Top 10 best survival games on Steam (P.2)

Trying to survive in the wild is quite a terrible thing. However, in the game, survival puts you in extremely challenging and interesting situations. When you have to do everything to survive, gamers will realize that survival is an art.

In part 1, we took a look at the 5 best survival games on Steam. Now let’s continue!

The Forest

As one of the best-selling horror games on Steam today, The Forest has a complicated storyline, with many hidden meanings that the more players will “absorb” later. The game will start with the scene where you and your son are traveling, suddenly the plane falls on a small island. You see your son being taken away by a strange The Forest man.

From there you must survive and follow the clues to find your son. You will have to clash with wild animals, a mysterious cannibal tribe and a force doing horror experiments. You will have to try not to starve, and at the same time build fortifications to defend against attacks from enemies. The plot is the strength of the Forest and when you finish playing, remember to go online to see the hypotheses, very interesting.

It sounds disgusting, but this game has a lot to play. From catching one child to another for meat to building, “making porridge” everything … The level of character interaction with the environment is also very good, each tree in the forest can be cut. dead details. Although The Forest has a reputation for being a horror game, if there are a bunch of friends to play with is guaranteed to be extremely fun.


This is also a survival game that is popular on Steam because the gameplay is very realistic and novel. It combines 3 popular games, Dayz, Arma 2 and Minecraft mode. Rust has created a harmonious combination between these 3 legendary games.

Your main task in Rust is to survive in the wild with collected resources or … steal. PC Gamer talked about this game as follows: “Rust is one of the most devastating titles on Steam, and that’s what makes it so interesting.”. Indeed, this is definitely a game that gamers who love survival genre must definitely play.

In Rust, you will have a lot of games to do and many things to do: From making items, building buildings, hunting wild animals or cooperating and alliances with other players … Everything you do is Let for one purpose only – survive. Honestly, it sounds serious, but this game is very “good” to you guys. Let’s play, it’s fun.

Top 10 best survival games on Steam P 2 | GameK

Realistic survival games like Rust are always loved by many players. Because it is not dry, just live and build like many other games. In Rust, you also have to manage hunger, thirst, even the cold every night in the woods. Besides, for survival, you can also steal items from other players. But if you do not like to steal, you can fight each other, whoever wins, you can eliminate the other.


The name ARK is already too familiar in the gaming community. The survival game set in prehistoric setting with giant dinosaurs is extremely standardized according to each species. Of course, survival requires many factors: fighting, building, crafting, and hunting. ARK offers a very unique hunting experience where you not only hunt wild animals but also hunt dinosaurs. Armed with your friends, get ready to ride your dinosaur and head into the forest in search of the giant T-Rex.

Although the game does not focus on realistic hunting mechanics, ARK still offers a challenging, thrilling experience when facing dangerous dinosaurs. Surely the satisfaction and excitement of pocketing the spoils after each hunting with your guild will make you love ARK more.

Top 10 best survival games on Steam P 2 | GameK

At first glance, you might think this is merely a dinosaur-themed game. However, when you play and feel, you will find it to be a world with dozens of cool things to explore and entertain. The super cool dinosaurs are just part of it.

Don’t Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together is an expansion to Don’t Starve that allows playing in Multiplayer mode. Starting as an Indie game, Don’t Starve quickly captured the hearts of numerous players around the world by its unique, distinctive graphics and unmistakably engaging gameplay.

Coming to Don’t Starve, you will be thrown into a harsh world with magical colors and somewhat horror. A world like to devour you. The brothers will struggle to collect resources and craft items in order to survive, while simultaneously discovering and unraveling the secrets in the world of Don’t Starve.

This game is already extremely addictive, and you can invite all of you to play together.

Top 10 best survival games on Steam P 2 | GameK

But in my opinion, if I bought Don’t Starve then I would buy Don’t Starve Together, guys, after all, it’s only a few tens of thousands more expensive. If you play this game by yourself, it’s fun, but playing as a group is even more fun.


Now that the games are a lot of brain fatigue, now let’s come to the light game cartoon for children and more friendly.

True to its name, Raft will bring you an endless adventure in the middle of the vast ocean. You will start with a small beautiful raft, adventure to romantic islands. Earn more resources to upgrade your raft and discover the fun that the Raft world offers you, both at sea, on land and under water.

Top 10 best survival games on Steam P 2 | GameK

The gameplay is relatively relaxing and not too stressful, the graphics are cartoonish and do not require high hardware configuration. This will definitely be a game for those who both like to relax and want to experience the feeling of survival. But watch out for the sharks, the one they beat is … big.

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