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The beautiful scenery of the sea with the image of the waves chasing each other, the white sails full of wind, the flock of seagulls flying over the horizon, … is always an attractive topic not only in the poetry and paintings of the artists. artists, but also a good subject that is received with great enthusiasm and emotion in the descriptive writings of the students, especially in the form of descriptions of the beautiful homeland, the beautiful rivers. To help readers enjoy the beauty of the sea through language and imagination, Toplist would like to introduce some of the best essays describing the sea in the following article.


Morning seascape in the homeland

Perhaps for many people, seeing the sea in the morning is quite a rare thing for them. But for children born on the land imbued with the taste of the sea, it is not a strange thing. But that’s not why we don’t like watching the sea at dawn. Love the sea, love our homeland. We love all that belongs to the sea. Watching the sunrise over the sea is something that we kids always feel great about.

On the weekend morning, I asked my mother’s permission to go to the beach early to watch the sunrise. On the way my sister and I went to the sea, the scenery today was so beautiful, the rows of trees were leaning forward to welcome us to the sea. When the strong winds hit our ears with a chilling buzz, we were about to go to the sea. In front of us now was a stretch of sand that followed a long stretch of coastline. We took our first steps on the sand in the early morning, the cool grains of sand crept into our fingers and fell to the ground.

Closer to the sea, I have the feeling of a fresh and clear taste of the early morning still intact without a bit of dust. A pleasant feeling of relaxation comes to us that no other place can give us but the sea. A little closer, I looked closely at the wonderfully cool blue sea color. That blue stretches endlessly. I once asked my father where the end of the sea was, Dad, then he just smiled and said that when you grow up a bit more, you should find out for yourself where the end of the sea is.

Thinking for a moment, the winds brought me back to the seascape now. Then I heard noises coming from behind. It turned out that it was the fishermen who were preparing to go to the sea to fish. For me, watching the sea with boats going out to fish is so exciting and interesting. The surface of the water, which was still undulating, was suddenly replaced by long waves that followed the boats out to the ocean.

As far as I could see, I could see the fleets of boats that were following each other, disappearing from the shadows. The first rays of the early morning sun have begun to creep into the coconut groves, shining through the sand grains on the sea. The golden grains of sand look very beautiful. The rays of the sun shined down on the sea like shimmering silver. The sea surface looks like a giant carpet of splendor and brilliance. My sister and I went down to the beach together to pick up silver sparkling corals.

Nearby, some guys are collecting garbage around the sea to clean up the environment. My sister and I joined together to help clean up the beach. In the end, my sister and I were forced to leave, although everyone wanted to stay a little longer. Next time I will bring you guys to see the fresh and peaceful hometown sea every morning.

The cool grains of sand crept into each finger and fell to the ground, looking very pleasing to the eye.
Top 10 Best essay describing sea scene | TopList
Watching the seascape with the fishing boats going out to sea is so exciting and exciting.


The sunrise over the sea gives unforgettable impressions

Anyone who has once watched the sun rise over the sea will never forget, those are extremely majestic moments that nature bestows on humans. Nature has many beautiful scenes, but perhaps the image of the sun rising over the sea on Co To island left a deep and unforgettable impression on me.

In the distance, the horizon is deep blue, mixed with bright pink, a few rays of sunshine to welcome a new day. Then the sun also rose as round and kind as the yolk of a very large natural egg. The egg was slowly placed on a silver platter woven with a pink sea pearl-colored horizon. Around that fan-shaped bright area is full of warm colors, red, orange, yellow … tangerine blends together.

The color of the sea water changes rapidly, it seems that there is a dyer’s hand mixing color for the water, from dull blue to silver, the sea water suddenly glows a bright blue. Each corner, the sea water changes color according to the sunlight. Even a few tiny ships floating on the sea were bathed in that morning light, everything seemed to be being bleached to become clear and cool. After the fan-shaped light, the sun appeared round, bright orange yellow and then slowly rose higher, as if it was being blown up.

The sound of the waves murmured like an endless song praising the rich beauty of the ocean world. When the winter sesame really appeared brilliantly among the white clouds, shining magical light on all things, the whole sea surface flashed a silvery white color. The light covered the sea, spreading beautifully. The blue of the sky, the blue of the water mixed with the color of the sun create a magical color on the sea. The seascape at this time is like a beautiful natural picture.

In the gentle light of the early dawn, voices and laughter echoed throughout the beach, discussing about the fisherman’s fishing, about the boats going out to sea. In the distance, the waves become calm and lie still. Maybe he is also sad because he can’t play with the children. Understanding that, after the waves have receded, they make room for other waves to spread to the shore to sing once again the eternal music of the sea.

The fishing boats parted the silver mist to the sea. Suddenly there are boats in the midst of thousands of waves, stirring up the whole sea. The tall and slender sails looked like white-necked birds from afar as if they wanted to sing. They are bright pink in the sun like butterflies dancing in the blue sky… There are also sails that shine under the sun’s rays. People walk hand in hand on the beach, talking happily. Bright face, bright smile. A beauty of the sea, that colorful and haughty beauty is created by clouds, sky and light.

In my eyes, every dawn on the sea becomes so peaceful. In the eyes of the sea, I am just a small being. If the waves and sand on the sea like a mother patting her child, the sea is like an angel to me.

Top 10 Best essay describing sea scene | TopList
The sun also rises as round and kind as the yolk of a huge natural egg.
Top 10 Best essay describing sea scene | TopList
The fishing boats parted the silver mist to the sea.

Top 10 Best essay describing sea scene | TopList

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Relaxing in Sam Son beach

At the end of the fifth grade year, with good academic performance, she was rewarded by her parents for a trip to Sam Son beach. It was a beautiful scene I will never forget.

Sam Son is a famous beach resort of Thanh Hoa province. Right next to the beach is a very spacious motel and hotel. But what makes the biggest impression of this part of the mainland is the fresh, airy air. The streets are very wide and clean, lying gently under the shade of coconut trees and the cool shade of crocodiles. Evening cyclo ride through these streets is great. Cool breeze and fresh air make visitors feel extremely comfortable.

But perhaps the greatest gift that nature bestows on Sam Son is this beautiful beach. Looking out from the beach, the beach area looks like a soft green curve. Closer to see the sea water is very blue and clean. The gentle waves lapping the shore like lulling coconut trees. Swimming in Sam Son beach is the most interesting thing is being pushed up and down by strong, fresh waves like playing with us.

If you want to have a panoramic view of the coast, you can take a canoe a little further from the shore. The canoe splits the water to form snow-white streaks. On the canoe, we can see one side of the bustling east coast and the other side is the wonderful clear blue sea. Especially, although it is called the sea, in Sam Son we can both enjoy the immense feeling of the sea and feel the majesty of the mountains.

Looking to the east, we see a green casuarina area. The water waves create tiny sprays of water that cover the tree area, making it feel like a fairyland from afar. Going closer, we know that it is the casuarina forest that welcomes the wind all year round that the people here plant to block the wind. Going to the west, we see the majestic Co Tien mountain. Standing at the foot of the mountain, looking in front of our eyes, we see the murmuring sea, behind the steep cliffs.

A few days in Sam Son, enjoying the beauty of this wonderful landscape makes me even more proud of my rich and beautiful Vietnam.

Top 10 Best essay describing sea scene | TopList
Sam Son is a famous beach resort of Thanh Hoa province.
Top 10 Best essay describing sea scene | TopList
Swimming in Sam Son beach is the most interesting thing is being pushed up and down by strong, fresh waves like playing with us.

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