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Together, remove the charger to protect the environment like Apple, but it is Xiaomi who does the right thing

A few days ago, Xiaomi’s flagship Mi 11 was launched with a remarkable change. This smartphone will reach users without the charger included in the box. This was confirmed by CEO Lei Jun of Xiaomi 2 days before the official launch of the device.

Similar to Apple’s decision to remove the charger included in the iPhone box, Xiaomi CEO also said that their decision is to protect the environment when USB-C chargers have become popular in the market.

But Xiaomi has another very commendable decision that they are willing to give users a free charger if they really need it. This means that even besides the Mi 11 version with the case without the charger, users can choose the Mi 11 version that comes with the 55W charger at no extra cost.

Both the Mi 11 versions that come with and without a charging cable are the same price

If there is a vote on how to protect the environment between Xiaomi and Apple, the winner will be the Chinese smartphone manufacturer because of their decision. Environmental protection is the right thing and it is true that discarding the bundled charger is one of the factors affecting that. But its removal from the box or not is up to the user, and most importantly, does not affect the user experience.

Another big company that also makes environmental protection decisions towards the user is Starbucks. With a commitment to reducing plastic waste, starting in 2020, Starbucks will remove plastic straws from its stores and switch to paper straws – of course they are still available to users for free. have higher costs. Furthermore, for those who hold their own personal water bottle, they also get an additional discount of VND 10,000 per glass.

This is similar to many other important environmental protection solutions today, such as using solar or wind power, removing non-recyclable plastic plastic bags, … All must be done in a zero way. affects the user experience.

Meanwhile, unlike Xiaomi’s decision or most of today’s environmental protection solutions, it is difficult to say that Apple’s decision to remove the included charger is really towards protecting the environment or the human experience. use.

Together remove the charger to protect the environment like Apple but it is Xiaomi who does the right thing | Technology iced tea

Offering a USB-C to Lightning charging cord, Apple almost forced iPhone 12 users to buy an external charger

Users have no choice but to find a new charger if not available. Not only that, for iPhone 12 users, the charger cord included in the box is USB-C to Lightning, which means they are not compatible with Apple’s previous old chargers. If you reuse the old charging cables to charge the iPhone 12, users will only get slow charging speeds.

Therefore, if users want to take advantage of the fast charging experience on the iPhone 12, users will be forced to buy more compatible USB-C chargers from Apple or other third-party manufacturers and throw away the old charger cable. Ultimately this will in turn increase the environmental pollution that comes from unused old charging cables or battery packs purchased separately.

This is in stark contrast to Xiaomi when the charger bundled with their Mi 11 is the 55W GaN fast charger – one of the most powerful chargers available today for mobile devices. Its fast charging speed is even faster than the 20W fast charger that Apple is selling to users.

Perhaps similar to the previous “bad examples” that Apple is the initiator, the removal of the included charger will involve many other Android brands, besides Xiaomi, to study in the coming time. But at least these brands should follow Xiaomi if they want to do it the right way – really protecting the environment and the user experience.

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