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TikToker Tuan Ngoc: “If you want to live with your job, you can’t do fake content”

Technology has always been considered a dry and difficult field to reach the majority of viewers, that’s why the number of successful content creators in this field is only counted on one finger. Tuan Ngoc Here! (Pham Tuan Ngoc) are a handful of content creators who have succeeded in making technological content simple and accessible to a wider audience.

At the moment, Tuan Ngoc owns a TikTok channel with 2.6 million followers, recording 126.4 million likes. Not only that, Ngoc’s Youtube channel ReLab also recorded 771 thousand subscribers. That is the clearest evidence for Ngoc’s success in the field of technology content creation.

From Youtube to TikTok

What fate has brought Ngoc from a Youtuber to a reviewer on the TikTok platform?

In 2016, I started my part-time job as a content creator on the YouTube platform. After 3 years of working on this platform, becoming the main VJ on the YouTube channel ReLab, I have a loyal audience.

However, at that time, content creation did not bring me a stable source of income, in 2019, I decided to change my job by settling, studying and working in another country. other, look for opportunities with more “traditional” jobs. I studied Market Research at graduate level, with the desire to continue working at big technology brands.

But after only about a year, I felt… missing my job, along with the unpredictable development of the COVID-19 epidemic, I decided to return to Vietnam to rest. During this time, I temporarily return to the work of creating digital content and plan to return abroad to continue working. Then, it was TikTok who urged me to change this plan.

Me there was about a month of non-stop work on YouTube, the results were not as expected because me has been absent for a long time in the Vietnamese Tech community. Afterward, me started posting the first videos on TikTok at the invitation of his boss at the time, Mr. He once shared, that is the best time to start a TikTok channel, if you miss it, it will be very difficult to get up. And rightfully so, me there are videos with a few hundred thousand views, then millions of views. This number keeps growing, new opportunities start to come and me decided to stay in Vietnam to build a career.

It is known that when TikTok first appeared, the content about technology was still quite messy, so were those challenges when Ngoc started making technology content on TikTok?

I see it as a huge opportunity and I have to thank the content that is said to be “messy”. At the beginning of TikTok, a lot of content sharing wrong knowledge “eats recommendations” and many viewers have fallen into the trap of these false videos. I decided to make counter-reaction videos and verify the content. Fortunately, my “correction” videos get a lot of interaction, and I gradually become reputable on this platform.

There was a time when I was considered the “judge” in the tech world on TikTok. It must also be mentioned that, that was the time when ByteDance was determined to clean up TikTok Vietnam, to turn TikTok Vietnam into a healthy and reputable sharing platform, so its videos were also promoted by TikTok into campaigns. translate their “purification”.

TikToker Tuan Ngoc If you want to live with your job you can t do fake content | Technological iced tea

Along with that, other content creators also joined hands me to “clean up” on TikTok. By now, those false contents have almost disappeared, and me proud to be one of the pioneers of this content.

Talk about career

Tuan Ngoc has a lot of million-view technology videos, so can you share how to turn dry technology content into interesting and attractive on TikTok?

For me, technology and life are intimately linked, and technology was born to pull us closer together. My only secret is to bring technology to life, tie it to everyday stories, so that viewers feel closer, and more shared. It can be short jokes, or it can be technological facts that no one realizes, or simply technology problems that everyone has but can’t find a solution to. Further, I choose hot topics on social networks, associate it with technology, to be more accessible to viewers.

According to Tuan Ngoc, what is called a reviewer? And what does Ngoc think when there are comments about “reviewers who receive advertising money will not tell the truth about the product”?

In my opinion, just using a product, saying what you think about that product is already counted as a reviewer. I don’t consider myself a reviewer, because reviewer is a very common title for media people. Technology reporters, technology journalists, technology editors, can also be considered reviewers. I feel more like a content creator who can share about technology products. It sounds a bit long, but it is the best definition when describing my work, because besides reviewing a certain technology product, I also have to edit, research, research the market, consult Participate in video production and editing, setting up shooting scenes and using shooting equipment.

TikToker Tuan Ngoc If you want to live with your job you can t do fake content | Technological iced tea

Regarding the opinion “reviewers who receive advertising money will not be right about the product”, me think it’s only true for a few moments. Take the YouTube platform as an example: At a time when this platform was new, YouTube viewers were still quite… “naive”, when exposed to a new media method, they could hardly distinguish it. What is “paid to speak well” content, and what is “fair review” content. Later on, when they’ve been exposed enough to such content, they become smarter, more responsive and demanding, able to immediately recognize what is “paid-to-say” content. At that time, content creators who want to live with their profession cannot do such deceptive content, because their bread is the trust of viewers. Their job is to tell the truth, and when they stop telling the truth, who will believe them? Going back to the problem, currently, “reviewer receiving advertising money will not tell the truth about the product”, according to me There are very few on the YouTube platform, because YouTube viewers have been thoroughly “educated” on this issue, so there will not be too many reviewers choosing this way to make money anymore.

With TikTok, the story will play out the same way. TikTok viewers in Vietnam, according to my observation, in the early years also rarely distinguish the content that tells the truth to make money from reviewers, but at this time, when they have also become more sensitive, can immediately distinguish which content is receiving money from brands, which content is not, and it is also difficult for TikTok creators to have good interaction, which will determine their livelihood, if choose this blatant lie.

TikToker Tuan Ngoc If you want to live with your job you can t do fake content | Technological iced tea

In fact, everyone needs an income to maintain their media channels, and currently, there are many ways to make money and also many types of content that can be combined with brands and agencies to make money. earn money. So that, me I hope that if viewers skim through a video that has a good idea about a certain product, or go against public opinion, don’t rush to conclude that the reviewer is… “making money”.

Impressions and regrets

As a person who has experienced a lot of technology products, in 2022 which technology product is Tuan Ngoc most impressive? Why is that?

2022 is indeed a bleak year for the tech market. Technology products such as smartphones and laptops do not bring me much excitement. However, there is one product that makes me feel extremely loved, which is the Steam Deck – a handheld game console from Valve. This is a pretty powerful handheld game console that can play most eSport games on the Windows platform. AAA games can also be played on this machine. I was given a “max option” by my girlfriend at the end of 2022, and I always bring it on every trip.

Talking about phones, I like Xiaomi 13 Pro the most. The imaging capabilities of this machine have been greatly improved when combined with Leica. I brought it with me and took a lot of pictures during my recent business trip to Europe.

What is the technology product that Tuan Ngoc regrets the most? Why is that?

I feel sorry for OnePlus. Once considered a “flagship killer” with a cheap price and equipped with high-end features, they have gradually ceased to be themselves when they launched the 8th, 9th, 10th generation product lines and last year’s OnePlus 11 as well. Actually, this machine was released in January 2023, but in Vietnam we celebrate the Lunar New Year, so let’s just consider this as the previous year’s machine.

TikToker Tuan Ngoc If you want to live with your job you can t do fake content | Technological iced tea

OnePlus 11 does not have many outstanding elements. The screen, design, camera, rechargeable battery, and price are all at a good level, but there is no breakthrough compared to competitors in the same price range. Perhaps, when OnePlus returned to Oppo, it was only a shadow of itself compared to previous years.

Expectations and plans for 2023

Does Tuan Ngoc have any expectations or expectations from the products in this year 2023? What will be the technology trends in 2023?

In my opinion, 2023 will continue to be a dismal year in the technology market. With the global political economy situation, firms will tend not to spend heavily on technological breakthroughs, but only continue to upgrade and develop based on what already exists. So, to name a technology trend in 2023, it’s a bit… too much.

TikToker Tuan Ngoc If you want to live with your job you can t do fake content | Technological iced tea

With product lines from Samsung, me hope they will continue to do well with folding screen phones. As for Apple, me Hopefully they will be able to thoroughly handle the screen errors on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro generations, as a premise for the development of the iPhone 15 Pro series.

With Tuan Ngoc personally, can you share with readers your plans for the new year?

2023 for me is predicted to be a more difficult year than previous years. When the technology market in general goes down, it is difficult for my work to prosper. However, besides continuing to develop my communication channels, I also have other plans to be able to develop more diversely and seek out more opportunities. However, these plans can’t be revealed right now, hope that Tuan Ngoc’s audience is here! will support and follow me regularly to be able to update the latest plans and projects of me and the team.

Thank you Tuan Ngoc for taking the time to answer our interview. Wishing Tuan Ngoc always full of joy and health to achieve more successes in 2023.

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