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Times Hollywood borrowed the idea of ​​an anime

1. Lucy (2014) and Elfen Lied (2004)

What if humans could use 100% of the brain’s ability? The answer given in the Lucy movie in the summer is not much different from the Elfen Lied anime series.

Audiences discover many topics from Lucy, such as the cruelty of humanity, existentialism, and whether the Lucy girl is still a human when she attains extreme intelligence. However, all are reminiscent of Elfen Lied, because Lucy’s special abilities are no different from the power of the Diclonii in the anime. Not to mention, Diclonii still possesses the same compassion as humans and many conflicts in their hearts arise from here, a problem that Lucy also faced after possessing superior ability.

2. Transcendence (2014) and Serial Experiments Lain (1998)

Like many other ambitious films, Transcendence tries to create something new but suffers from negative reactions from critics because of the inconsistencies and illogical rife in the script. Meanwhile, Serial Experiments Lain is a highly-rated anime series.

Times Hollywood borrowed the idea of an anime | Khám phá

Both have content around a character whose intelligence goes beyond the imagination of humankind, trying to become the control of both virtual and real world with their own consciousness. Apart from a little difference between the two main characters, Transcendence’s script is almost identical to the main content of Serial Experiments Lain, with the same ideas, scenes and happenings. The most obvious difference is that the anime was 16 years before Transcendence.

3. Pacific Rim (2013) and the Gundam series with Neon Genesis Evangelion

Giant robot (mecha) is an outstanding popular culture of the land of the rising sun. If Hasbro in the US is proud of its Transformer robots, Japan has also produced extremely popular Gundam and Evangelion warriors.

Times Hollywood borrowed the idea of an anime | Khám phá

However, Michael Bay’s Transformers series is very different from the two that Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim is the work to mention. The content of the Hollywood movie revolves around creating giant robots to protect the Earth from the invasion of many alien creatures like Gundam. The fact that the robot warriors are controlled by the nervous system immediately makes a part of the audience immediately remember the bio-suit technology in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

However, Guillermo del Toro is a fan of mechas, so Pacific Rim is like a gratitude from the Mexican director to the famous robots of Japan.

4. Inception (2010) and Paprika (2006)

When released in the summer of 2010, the movie Inception and director Christopher Nolan immediately received much praise from critics and audiences. In the film, the main character Dom Cobb is a thief capable of manipulating and exploiting the top secret information of the object through a dream.

Times Hollywood borrowed the idea of an anime | Khám phá

However, four years earlier, Kon’s Paprika introduced D.C.’s “therapy”. Mini was studied for the purpose of recording and replaying dreams. When this technology was stolen and used for the wrong purpose, Dr. Atsuko Chiba created a version of herself in a dream to use her subconscious powers, investigating the dark conspiracy.

Although the two films do not have the same scenario, many details and duplicate images appear, such as the device penetrating the dream, the concept of reality and the dream intertwined that makes the character unclear whether he is in The real world or not … That’s why many fans of anime work think that director Christopher Nolan must have more or less reference from Paprika of the late Japanese filmmaker.

5.Black Swan (2010) and Perfect Blue (1997)

The story of Black Swan has been the subject of debate since the film launched in 2010. The movie revolves around female dancer Nina Sayers, who lost himself trying to transform into both black and celestial characters. white russia in ballet Ho swan. As a result, she suffered from paranoia, panic and prolonged obsession.

Times Hollywood borrowed the idea of an anime | Khám phá

This plot is quite similar to another cartoon of Satoshi Kon: Perfect Blue. In work from Japan, the main character Mima Kirigoe is a pop star but wants to become a TV actor. The decision to change her career put her under tremendous pressure. At the same time, many of Mima Kirigoe’s colleagues were mysteriously murdered and details show that the girl was suffering from multiple personality diseases.

Perfect Blue has a closed ending, not as suggestive as the Black Swan, but the pressures that Mima Kirigoe and Nina Sayers go through are very similar, even up to the image. However, the author of Black Swan, director Darren Aronofsky, has repeatedly affirmed that Perfect Blue plays no role in the creation of his work, something that many people still question.

6. Avatar (2009) and Princess Mononoke (1997)

The best-selling 3D blockbuster of all time Avatar has been sued for ideas plagiarism many times. Anti-fans have always thought that director James Cameron’s movie is nothing more than a remake of Disney’s Pocahontas.

Times Hollywood borrowed the idea of an anime | Khám phá

If considered carefully, Avatar is even influenced by another popular animation of Ghibli, Japan, Princess Mononoke. Debuting more than a decade before Avatar, the content of Princess Mononoke also revolved around a resource dispute between powers, leading to the threat of destroying the forest of spirits and spirits. The novelty is probably just that the humans in Avatar can bring their consciousness into the Na’vi’s body.

7. The Matrix (1999) and Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Regarding the happenings, the two films have very little similarity; But the ideas and themes are quite similar, so many people find it strange that the Japanese side has no idea with the Wachowski sisters.

Times Hollywood borrowed the idea of an anime | Khám phá

The context of Ghost in the Shell is the twenty-first century Japan, where humans can replace their bodies with prosthetics, cybernetics implants and artificial brains, giving them the ability to connect to a network. Digital meshes spread throughout the city. However, they are forced to be very wary of hackers who intend to manipulate humanity through this system.

In The Matrix, people are connected to the Matrix – a world created to pacify the human subconscious mind by the machines of intelligence. They even use humans to produce energy. There is a similarity between the two films when Neo and his friends try to escape the false reality, leading to conflicts like those in Ghost in the Shell.

8. The Lion King (1994) and Kimba the White Lion (1965)

Aside from the similarly named characters, the two hit animated films have a lot of similarities if the audience is bothered to notice. The two revolve around the son of a mighty lion, dominating the wildlife community with pride, a desire for peace and respect for each other, as well as hope that will last to the children and grandchildren.

Times Hollywood borrowed the idea of an anime | Khám phá

But the incident happened that forced both young lions to flee from their homeland, waiting for the day to come back and regain what should be their own. While Kimba was conceived and cared for by humans, Simba escaped thanks to his two friends, ferret Timon and wild boar Pumbaa.

Tezuka Productions once said that they did not want to bring The Lion King and Disney to court because the opponent was a large corporation and the Japanese side could hardly win. To this day, Disney still insists that Kimba the White Lion is the inspiration for them to make the Lion King super product.

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