Three Kingdoms: How important is Zhang Bao, when death makes Zhuge Liang unconscious?

Zhang Bao was one of the people who could take on the task of carrying the Shu dynasty in the latter period Three Kingdoms.

By the time Zhao Yun passed away, Zhuge Liang Back then, I didn’t know or still had fun drinking at home. In the middle of that moment of joy, Zhao Yun’s son, carrying a serious wound on his face, rushed over, and Zhuge Liang immediately felt that something was wrong. As expected, Zhao Yun’s son was crying and reporting that his father had passed away.

Zhuge Liang heard the news, unable to contain the pain and shouted, “I have lost an arm already!”.

Faced with the loss of Shu Han to a general, Zhuge Liang grieved was inevitable. However, when Zhang Bao died, Zhuge Liang not only cried.

In history, Truong Bao was not as famous as his father, Truong Phi, but he was a very talented general.

Especially, and in the post-Three Kingdoms period, Truong Bao is considered to be one of the people who have the real responsibility to carry the Thục, always trusted by Zhuge Liang.

Zhang Bao repeatedly punished Zhuge Liang with Wei Zhen.

In Yuan Yuan in 229, under the guidance of Truong Bao, the Shu army was like splitting bamboos, a circuit of destroying Yin Binh, defeating Vu Do, the Wei general, Guo Hoai, could not get in the way, had to throw knives and remove armor run away preserve life.

In order to capture Quach Hoai, Truong Bao led a cavalry team to urge horses to chase. However, it is not known whether due to the horse speeding or because of the rugged mountain road, Truong Bao unfortunately fell down a cliff, seriously injured.

Although the soldiers rescued and taken to the barracks, it was not long before they died.

To this loss, Zhuge Liang seemed to have been subjected to an unprecedented attack, and he cried and cried, falling to the ground unconscious. It was from there that Zhuge Liang’s illness began to take place.

Three Kingdoms How important is Zhang Bao when death makes Zhuge Liang unconscious | Manga/Film

Zhuge Liang felt pain and despair before the sudden departure of Zhang Bao.

So why is Zhuge Liang’s reaction to Zhang Bao so powerful?

While for Zhuge Liang, Zhao Yun is not only a talented general but also a confidant who has stood side by side over the years. Was Zhao Zhao not as important as Zhang Bao?

In fact, between Zhao Yun and Zhang Bao, Zhuge Liang did not mean to signify the important side of the sutras, but because the two of them ‘deaths to Shu Han had completely different meanings.

The first is Zhao Yun, he died of old age, not because of a sudden death or short-lived hero. Zhao Yun was then old, not as brave as any more.

Shu Han also could not send Trieu Van to continue leading the army to fight the enemy, because at this stage, he could only enjoy his old age, even if he went to the battle, he would be impotent.

After all, Zhao Yun has spent more than half of his life dedicated to the Shu family, it can be said that Zhao Yun has completed the mission.

And Truong Bao’s role is completely different now. Zhang Fei’s son, now in his prime, is the hope of the future of the Shu family, called “Little Zhang Fei”.

Not only martial arts super pants but Zhang Bao is very similar to his father in loyalty. Each time standing side by side on the battlefield with Zhuge Liang, Zhang Bao displayed great excellence.

In the view of Zhuge Liang, Zhang Bao soon determined to spend his life devotedly to the Shu Dynasty, hoping to soon realize the ideal of unifying Trung Nguyen.

Therefore, the sudden departure of Truong Bao would be like cutting off the remaining arm of Zhuge Liang. The plan to punish the North had no one to rely on, so Zhuge Liang not only felt hurt but was also extremely hopeless.

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