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Friendship is the feeling that has the widest border of many human relationships. Friendship does not discriminate against gender, age, skin color, nationality, education level, status, class,… Friendship is joy, motivation, spiritual support, sharing and solidarity. Walk with us through the storms of life. Let’s read with Toplist to feel the thoughts of students about friendship in the articles below.


Essay about friendship number 1

Poet To Huu once wrote:
“Bees make nectar and love flowers
The swimming fish loves the country the songbird loves the sky
People want to live, baby
Must love comrades, love brothers.”

That’s right, in her mother’s lullaby, the mother advised her son that in this life no one can live alone, must have friends and brothers to make a colorful life. That’s it, in the life of each person in particular and everyone in general, friendship plays a very important role, you are the soulmate to support us, help us guide us in life with many difficulties. thorny towel.

Life is full of difficulties and obstacles, no one can know what awaits us in front of us. There are many paths in this world. There are roads lined with velvet roses and at the end of the road is a bright light. But there are bumpy roads full of thorns that are not as smooth as we once expected and who knows what awaits us at the end of that rocky road.

Such is life, just like nature has a warm season, a sunny season, and a stormy season. It was sunny, the sky was blue and beautiful, but suddenly it turned gray and cloudy. Human life, too, is like a long road without knowing what awaits us in front of us, so in every life journey we always need to have a close friend by our side who always cares and shares.

So what are you and what is friendship? You are the one who is always by our side, always sharing our joys and sorrows, in trials and tribulations, you are our shoulder to lean on when we are weak, our outstretched arm when we make mistakes and know how to correct them. advice when we are wrong, a neighbor to share our joys, a support wing when we feel this life has lost its meaning, you are a great teacher, a mirror we look at and learn from and most of all You are the last person who is always by my side when everyone has left me.

Friendship can only be found in like-minded and honest hearts without any pretense and self-interest. In this life we ​​have many different friends and in each of them we learn more things that no school book can teach us. Friendship has no boundaries. You can be the friend we follow from our childhood to school or it can also be the friends we encounter in life and work.

Regardless of age, social status, wealth or poverty, gender and race, ethnicity or color, friendship only arises from like-minded souls who love, cherish and understand each other’s personalities. . You are a simple word, but it contains very deep meanings. To find a soulmate in life like famous friendships in history: Ly Bach and Manh Hao Nhien, Karl Marx and Engels, Nguyen Khuyen and Duong Khue is indeed not easy.

Some people spend their whole life looking for true friendship, but they can never find it. Society is very wide and people’s hearts are also very deep, so if we find a soulmate in life, we are already holding a precious gem that nothing can be returned to. There are many quotes and sayings about friendship and what it means to be a good friend.

Xun Tzu in China had a very famous saying about friendship that is worth pondering for each of us: “Those who criticize me but criticize should be my teacher, those who praise me but praise should be my friends, those who caress Flattery is my enemy.” You also have many types of people, they come to us for many different purposes, so it is true that our ancestors taught us to have a very sharp vision to choose friends to play.

If we find a good friend and build a pure friendship, it will motivate us to move forward, just like learning and finding a good teacher, those who hurt their eyes find a cure for their eyes, and those who walk in the dark. suddenly had a torch in his hand.

You are the one who is always by our side.
Top 10 Best friendship essay | TopList
Friendship can only be found in like-minded and honest hearts without any pretense and self-interest.

Top 10 Best friendship essay | TopList

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Essay about friendship number 2

Humans, self-centered, always have a lot of relationships around. There are people and relationships that are only fleeting, but there are also people or relationships that in some way always stick with us, following us throughout life. Friendship is such a relationship.

Everyone has at least a few friends in their life. Friendship does not come from one person, it is sharing, sympathy, understanding about each other between two people. A beautiful friendship must come from sincerity, purity, carefree and trust. These things seem simple, but they are a prerequisite for starting a beautiful friendship.

People are always afraid of being alone, always want someone trustworthy to share and confide in, but are also wary and wary of those who want to touch their feelings. That’s right, it sucks if a friend you consider a friend, listens to what they have to say and then makes fun of your stories. Friendship also cannot be sustainable if it is not pure, has a good purpose to take advantage of each other. We cannot call a person a friend but always have to be on the lookout for them.

It takes a lot of understanding for two different people to become friends. Because each person will have a different personality, although there may be similarities, the difference will still be huge. Understanding for each other is not easy to come by, it takes time to cultivate, there are difficulties and tribulations to test and grow. There must be sharing, understanding and mutual help between two friends to make them understand each other better.

On the other hand, humans are not perfect, there are always bad habits besides the good ones. In order to have a long-lasting friendship, we must not cover up and tolerate these bad habits. It is very difficult to have a friendship but a beautiful friendship will make our life so much more poetic.

It’s peaceful when in trouble, but there is always someone ready to lend a hand to help or when there is a confidant, there is someone sitting quietly listening. It is also very happy to have the trust to share with us the simple things. And it’s warm when someone always remembers our little habits so that when we go, they will care and remind. If you find such a friend, you will feel happy and fulfilled because you will not have to worry or face the loneliness or fear of a boring life.

Friendship is a sacred and precious gift that we should cherish. It takes friendship for our lives to be truly meaningful. Value friendship, it will bear fruit and bloom forever without fading, is a spiritual medicine to help us stay firm in life or in the face of difficulties and challenges.

Top 10 Best friendship essay | TopList
A beautiful friendship must come from sincerity, purity, carefree and trust.
Top 10 Best friendship essay | TopList
Friendship is a sacred and precious gift that we should cherish.


Essay about friendship number 3

In the spiritual life of people, there are many sacred feelings such as father-son love, mother-child love, brotherly love, teacher-student love, friends… The need for friendship is a necessary and important need, because However, in folk songs, folk songs have many touching sentences about this issue:

– Friends are mutual meaning,

So that a new front is quiet.

– Who comes back, I send a poem,

Ask your old friend where is now?!

– Lost birds love the tree, remembering the roots,

Far from friends, far away from each other.

There are eternal friendships in literature such as Luu Binh and Duong Le, Ba Nha and Chung Tu Ky, like Nguyen Khuyen and Duong Khue… In the life around us, there are also many beautiful friendships. So what is a beautiful friendship? In my opinion, first of all, it must be a sincere, pure, carefree and trusting feeling that close friends have for each other.

Initial friendships are often built on feelings more than reason. Among the many friends in the same school, in the same class, we can only choose and make friends with a few people. It is someone with whom we have real sympathy, understand us, and share our interests, whether or not in the same situation.

Pure friendship does not accept petty calculations, self-interest and envy over losing. Understanding, sympathy and willingness to share joys and sorrows, happiness and suffering with each other, that is really good friends. And those who: “When you are happy, clap your hands – When you are in trouble, no one will see you do not deserve to be considered friends.

Once a close friend, it’s often easy to let go of each other’s bad habits. That is a mistake that should be avoided. Respect, cover… only make you go deeper into the negative path. In such a situation, you are in dire need of sound, wise, and loving advice. Helping you correct mistakes is also helping…


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