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To experience entertainment on smartphones 4.0 ‘beyond imagination’ with frames up to 43 inches

The popularity of vertical content in today’s day-to-day experience adds more fun to the way users learn, work and play. Especially for popular social networks like Tik Tok, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube, vertical format video is also a way to show the creative ego of both content creators and audiences in this era. technology 4.0.

A lot of content resonates when presented in vertical frames such as Instagram Stories or the Tik Tok video series that is storming, ideal for viewing in the familiar smartphone holding position. Obviously vertical content is aimed at the majority of users with the phone always on hand, but the limited screen size of this type of device is inadvertently a barrier for young people to fully enjoy the art quality in their work. Such products. The Sero – the world’s first rotating QLED TV is the most ideal solution for this need.

The Sero is the first rotating QLED TV in the world, ideal for users to enjoy content on smartphones

The Sero, with its flexible rotating design, offers a choice of groundbreaking technology that goes far beyond the traditional TV model. The vertical mode optimizes the display of mobile content, and up to 43 inches in size, 4K resolution brings the enjoyment space far beyond your imagination. Think about how you watch your favorite video content on Tik Tok, flick through Instagram to get an idea of ​​today’s outfit that will wear down the street or immerse yourself into each character, in every large frame of mobile game, … surely the experience that no mobile device can reproduce the same thing.

To experience entertainment on smartphones 4 0 beyond imagination with frames up to 43 inches | Digital toys

Offering the ability to present mobile content at a much larger size, The Sero is a product for young people to show their creativity in everyday use situations.

The innovative QLED TV model from Samsung is an option to enhance the visual and audio experience for young users. Especially when the content on the phone is immediately shared on The Sero via the Tap view feature, just a touch of the TV border, all content from the phone will quickly display on the screen. Thus, playing games, watching streaming content on your social network is not interrupted.

To experience entertainment on smartphones 4 0 beyond imagination with frames up to 43 inches | Digital toys

The Tap view feature helps to quickly share content on smartphones to The Sero quickly and without interruption

Not only to entertain young people, The Sero is also a unique and fashionable furniture for modern home space. The design emphasizes minimalism, combined with the famous Ambient Mode feature of Samsung. The Sero can customize the vertical rotation to display content on the phone such as Facebook, Instagram Story or rotate horizontally with movies and TV content with 5 different vertical screen modes, creating interior style. trendy imprints personal.

To experience entertainment on smartphones 4 0 beyond imagination with frames up to 43 inches | Digital toys

The first QLED TV in the world also features fashion for young people

Possessing a flexible rotating mechanism, The Sero can quickly return to the role of a traditional home entertainment device, suitable for enjoying television content and blockbusters. The display quality of the product is confirmed with advanced QLED 4K technology, the next-generation Quantum Processor 4K (AI) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to upgrade impressive 4K video. than.

Inside the stylish and flexible body, The Sero also shows impressive sound performance. Again this product surprises “beyond the imagination” with 4.1 channel speaker system for up to 60W of power, designed in a stand to fully transmit the peak sound, enough to fill no space. vast living space.

To experience entertainment on smartphones 4 0 beyond imagination with frames up to 43 inches | Digital toys

Equipped with advanced display and audio technologies, The Sero is also a high-end home entertainment device

As vertical display content becomes increasingly popular and bold in the era of technology 4.0, The Sero – the first QLED TV in the world, will be the pioneer to take that use experience to new heights. , contributing to the creation of creativity, unlimited connection among young users.

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