Tips to keep gamers alive with 60 Hz screens

But know how, many gamers for many reasons still have to endure with 60Hz screens before having conditions to get on a high-frequency screen. And if you are such a gamer, this will be the article that you should read.

Here are my 5 tips for those who still use 60Hz screen, especially those who are bored with their screens. Hope can help you live well, at least until you can afford a better screen.

Don’t try too much high frequency scan, get addicted

If you want to see your wife delicious, don’t look at the other girls too much, it’s truthful. If you currently do not have the conditions to screen 144Hz, 240Hz or higher, do not go through the showrooms to try too much, try to get addicted, but being addicted will definitely cost money.

So if I try it, I’ll definitely let it know. Many brothers confided to me that looking at the high-frequency screen, then looking back at their 60Hz screen, it was like a scabies, so boring. I personally see it, when I received the high-frequency screen for review, it was a good thing for me to return to the company and look at my 60Hz monitor, it was really boring.

In general, as long as you have not touched the high-frequency screen, have not seen how happy it is, you will still use the 60Hz monitor.

Think positively

60FPS is not really a bad number either. At least if the FPS doesn’t drop below that level anymore, you guys will still have a smooth experience. Fortunately, the budget cards of GTX 1650 and 1650 Super sizes can easily get FPS levels above 60 with most eSports games. So you can rest assured that your PC both works cool, while weighing the maximum scanning frequency of the screen to keep you a stable FPS.

Tips to keep gamers alive with 60 Hz screens | PC/Console

Hand drawing unhappy and happy smileys on blackboard

And as mentioned above, if you can not use FreeSync or G-Sync, V-Sync will still operate smoothly and smoothly, no less than G-Sync if your machine can output FPS. frequency sweep. On the positive side, the 60Hz screen is not too bad, especially with popular computer configurations.
Choose the right game, right game is OK

Not all games are “Hz, the higher the game, the better”. If you do not have a high-frequency monitor, you can prioritize genres that do not require too high a scan frequency like this MOBA, this RPG, these construction-management games, this dignity flag … Say Generally, this world has too many options for you to live well with 60Hz screens. As long as you are not a hardcore shooter, you will find that the 60Hz screen is not too bad.

Try overclocking the scan frequency

If you still find your curtain is too slow, you can try this

A 60Hz monitor doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use it at 60Hz. You could also try making it run a little faster. With a 60Hz refresh rate, you can squeeze up to 70-75Hz. In fact, with that little difference, it will not make your screen too much smoother. However, it still carries a bit of spiritual value, making you more understanding, more loving your 60Hz screen and feeling more pro.

We already have a fairly detailed article about this monitor overclocking. I will leave the link below for you to refer to.

Always turn on the limit feature – frame sync

Those who use 60Hz monitors often like to turn off the frame sync (anti-tearing) feature, drop FPS to see the number for it to be high, but this does not bring any benefits to you. These guys often have the opinion that V-Sync and FreeSync are redundant, they think that locking the FPS level equal to the frequency of the screen scan is reducing the computer performance, increasing latency (And G-Sync that You guys also consider it redundant, then I lose). So they often turn off anti-tearing, to freely release the number of FPS jumps as high as possible.

Tips to keep gamers alive with 60 Hz screens | PC/Console

However, this does not bring any benefits, it not only makes your phone run too much needed but also causes very annoying tearing. If the monitor has FreeSync or G-Sync, you just turn it on and use it. Turning them off is simply a way for you to judge yourself and cause damage to yourself. Particularly for those who use the “Song Dynasty” monitor with only V-Sync, turn it on when the FPS is always above the scan frequency, it will work stably, and the FPS below the scan frequency is up to your preference. .

Buy high frequency swept monitors and do not throw away 60Hz screens

Just now I have talked about how to live well with a 60Hz screen. Now also have to discuss what to do with the 60Hz corn cob curtain when you have an extra high frequency scallop curtain. In my opinion, you should keep that 60Hz curtain, don’t throw it away or sell it cheap. There are 2 reasons.

Firstly, although it is no longer the first choice when playing games anymore, the 60Hz monitor can still be used. You can turn it into an extra screen next to the main screen to increase display space. For example, when playing games with the main screen, you can let the secondary screen turn on Facebook, Message, Zalo, Instagram, Youtube … to check the inbox for convenience. For those who work on the computer, 2 monitors will also be much more convenient than just 1.

The second reason I don’t know if it is right for you, but at least I feel reasonable. Anyway, that 60Hz screen has been with you for a while, there are memories. Selling is not good price, it is also regretful to throw away Instead, keep it so that it creates value for you until the end of her life.

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