Throughout the day, he has to fix cars for his wife, and her husband is inventing super convenient multi-function tool

A versatile tool that can replace nearly all of the tools in your home is something every husband dreams of. Especially with Michael Newman when he often had to repair his wife’s car.

My wife used to drive a food cart, The Coop, while I was trying to finish a course in mechanical engineering“Newman said.”I often have to follow and fix her car, so I have to carry more and more tools, to repair them faster and get back to studying.. ”

One day, when I was repairing a leak under the car, I got angry because the versatile tool I was carrying was not enough to screw the bolts and screws, then the idea of ​​Omnilock started to take shape in my mind. I. I decided to try and design a versatile, desirable tool that could make the most of the new wrench design.“Newman said.

In an effort to help his wife fix the car in the most convenient way without having to carry too many clever tools, Newman designed a universal Toler Union wrench, made of stainless steel and aluminum, which can be undertaken. The role of most common household tools.

It contains a self-adjusting wrench that can turn on most types of bolts of all sizes. The other end of this tool hides a small pliers capable of cutting steel wires. Even more interesting, the special hinge mechanism allows splitting the Toler Union into two separate halves so you can hold the pliers and the wrench handles to screw the screws more effectively.

The biggest advantage of this tool is its compactness. With a weight of about 355g, you can put it in a bag or backpack and travel anywhere without having to worry about heaps of glassware carrying people. This is because inside the Toler Union there are also screwdrivers, punches, files, a small blade, a metal saw as well as wood. Almost standard equipment for all versatile items, the Toler Union also has a bottle opener.

Throughout the day he has to fix cars for his wife and her husband is inventing super convenient multi function tool | Explore

The ease and versatility of Toler Union has brought success to Newman. At $ 104 for the leather-free version, $ 125 for an extra leather case, his fundraising campaign on Indiegogo from April 2019 has raised more than $ 530,000 from more than 4,000 supporters.

Newman said: “I am very happy with this result, and I have not had to carry any other tools since the first Toler Union prototypes were completed.. ”

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