eyes with her long, pointed nails. Listening alone is enough to feel shivering, right?

Mr. X crushed Ben Bertolucci’s head – Resident Evil 2 Remake

When the brothers played to the part where they found the reporter Ben Bertolucci locked in the cell next to the garage of the Racoon police station, most of them still had not seen the real power of Mr. X. You must have seen the scene of Mr. X Pushing the helicopter aside without losing any strength, but if you know how to play, this guy will be difficult to reach the main character.

That is until we meet Ben locking himself in a cell to escape Mr. X. This also works, but then Mr. X got to the place, smashed the wall right behind Ben, grabbed head and crush it like a grape. That’s enough to feel creepy enough, but the in-game camera angle did not miss this opportunity and showed up a close-up of Ben’s face after being killed by Mr. X. At this point, Ben’s head was deformed, and his eyes were sticking out.

Baldur’s Gate 3

In the games inspired by “Dungeons and Dragons”, there will often be a heroic motif fighting the evil hordes, decoding the mystery to set foot in a mysterious land. But Baldur’s Gate 3 of Larian Studios is different. They wanted to focus on the purple worm with hundreds of sharp teeth trying to get into the brain through the eye sockets, and then inside the skull. What’s more, you will be able to witness this worm “dig the way” into the brain.

In addition, Larian Studios also knows how to help you … remember this horrible scene and know that there is a purple parasite in his head through the long-term possession of spiritual powers. singularity, or cause extremely uncomfortable headaches.

Miles had his finger cut off – Outlast

Mount Massive Asylum is an extremely chaotic area in Outlast, and for that we are grateful to surgeon Rick Trager for giving protagonist Miles a rest in a wheelchair and then doing a free checkup. fees. What a good doctor, isn’t it?

After letting Miles out to get some fresh air, Trager began to push our journalist into the operating room, give a lecture on economics, and then began to cut off Miles’ fingers. Luckily Miles has managed to escape, but players are far from being haunted by the gasp and screaming of pain. Overall a nightmare brother.

The comrades perished in the last mission – Mass Effect 2

Although not too scary, but referring to this scene in Mass Effect 2 is that many brothers will have to shiver. Mass Effect in general and Mass Effect 2 in particular are role-playing games with extremely attractive and in-depth characters. As long as you have a few wrong moves, your teammates will have to leave forever. And the culmination of this part is the last mission.

Before performing this task, the game advises you to prepare everything carefully, because this is an almost impossible task. Those brothers who ignore this warning, until the final mission, the team members are not fully equipped, one by one will have to sacrifice. At this time, if you regret it, it is no longer in time.

Witness Corroder killing with acid – Clock Tower 3

Sometimes, if you just use the horrible cutscene, it’s not scary enough, so some games even turn this cutscene in a special direction, making you stay up all night. And one of the games with such a scene is Clock Tower 3. The main character in the game is called Alyssa, and it differs from the rest of the horror games in that the brothers only have to face one enemy at Only for each chapter, only it will chase you from the beginning of the chapter to … the end of the chapter.

Each chapter will feature a new enemy, along with the story behind. In it, the second fear that Alyssa faces is Corroder, a serial killer specializing in acid murder. Corroder himself is not too scary, but the game introduces the story of this character through a cutscene that is both heartbreaking and… horrifying. Alyssa would see flashbacks, when Corroder broke into the home of an elderly woman who was with her son and dropped them into a tank filled with acid. This scene is so horrible that it is impossible to use words to describe my brother.

Scene “Stroggification” – Quake 4

In order to turn a normal person into a deformed demon, of course, you will need to cut down a few parts of the body, and the most typical example can be seen in the FPS game Quake 4. allowing you to see with your own eyes this terrifying spectacle is always the other. In Quake 4 there is a very famous “Stroggification” scene: brothers will be forced to their seats and “enjoy” horror scenes with a first-person view.

What makes this scene even more frightening is that you will see another person suffering the same fate as you right before your eyes. Or in other words, the brothers will be able to see with their own eyes what is going to happen to them, and then the main character will be “experience” these things. On the positive side you’ll have new robotic legs, which will be attached to replace the removed legs.

How to find the weird wife of Eddie Gluskin – Outlast: Whistleblower

Another part of the Outlast series, and it also features a body saw just like Quake 4. Outlast: Whistleblower revolves around the story of Eddie Gluskin – a mad killer who finds the perfect bride. However, at Mount Massive, there are not many options, so Eddie has to resort to slightly… monstrous methods.

The details of the gaming brothers will be clear, but protagonist Waylon Park had the chance to witness this scene while standing in a small cabinet, before Eddie captured Park and started a romantic evening. Anyone who has played through Outlast: Whistleblower will remember this scene.

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