Tips to help you master the Galaxy A71

As one of the new mid-range smartphones launched by Samsung in recent years, Galaxy A71 has become one of the most worth-buying smartphones in the segment priced at VND 10 million. All thanks to the unique features that Samsung equips its product line, from a large screen, thin and light design, powerful configuration, to the super-quality main camera, not to mention that the machine also has a duration. use super battery “buffalo”.

However, equipped with so many features, but you know how to “master” the Galaxy A71 yet? If not, let’s take a look at some of the tips below, making sure your Galaxy A71 becomes handy and helps a lot in the daily use experience.

Battery percentage display

By default when setting up the device, Galaxy A71 will not display the remaining battery percentage in the status bar. Users who want to see how much battery is left on the device will have to pull down the notification panel from the top, or turn on the feature to show the percentage of battery in the settings. But not everyone knows how to turn on the battery percentage of the device.

Tips to help you master the Galaxy A71 | Tricks

Go to the “Percentage battery” search setting and do the following, the device will always show the battery percentage in the status bar

Customize key edge

The edge key is another name for the power key (located to the right below the volume key cluster). With the new One UI platform, Samsung allows users to customize and set up action actions when using the power key (specifically, press twice and press and hold).

Tips to help you master the Galaxy A71 | Tricks

Search for “Edge key” in settings. By default, One UI will set the power button twice to open the Camera app, but you can also customize it to open any app. As for the press and hold operation, the device will open by default Bixby, but if you do not regularly use Bixby, can be customized to turn off the power menu

Double-tap the screen to unlock

If you feel too tired every time you press the power button to turn on the screen, the Galaxy A71 has a feature that helps you to turn on the screen by double-tapping the screen. In addition, the Galaxy A71 also has the same feature of raising the screen brightness (Lift to Wake) like the iPhone. With this feature, you just need to hold the phone up in front of it to automatically light up the screen for users to conveniently track the hours and notifications.

Tips to help you master the Galaxy A71 | Tricks

Search for the feature “Lift to wake up” or “Double tap to wake up” in machine settings

Single-handed mode

The advantage of Galaxy A71 is that it has a large screen of 6.7 inches. However, big screens are not always helpful, especially for those with small hands or when using the device with one hand. To overcome this and help users, Samsung equips Galaxy A71 one-handed mode. In this mode, the entire screen of the device will shrink to fit the reach of the thumb when using one hand.

Tips to help you master the Galaxy A71 | Tricks

Search for “One-handed mode” in settings. Users can set the way to activate single-handed mode by swiping down from the Home key or double tapping the Home button

Use swipe gestures

If you do not like using the 3-button navigation bar (Recent, Home, Back) at the bottom of the screen but want to use a simple, swipe gesture, the Galaxy A71 offers the use of similar gestures. Similar to iOS available in machine settings.

Tips to help you master the Galaxy A71 | Tricks

Search for “Navigation bar” in the device settings, Galaxy A71 has 2 modes to use is to use the 3-way navigation bar or use gesture manipulation

Tips to help you master the Galaxy A71 | Tricks

The gesture gestures on the Galaxy A71 will be quite similar to the actions on the iPhone (swipe up to go to the main page, swipe up and hold to open multitasking and swipe left to return to the previous page)

Hide application

If you have too many applications on your computer and many of them you do not use or want to hide them from the application menu, just do as shown, the selected applications will automatically hide from the displayed menu.

Tips to help you master the Galaxy A71 | Tricks

Press and hold on the home screen, select “Home screen settings”, scroll down and select the “Hide apps” option

Use 2 separate messaging accounts

If you are using 2 accounts for a messaging application (Zalo, Messenger, Facebook …) and do not want to log out and log in every time you switch, do not worry Galaxy A71 provides availability “Dual Messenger” feature, which allows duplicating applications and using two accounts directly on two separate applications.

Tips to help you master the Galaxy A71 | Tricks

Looking for “Dual Messenger” in settings, Galaxy A71 will display cloned support apps, just install the app and you can use 2 separate accounts on Galaxy A71.

Optimized Galaxy A71 performance

After a long time using the device, it will definitely be the time when your Galaxy A71 becomes sluggish and slow down, but don’t worry, Galaxy A71 has a “Device Care” mode and will automatically clean up the garbage. , clean applications running in the background or optimize battery life to run faster and smoother.

Tips to help you master the Galaxy A71 | Tricks

Searching for “Device care” in settings, the device will automatically analyze and optimize the device for a smoother run

Multitask multiple windows

Of course, users who choose to buy a large screen device like the Galaxy A71 is to have more space to use. To take advantage of the Galaxy A71’s large 6.7-inch screen, Samsung integrates multiple windows with multiple computers at the same time. With this feature, you absolutely can use up to 5 applications on the same screen, saving you a lot of time while surfing the web, checking emails and watching YouTube, just follow the instructions below.

Tips to help you master the Galaxy A71 | Tricks

Drag from right to open edge screen mode, drag and drop multitasking apps to specified locations. You can open up to 5 applications on the same screen

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