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Together with Song Hung to monitor security remotely for your home

Why should install cameras in Song Hung?

Installing cameras is becoming an indispensable need of many families today. However, the general condition of the camera installation service today is the high service price, expensive equipment but poor warranty. Ineffective solution consulting unit, staff do not master the expertise, not enthusiasm …

These are common difficulties encountered by many customers today. Therefore, you should choose to install cameras in Song Hung for the following reasons:

Prestigious unit and long-term experience

Together with Song Hung to monitor security remotely for your home | Tech ice tea

Song Hung Computer Co., Ltd. was established in 2019 with engineers with expertise and long-term experience. Specializing in providing services on computers, technology, internet and camera. Service quality is increasingly confirmed and received the trust of customers.

Services that provide professional camera solutions

Song Hung pioneered the fast pace of security surveillance technology trends in the world. With a team of leading experts can help you have an effective and quality camera solution.

24/7 technical support

Song Hung has a team of technicians 24/7. Help you with technical advice anytime, anywhere, troubleshoot when necessary after installing the camera.

Provide genuine equipment

Together with Song Hung to monitor security remotely for your home | Tech ice tea

The camera equipment and accessories provided by Song Hung are always genuine. The product is imported directly from the manufacturer. Long-term warranty.

Affordable price service

Song Hung does not charge for site survey, consultation and installation (other companies usually charge extra for this process). As a result, the service has competitive prices, in accordance with the conditions of all customers.

Package installation services at Song Hung

Consulting and installing camera

Song Hung Computer Company currently provides a package camera installation service. Including ground survey, solution consulting, supplying equipment, installing camera on request. Installation of security monitoring system for families, companies, restaurants, hotels, cafes, factories …

Provide computer case

Song Hung is the leading prestigious address in the field of providing computer cases for offices and individuals. Provide dedicated computer cases for gamers, designers …

Together with Song Hung to monitor security remotely for your home | Tech ice tea

In addition, Song Hung also supplies the world’s leading brands’ camera equipment and genuine accessories. Consulting, designing, constructing wifi network, installing computers for offices and works as required.

Promotion in November

In order to pay tribute to customers who believe in Song Hung’s service, this November, the company launched the super-promotion program “SUPER SHOW – SUPER PRICE”. Application period: from November 1, 2020 to November 31, 2020.

Together with Song Hung to monitor security remotely for your home | Tech ice tea

Deep discount program from 15% – 37% for all camera products available at Song Hung. This is a great opportunity for you to own a full set of genuine equipment from famous brands such as: Ezviz Wi-Fi IP camera, Imou Wi-Fi camera, Hikvision camera, Dahua camera.

If you have a need to install security surveillance systems, this is the golden time to choose a package camera installation service. The service cost is greatly reduced thanks to the big promotion of equipment. Not to mention the great incentives when customers choose the service on this occasion.

Call hotline 0973 93 5665 Song Hung for advice on package camera installation service or contact directly . Accompany Song Hung (Address: No. 14, Lane 322E Le Trong Tan, Khuong Mai, Thanh Xuan Hanoi) to have effective, quality and safe family security monitoring solutions.

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