TikToker million views Dang Thu Ha: “Wanted to be a person that I can admire now”

Dang Thu Ha, also known by the nickname “Ha Ma Tau”, is a familiar name to most Vietnamese TikTok users. Ha always appears with a funny, playful and somewhat “hyperactive” image, the content that Ha shares is always highly entertaining, that’s why every video is well received by many people, “millions of people”. view” for Ha is as easy as turning a hand.

Chances with content creation work

Behind those natural and charismatic performances, few people know that Dang Thu Ha is a bachelor of Accounting – Auditing from a prestigious university in Hanoi, she was lucky to find her passion. in another direction – Content Creator

Hi Thu Ha, can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hello everyone, my name is Dang Thu Ha, but I’m sure everyone will know me better by the name Ha Ma Tau. To briefly say, I am currently a VJ of Schannel, a Bachelor of Accounting – Auditing at National Economics University and at the same time actively working for Youtube channel as well as Tiktok Dang Thu Ha.

Everyone calls Ha “the hippopotamus”, why has this interesting nickname?

The story of the nickname “Ha Ma Tau” started 2 years ago, when I answered an interview for the question “What is special about my hometown”, I happened to see an article titled “Youth Ha Dong was holding a machete or something”, so I also shared it, so the editor paired me with the machete, maybe it looked too good, so from then on, the audience called me with that name for themselves. benevolent. Hearing the name makes me nervous, but the reason it exists is irrelevant.

Currently, what positions is Ha taking on at Schannel?

As a Content Creator, I take on the main parts of the work, which are ideas, finishing scripts, filming and reviewing the final product. In short, doing all the steps to produce a complete video, except for shooting and editing, it is necessary for you to have more expertise.

What is your chance to become a VJ/Content Creator like today?

Perhaps the opportunity came to me when I started working at Schannel. At that time, I was just a student girl who was a fan of Schannel’s brothers and sisters, so I applied for a job to meet them in the flesh. I still remember at that time when I worked as a page manager, a few times on the screen, people were well received, then gradually appeared more and now, almost followed the Content Creator career. It feels like the profession chooses people.

The initial difficulties do not make the passion difficult

When she first started a job outside her major, did Ha face any difficulties or challenges?

There were many challenges that I faced when I first started this job. I studied accounting – auditing, a discipline that is heavy on data and accuracy, and this job requires a lot of flexibility and creativity. At first, I also struggled not to know what to do to be okay, what to do when there is a problem, how to interact well with people, and then what to do to make the audience have a good impression of I… that’s not to mention coming up with ideas that are interesting, interesting and new. But fortunately, I have older brothers and sisters who give advice when needed, and have friends to share when I have difficulties so that I can continue on this difficult path.

TikToker million views Dang Thu Ha Wanted to be a person that I can admire now | Internet

Can you share a memorable moment when you first started working as a VJ/Content Creator?

When I first set up my own Youtube channel, I felt like I was “on fire” because of work, because I was afraid of being “out of stock” of videos to post, so I always took advantage of every possible opportunity to shoot. I remember at that time participating in a business trip to Ho Chi Minh, lasting 2 days, scheduled to shoot only 1 session 3 hours, but I wanted to make the most of this trip, so I planned to shoot it myself. add for personal channel. So I made an appointment with my friends in Ho Chi Minh, arranged the schedule with the camera man, then arranged how to shoot continuously for 2 days without sleep. From the time I arrived at Tan Son airport, especially at 10 am until the time I arrived at Noi Bai airport, it was at 10 pm the next day, that is, I was awake all the time, did not sleep for exactly 36 hours. Now that I think about it, it’s really memorable!

Transform yourself to match the tastes of viewers

Entering the field of communication, Ha had to overcome many difficulties and challenges, but with passion and effort, Dang Thu Ha now has for herself remarkable achievements, in At a very young age, she has a YouTube channel of 263,000 subscribers and a TikTok channel of 1.7 million followers, every video of Ha also receives a lot of positive feedback, quickly trending and achieving success. millions of views.

Currently, Ha is building content for both Youtube and TikTok platforms, so according to Ha, what are the characteristics of these two platforms? And which platform does Ha prefer?

Each platform has its own advantages and challenges, so it is difficult to compare and say which one I like more. For example, Tiktok is a platform that focuses on short content, helping me quickly reach a large number of young audiences, but in return, the videos I produce must be extremely condensed, concise but still complete. informative and must be really engaging from the very first second.

As for Youtube, I can post longer videos, provide more information, show my perspective more. But besides that, the content that I bring must really be what the audience is looking for in order to bring value to people. I really like both platforms so I always try to be active on both platforms.

It is known that Ha is not the first generation of TikToker, joining the short video platform at a later stage, but very quickly, there are many million-view videos. Can you share your secrets to creating such engaging content?

For me personally, this is a difficult question to answer, because I really don’t have any special secrets. I always try to be thorough in each video, from concept to shooting and editing. Maybe people don’t know, I’m a rather difficult person when working, a scene I can shoot 10 to 20 times, or a video I can give feedback 5 to 7 times even though it may be just a very small point. which I do not like.

TikToker million views Dang Thu Ha Wanted to be a person that I can admire now | Internet

I always think that if I can improve even a little, I should do it, because I want to bring everyone the most complete product in my ability. Fortunately, my videos are well received by everyone.

Where does the inspiration to help Ha come up with compelling content ideas?

My inspiration came quite suddenly. There are days when I lie down all day with my hand on my forehead and I don’t know what to shoot, but there are days when I can shoot three videos in a row. But the common point is that I often have ideas when I go out and interact with people, so I think my inspiration comes from activities. If I stay in one place, it will be very secretive. That’s why I love traveling, trying new things, meeting new friends.

According to Ha, what is the biggest pressure/fear for a content creator?

I think it’s a story idea. When I am just starting out, I will have a lot of ideas to implement. But gradually with the standard of our content rising, the ideas that are really satisfied are also less. There were many times when I was in such a state of exhaustion, to the point that the camera man and the editor didn’t have any work to do, at times like that I was asked if I was really suitable for this profession. It was a time I never wanted to see again.

TikToker million views Dang Thu Ha Wanted to be a person that I can admire now | Internet

And what did Ha do to overcome the pressure at work?

As I shared above, it’s about finding inspiration in activities. Whenever I have an idea, I will actively go out more, be it traveling or simply having a coffee at a shop I have never been to. Stealing is a way that still works for me, I’m sure I’ll need to find more new ways, but going so much is also a bit expensive.

Future plans

Can Ha share her orientation in the future or not? What kind of person will Ha become in the future?

Honestly, I’m not the type to think too far into the future. What I’m interested in is how to do my current job well, what else can I improve, is there anything that I haven’t tried. I think that if you do your best at the present job, better things will come in the future. And tIn the future, I want to become someone that I can admire now.

TikToker million views Dang Thu Ha Wanted to be a person that I can admire now | Internet

Do you have any advice for young people who have a passion for content creation?

Try it! If you are passionate about this job, start now. The beauty of the Content Creator profession is that it is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or field, so as long as you have passion, you can pursue it. It is important that we find our own identity to make an impression on the viewers. And whether we succeed or not, we have had memorable experiences on our adult journey.

TikToker million views Dang Thu Ha Wanted to be a person that I can admire now | Internet

Thank you Dang Thu Ha for your interesting sharing!

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