Those who are afraid of rats will definitely ‘cry’ after knowing this exotic pet

An Instagram account called “itsmesesame” rescued the Opossum, took care of the Opossum, and posted about their lives as a pet.

“Our Opossums are animals in distress, they will soon be released back to the wild when healthy enough or will be kept as pets if they are unable to survive in the wild. I lost my tail and that is why they cannot survive in the wild, “said their owner, Ally Burgueires.

The Opossum is a marsupial species of the Didelphidae Family in the Ministry of Didelphimorphia endemic to America. The largest marsupial in the Western Hemisphere, it includes 103 species or more in 19 genera. Opossum originated from South America into North America in the “Great American Exchange” following the connection of two continents. Their nonspecific biology, versatile diets, and reproductive habits make them the most successful species to survive in a variety of locations and conditions.

Opossums are mammals that are about the size of domestic cats. The marsupial in heat cycle is 28 days. Like many other mammals, Opossums also nourish the fetus equally. The gestation period is from 12-14 days, because of the short gestation period, the young at birth are still weak, so they often put the young in a pocket in the abdomen to care and protect (almost like species kangaroos – Kangaroo). After 70-125 days, the young will be stronger and weaned, at which time they will be released by the mother to come into contact with nature.

In the United States and Canada, the only species found is the Opossum Virginia and it is often referred to simply as the Opossum but some dialects shorten their name to “possum”, but they should not be confused with the suborder Phalangeriformes (which are The Eastern Hemisphere tree marsupials are also called “possums” because they look similar to these tribal species). This family was described by Gray in 1821.

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