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Tightening its affection for Microsoft, Samsung shut down its sync service to switch to OneDrive

Samsung is increasingly showing its closeness to Microsoft, especially in the mobile sector.

Since 2019, Samsung has offered a sync service to Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud, in parallel with the company’s own Samsung Sync service. However, this is about to end with the full use of Microsoft’s services. The South Korean company recently revealed plans to end support for Samsung Gallery Sync and Drive Storage for the My Files app on Samsung devices.

Samsung is helping users transition to OneDrive, when their service will be closed on April 1, 2021.

Notice of closure of Samsung’s Gallery Sync and Drive Storage services.

Gallery Sync users can either download their data or choose to switch to the OneDrive platform soon, although this could trigger an early closure of their Gallery Sync account.

However, Samsung won’t shut down its cloud services entirely – for now, users will still be able to back up and sync their contacts, calendar, and notes to Samsung Cloud.

It is worth noting that new versions of Samsung Notes can sync with OneNote, meaning that the process of Microsoftization of Samsung services is still ongoing.

Microsoft Office applications are now included in most flagship Samsung devices. Samsung phones also make it easier to connect to a Windows computer through the Your Phone app, as well as early access to its features. Furthermore, Microsoft is also selling Samsung devices through its online store.

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