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Thuong Tam Akaza: The villain who ‘steals tears’ of Kimetsu no Yaiba (P.1)

The series Kimetsu no Yaiba, also known by its Vietnamese name, the Sword of Demons, often gives past tales to a number of demons. One of the most sympathetic villains is Thuong Tam Akaza, one of Muzan Kibutsuji’s top minions. Akaza was present in the two most impactful battles of the Sword of Destroying the Devil. And they resonate into two completely different emotions.

Most recently, Kimetsu no Yaiba premiered the movie Mugen Train – The Endless Train. However, the movie came out when COVID-19 was still out there. This translation dealt a blow to Japanese businesses that had suffered economic downturns for many years. Especially during a pandemic, people may get lost and may not be able to think clearly about what they should do.

Thuong Tam Akaza The villain who steals tears of Kimetsu no Yaiba P 1 | Khám phá

The original devil symbolized horrors unknown to humans. Examples are earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods or epidemics. The plot of Kimetsu no Yaiba is very classic. The series tells the story of a brave boy who believes in justice will defeat the demons, give people hope for salvation and bring thrills of excitement. The old and creepy atmosphere is delivered by Ufotable with high quality animations that are perfectly suited to the present time.

Thuong Tam Akaza The villain who steals tears of Kimetsu no Yaiba P 1 | Khám phá

In the Endless Train arc, Akaza and Kyojuro Rengoku Pillar had an interesting clash. This fight was brought to the big screen through the movie Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train. This is a combination of Fire Breath from Rengoku and Akaza’s Destroyer. However, their differing views on their weaknesses and ideals highlight something important even after this confrontation.

Thuong Tam Akaza The villain who steals tears of Kimetsu no Yaiba P 1 | Khám phá

Akaza and Rengoku’s clash

Akaza respects and recognizes the strength of each person. But with that was a great deal of hatred towards those whom he considered weak. Akaza tries to convince Rengoku to become a demon, but the Pillar of Flame refuses his “admiration”. Rengoku disagrees with the fact that Akaza sees limited lifespan as a human weakness. He said, “To become old and weak and to die, that’s the beauty of the short lived creature called man.”

Although Akaza eventually took Rengoku’s life, Tanjiro said that it was the Inflammatory Pillar that fell over that was the winner in this war. While Akaza ran away from the sun, Rengoku never faltered and kept everyone safe. In addition to Rengoku being a very respectable character, his death had a profound effect on Tanjiro. From there, even more hatred of the fans towards the character Akaza. However, when Tanjiro and Akaza meet again, Thuong Tam has a moment of confronting with his past, and it reveals the root of his hatred.

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