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Tik Tok’s father is preparing to ‘invade’ into the field of mobile games

At present, Tik Tok (application of ByteDance) is one of the most popular social networks for young people. This forum community is mostly young people filled with creativity and extremely active. Users of this application can “cover” on any background music to show their individual characteristics. It is expected that in the near future, social networking manufacturer Tik Tok will “encroach” into the gaming field.

ByteDance Inc. is gearing up for an inroads into the mobile gaming market – a field that Tencent Holdings Ltd has dominated for more than a decade in the Chinese market. Besides, the company also has to compete with many other “big” anymore.

Over the past few months, ByteDance has quietly acquired game studios and exclusive distribution rights to the titles. The company has also started recruiting and attracting top talent from rivals, building a team of more than 1,000 people in the game design industry.

Wang Kuiwu, who used to work in China’s big game company Perfect World and is the organizer of many major eSports tournaments, will participate in the game development process for ByteDance. In addition, the company also has the participation of many other gaming talent. According to sources, the father TikTok will make multiplayer online games (MMOs) with Chinese fantasy elements. The firm’s first game is scheduled for release in the spring with domestic and international markets.

Tik Tok s father is preparing to invade into the field of mobile games | Mobile & Social

Over the past few years, Tik Tok’s father has acted as an intermediary for a number of casual games, making the game popular with existing video platforms. Visitors make money mainly through advertising. Entering the gaming market could help the company diversify its revenue at a time when the Chinese economy is showing signs of slowing down and TikTok application is being monitored more closely. In addition, ByteDance is also testing a promising new paid music app in Asia.

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