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Top 10 charming beaches come with unexpected dangers on Earth

  The list about beautiful beaches with hidden dangers lurking beneath, almost sharks and their fellows! There are many beautiful beaches like paradise on Earth, but that does not mean we can play freely. On these beaches, visitors face dangers lurking from sharks, crocodiles, and humans. To avoid unexpected life risks, let us explore the most beautiful but dangerous beaches in the world with this Listverse.  
  1. Queensland Beaches, Australia

The attraction here is unspoiled beauty, tranquility, and serenity! Fraser Island, a pearl of Queensland “shining like a candle in the dark,” is located along the southern coast of Queensland (LINK 1). It is the largest sand island globally, with an area of 184.000 hectares (~1,840 km2). Surrounded by beaches and dunes, the island is about 76 miles (~123 km) long and approximately 14 miles (~22 km) wide (LINK2).   Fraser is named the largest sand island on the planet and was honored by UNESCO in 1992. This largest sand island in the world has unique landscapes and special attractions; in addition to this, Fraser’s nature is rich with 354 species of birds (LINK 3) living on the island (while in the whole UK, there are only 592 species, LINK 4). Fraser has long been known for its dunes above 200 meters high, with its distinctive bright red color origins from tannins in Arch hill. Visitors can watch the beautiful sunset in Cathedral Beach, Happy Valley, and Orchid beach by visiting Fraser. Here, visitors will sail to explore the Orchid sea surface, enjoy the fresh air, and overnight camping in the valley of “Happiness.”  Although it has the wildest beauty and the most attractive in the world, few people dare to come here to swim and relax. Because hidden under the clear blue water are the “scary assassins,” they are box jellyfish, sharks, and many hungry alligators. Not only that, on land, where the fine sand stretches for hundreds of kilometers, there are hundreds of ferocious Dingo dogs (the only wild dog found in Australia, they are known as master predators and Australia’s largest terrestrial predator). The beaches here are exquisite but dangerous because of crocodiles, sharks, jellyfish, and energetic water currents. Since 1700, 198 cases of unprovoked shark attacks have been recorded in Queensland (LINK 5).  
  1. Gansbaai Beaches, South Africa

Gansbaai Beaches are seas just for those who love adventure and want to face the great white shark. Gansbaai is a favorite shelter for white sharks (LINK 6). They are more here than anywhere else in the world! However, travel agencies have organized diving trips with security equipment. You can then enjoy a feeling of proximity to the predators without risking their dinner. The sharp teeth, a wide mouth, and clear eyes make the white sharks fierce, scary. Here are a fishing village and a popular tourist destination for many white sharks and seals. Here, tourists can experience the feeling of being surrounded by hundreds of sharks in shark-proof cages and sometimes take a whole bunch of photos with them from the camera mounted in the cell.
How many great white sharks are in Gansbaai, South Africa? | Dyer Island Conservation Trust
  1. Beaches of South Carolina, USA

It’s easy to find places to play tennis and golf and nature adventure around the South Carolina islands. An exciting feature is that although the water here is opaque due to the impurities of clay and sand, it is spotless. Those beaches will indeed become one of your favorite landmarks. What will you say when you are surrounded by the sound of waves, the rows of coconut palms, and bright flowers? You may see South Carolina’s beaches share the same beauty with beaches on Maui Island-Hawaii with a magical blend of sand from lava and coral sand, plus lava textures that make the scene look picturesque. However, the sea has a threat to human life: 82 shark attacks killed at least two people. Most of the shark attacks have focused on the Horry County area (LINK 7), where the famous Myrtle Beach is located. There are up to 40 species of sharks inhabiting, including many famous ferocious sharks such as sand sharks, tiger sharks, hammer sharks, and cow sharks.  
  1. California Beaches

California beaches with death valley are famous for their many unique and varied landscapes: from colorful dunes to snow-white mountains. Still, there are many exciting secrets about the valley of death: its nightmare scenes and scorching weather (LINK 8). Until now, scientists have never been discovered the mystery behind the movement of rocks in death valley. If you happen to be here, you can see traces of movement leave of these stones. On the other hand, 150 km (~93 miles) from the northern California beaches is water-filled with seals (LINK 9). It means that there will be several white sharks appearing here. Thanks to the big waves, it attracts many surfers to gather here, which is also an easy object to be attacked by white sharks because they mistakenly think they are seals.
  1. Beaches in Acapulco Mexico

Acapulco is the perfect tourist town. The beaches are sandy, and its weather is pleasant, making it possible for tourists to visit here all year round. However, if you enjoy doing something different or unusual at Acapulco, what are your options? Tours are widely available, but they are expensive. Instead, you can get in touch with the nonprofit organization “Amigos Del Mar Acapulco” and arrange your visit to the sanctuary. You will be able to learn more about ongoing conservation efforts. Besides, you will join the worker to release the turtles back to the water. Turtles are released seasonally, with the majority occurring throughout the summer, after October through May (LINK 10). However, when you hear the name Acapulco, you might think of beach hotels and restaurants. On the contrary, this coastal city is now known as the murder capital of Mexico. The violence is mainly the result of clashes between drug cartels, including assault, robbery, and murder. This place was once deemed a relaxing place and the most luxurious resort globally; the crime rate is 30 times higher than in America. On average, 131 people per 100,000 people are murdered by robbery and crime. On the other hand, the executive force here is also ranked among the worst in the world. Today, not many people dare to come to this beach for a vacation because of the dangers of criminal activities (LINK 12).  
  1. Papua New Guinea Beaches

Nestled in rich nature, Papua New Guinea is one of the countries that attract tourists who love nature, culture, and adventure. The government is located near the equator and bordered to the north by Australia. It is also an island country with more than 600 islands, large and small, and more than 8.3 million people live (LINK 12). Do you wonder what you will do on your trip to Papua New Guinea? Honestly, there’s much to do, to discover! It all starts from the coolest and unique places, starting from sparkling rivers, majestic mountains admire coral reefs, and beautiful beaches. The coastal areas here are the perfect place for your vacation. Harlen Beach in the Depapre region is on the mainland of New Guinea but is part of Papua; it is the almost-famous beach of Papua New Guinea. This area is located on the northern coast of the island, near Jayapura (LINK 13). Visitors can only reach the beach by boat and are ideal for snorkeling on the coral reefs, bathing in the crystal clear waters, or relaxing. It is worth the trip only for a boat cruise through pristine waters. With a long coastline, this ideal water area attracts divers to explore. The sharks do not attack them but attack the people because they hunted and grabbed the shark’s fins. Papua New Guinea, located in the Pacific, this marine area has recorded 49 shark attacks causing 25 deaths from 1925 (LINK 14).  
  1. Recife Beaches, Brazil

Located on two main islands and many small islands, Recife is connected by 49 bridges. In which the oldest bridge was dating back to 1644. Most bridges in the city were built from the Dutch colonial period (LINK 15). The rivers Capiraribe and Jaguaribe have divided the neighborhoods of central Recife, and this river has earned the nickname “Venice Brazil” for the city. One of Recife’s tourist attractions is the ships that weave tourists between the wild mangroves and the interwoven canals and the Recife streets. The city of water and coral reefs is a vibrant and attractive destination in Brazil. Along with the historic neighborhood adorned with many elegant buildings are traces of a glorious past. Just like the world-famous city of Venice, Recife Festival is equally famous. However, the dark corner is: in South America, 125 shark attacks killed 23 people (LINK 16). Since 1931, Brazil alone has accounted for 107 cases and 21 deaths, primarily concentrated in the Recife region, where the coast is only 20 km (~12 miles) long. Nevertheless, this is an ideal resort with sunshine and a cool sea breeze (LINK 17).
Olinda and Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
  1. Brevard Beaches in Florida, USA

Beaches in Florida are the most popular beaches in America. Those seas used to have no sharks at all. However, since 1990, at least 900 shark attacks (unprovoked/provoked incidents) have been recorded here (including above 30 fatal cases) (LINK 18). Environmentalists say the destroyed coastal ecosystem is the reason sharks feed closer to shore. Brevard Beach in Florida contains dangers not only from sharks but also water flowing offshore. This beach is considered the most dangerous beach globally, with many drowning cases due to offshore flow. Brevard Beach in Florida (USA) has seen 153 shark attacks from 1882 to the present, more than the total number of shark attacks in South Africa (LINK 19).  
  1. Beaches of Volusia County, Florida

Volusia beaches, Florida, are hazardous to tourists due to the concentration of sharks, jellyfish, and strong currents in this area. The island is also home to some of the world’s most poisonous spiders, saltwater crocodiles, and wild dogs (LINK 20). Three hundred twenty shark attacks have been recorded since 1882 (LINK 21). It has New Smyrna beach – nicknamed “the shark capital of the world” and is home to a population of sharks more than sharks in South Africa combined (LINK 21). Sharks here are not as aggressive as white or bull sharks, but they can also accidentally attack people (LINK 22). Besides, there is a potential danger from the air, that is, lightning. At least 71 people died from lightning strikes between 1997 and 2006 (LINK 23).
Rip current risk remains high in Volusia County after drowning
  1. New South Wales Beaches, Australia

This strip of unspoiled paradise is located on Australia’s east coast. Part of it borders the Yuraygir National Park, covering above 38,000 hectares (~ 380 km2) (LINK 24). Surfers will love New South Wales beach. Unfortunately, this place has many bull sharks (ocean killers). The white shark was the culprit that led to the closure of beaches. They are measured as 5 m long (~ 16 feet), weighing about 1,700 kg (~3,747 pounds), which is the largest shark seen in this area. The Newcastle City Council spokeswoman said authorities are now increasing tracking by speedboats along the coast to protect tourists’ lives. New South Wales beaches have been closed repeatedly due to sharks. Sharks that have been in an area for such a long time are a relatively unusual phenomenon (LINK 25). The incident became more serious when the authorities discovered an adult dolphin bitten by a shark tail washed ashore. New South beaches will only reopen after the shark has been removed for 24 consecutive hours. Since 1700, 261 cases of shark attacks have been recorded, caused more than 40 fatalities. (LINK 26) Beautiful beaches are ideal destinations to travel and explore, but the dangers are always hidden around here. To get a nice trip, a lovely vacation, prepare yourself for the additional knowledge because it is useful so that no unfortunate dilemmas will occur!     LINK 1:   LINK 2:   LINK 3:   LINK 4:   LINK 5:   LINK 6:   LINK 7:   LINK 8:   LINK 9:   LINK 10:   LINK 11:   LINK 12:   LINK 13:   LINK 14:   LINK 15:   LINK 16:   LINK 17:   LINK 18:   LINK 19:   LINK 20:   LINK 21:   LINK 22:   LINK 23:   LINK 24:   LINK 25:   LINK 26:
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