Thread: Find the difference between the results of beating John Wick’s dog and meeting SofM in the woods?

– Heard you just clashed with your Team Forest?

– Yes Coach.

– May I know the reason?

– It just took the enemy team jungle.

– Isn’t that better?

– But the other team Forest is SofM

– Oh my god…

Above is the dialogue “processing” from the famous action movie John WickAnd the reason we mention one of the most classic roles of actor Keanu Reeves in this article is because before that, BLV LEC team, specifically Drakos and Froskurinn, had a comparative comparison between SofM – Jungler’s playstyle Suning, as Baba Yaga character John Wick a.k.a:

” […] He’s like a Grandpa who’s going to crush you to pieces, he’s Baba Yaga, he’s John Wick and the one who’s going to give you a mouthful ‘onions’. […]. Suning is a team that will either ‘eat with’ other teams or look like LGD but with a faster pace. This team is a conundrum for the LPL. I don’t know what version or caste Suning will appear on. “

The interesting thing here is that the association of professionally skilled names in League of Legends is not just limited to visualizing SofM’s influence in terms of media coverage. After the Group A series ended, SofM’s reputation was spreading in the same way that John Wick’s name became infamous in a movie universe about the subject of assassins.

In the first leg with Machi Esports, SofM noticed two parameters: He is the jungler who owns a record for the CSG 2020 troop stats so far, with 141 troop stats at the 15th minute. At the time, SofM was also a player on the winning team with the least participation rate, with 28.6%.

Thread Find the difference between the results of beating John Wick s dog and meeting SofM in the woods | Esports

The numbers do not lie, and looking at the above statistics, many opinions will immediately conclude that SofM had a hard game of farming soldiers and “being carried by teammates”. But that is not the case.

As we mentioned a long time ago, the influence that SofM’s gameplay has is something that no other statistic can describe. Looking at the soulless numbers, we just see that SofM didn’t impact the lane early in the match against MCX, but looking at the dynamic of the match, we see that The enemy jungler – Gemini, was pushed into a forced gank position, because “SofM, stop stealing, there’s nothing left in my jungle …”

And even when impacting 4 kills in the early game, this guy’s Volibear still doesn’t have the advantage of the difference in strength, and his lane areas don’t put any pressure. Come on. Bin had a high push to lure the enemy jungle to gank Top Lane, but not to counter gank, but to create space for SofM to invade the enemy jungle and “plunder” everything he could see.

Thread Find the difference between the results of beating John Wick s dog and meeting SofM in the woods | Esports

Machi’s jungle ganks a lot, but it doesn’t help, as SN’s power continues to increase steadily, and Nidalee in SofM’s hands doesn’t mind anyone with a plentiful amount of equipment even without a kill point. any previous drop or support

YamatoCannon – SANDBOX Gaming’s coach clarified SofM’s invisible pressure with a more concrete and convincing example, in the confrontation between Suning and G2 Esports.

Caps used Syndra against Angel’s Akali, theoretically, with Caps’s level and the championship matchup, Syndra was the advantageous side, but in the Group A tie-break, Caps lost a lot to Angel. , and one of the reasons G2 failed was because their mid lane was too weak in this match.

I agree that Caps is not in a good shape this year, but the main reason why this star has one of the heaviest “losing lane” matches in his career is because he has to move often. Move to … check your team’s jungle camps.

In this match, G2 will always have at least 2 members to maintain distance from Jankos (usually Caps and Mikyx), to assist him in the event of a encounter with SN’s Forest. Obviously, SofM is not ganking at the moment, nor does he have any kills, but in the end G2 are the ones who are “obsessed” by him, and are forced to develop a jungle-driven gameplay. by SofM.

Thread Find the difference between the results of beating John Wick s dog and meeting SofM in the woods | Esports

YamatoCannon clearly showed SofM’s influence caused G2 to actively change gameplay, Caps had to move into the jungle a lot, creating space for Akali from SN to push lanes and roam ganks.

As a result, a huge void opened up for Angel, Akali promoted extremely fast and became one of SN’s great damage spikes, while Caps’s Syndra was too weak and inadequate. kill anyone but huanfeng – The marksman will be at the back of the SN squad and of course not easy for him to touch.

In short, SofM did nothing but jungle in the early game, but it was his ability to farm fire that made G2 really spin, an invisible pressure that caused this team to have to. change their own gameplay according to methods that are not for them.

Part 1 of John Wick has a duration of 1 hour and 12 minutes, but throughout the first 30 minutes of the film, the main character does not have any action to show strength. The fear known as “Baba Yaga” ended up being exaggerated and propagated by his own enemies, whom even John Wick chose to remain silent enough to haunt them by humility. thought about what he could do.

Thread Find the difference between the results of beating John Wick s dog and meeting SofM in the woods | Esports

No one has ever seen what “Ong Ke” really looks like, nor has there been any evidence to show how scary “Mr. Ke” is. But the children are still unconditionally afraid of Mr. Ke. And for Suning’s opponents in Group A CKTG 2020, they understood the feeling of fear of being beaten for half a day without seeing the figure of the enemy Jungler, but the camps were just like that fly. SofM simply spreads his influence with his proven talent and his unbreakable way of gaming.

So is there any way to fix SofM? Simply invade back to his forest, or call the guild to hide in the bushes and wait for it to be done. This would be true if it was when SofM was playing for LNG, when his teammates were not good enough to be able to exert pressure from many lane positions.

We come back to John Wick a bit again, we can see that even as the most notorious assassin, there will be at least 2 times John Wick almost “turned off the lights”, without any help. by old friend Marcus. SofM is not much different now, the difference is that around him there are teammates that are good enough to share responsibilities.

Thread Find the difference between the results of beating John Wick s dog and meeting SofM in the woods | Esports

SofM is different, and his teammates are no longer “funny clowns”

SofM’s jungle invasion? SwordArt and Angel are ready to respond, calling people into the forest to hunt SofM? Bin will take advantage to push straight to your barracks. It’s a bit of regret to recall the time when SN almost got JackeyLove, but current huanfeng is also a very reliable name. With the help from his classy teammates, “Mr. Kup” with SofM’s cheeks has never been so “silk open”, and Suning is becoming the most worth watching team at this year’s Worlds.

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